Why Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling? 4 causes – Troubleshooting Guide

Failed components may be behind your Magic Chef mini fridge not cooling. Follow this troubleshooting guide to help determine the source of the problem. In addition, be sure to give your new Magic Chef mini fridge plenty of time to cool down after plugging it in for the first time.

Mini-fridges are relatively small, leading people to believe it cools faster. While that might be somewhat true, the unit still requires plenty of time to reach your set temperature.

Your new Magic Chef mini-fridge may not be cold because you haven’t given it 24 hours to cool down completely. Other reasons behind the lack of cooling may be: a defective thermistor, fan motors that don’t work, or a failed compressor. Remember that you can’t work on the compressor or other sealed system parts unless you’re certified.

This guide will reveal more details about why your magic chef mini fridge not cooling. At the same time, you’ll also learn the solutions to help you fix the problem’s root cause.

How Do You Fix A Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling?

1. Not Enough Cooling Time

About this: Despite their smaller sizes, mini-fridges are incredibly efficient at keeping your food items cool. But for that to happen, the fridge must first cool down to your desired temperature, which takes a bit of time. When you turn your unit on for the first time, you’ll need to leave it alone for at least 24 hours to stabilize its internal temperature. 

This is also true if you’ve left the fridge turned off for extended periods, like if you go away on vacation or transport the unit from another location.

Remember: mini-fridges like yours are very effective for staying cold. Be sure to keep the door closed tight and allow it to get to the correct cooling temperature.

The cooling down period can also be delayed if you’ve simultaneously put many warm items into the mini-fridge. When you do that, the fridge takes longer to cool because it’s cooling several things simultaneously.

How to fix it: Time and patience. 24 hours.

You can speed up the cooling by keeping the door closed at all times. That way, the cold air builds up faster in the fridge.

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2. Defective Thermistor

About this: The mini-fridge you have keeps track of its internal temperature using a thermistor. 

The thermistor is a component that senses how cold or warm the fridge compartment is at any given time. Then, it communicates that information to the main control board (the fridge’s brain) by sending it electrical signals.

Based on that information, the control board will then turn the cooling system on or off to reach your set temperature.

What’s wrong: This problem is with the thermistor. A defect in this part will cause it to send the wrong information to the control board.

For example, the thermistor mistakenly senses that the fridge is already cold inside even though it isn’t. As a result, the control board doesn’t turn the cooling system on, and the refrigerator doesn’t begin cooling.

How to fix it: Thermistors can’t be repaired if they’re defective. So, you’ll want to perform a continuity test with a multimeter that confirms that there’s no longer any continuity in it, which means it’s not functioning.

Once you’re sure, you can disconnect the thermistor and remove it from your mini-fridge. Then, you can easily install a replacement and reconnect it to the fridge the same way.

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3. Faulty Fan Motor

About this: The cooling system in your mini-fridge works to remove heat and produce a cold environment. However, it wouldn’t be very effective without two fans: the condenser and evaporator fans.

The evaporator fan helps to blow cold air and distribute it to all parts of the refrigerator compartment. Meanwhile, the condenser fan helps to remove heat from the cooling system and drive it to the surrounding environment.

Together, those two fans ensure that the mini-fridge cooling system operates as efficiently as possible.

What’s wrong: When one or both of the fans mentioned above fails, the cooling system in the mini-fridge stops working efficiently. As a result, the cold air won’t be evenly distributed without a working fan on the evaporator side, and the fridge will feel warm.

Meanwhile, a failed fan on the condenser side will prevent the cooling system from getting rid of the heat it has absorbed. So, the cooling system struggles to become cold, leaving the fridge warm.

How to fix it: When the evaporator or condenser fan fails to work, it’s likely because the motor has stopped functioning. You’ll have to check both to identify the one that’s affected so you know which one to replace.

Remember that both fans must function simultaneously for your unit to cool down effectively.

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4. Failed Compressor (Magic chef mini fridge not cooling)

magic chef mini fridge not cooling

About this: If the main control board is the ‘brain’ of your mini-fridge, the compressor is its heart. As the name suggests, this component is designed to compress the refrigerant and circulate it throughout the cooling system.

When the compressor functions correctly, the refrigerant will flow through, absorb heat, and make the compartment cold.

The compressor doesn’t run continuously. Instead, it only runs when the fridge requires cooling. Once the mini-fridge reaches your set temperature, the compressor will stop temporarily.

What’s wrong: Although the least likely reason on this list, the mini-fridge’s compressor may have stopped working. A failed compressor typically happens because of electrical damage.

However, suppose you’ve used the unit for years. In that case, it’s also possible the compressor has failed due to excess wear.

How to fix it: The compressor is another part of your mini-fridge that can only be replaced once it fails. Unfortunately, however, this is not something you can do yourself.

Your fridge’s cooling system is known as a ‘sealed system’. Only certified technicians can work on it because they’re trained to do so safely.

So, suppose a compressor inspection or replacement is necessary. In that case, you can’t avoid calling a qualified technician to do it for you.

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Bonus Questions And Answers

Keep reading to discover a handful more helpful questions and answers for troubleshooting your mini-fridge:

Can You Replace A Fridge Compressor Yourself?

No, you cannot replace a fridge compressor yourself, even for a mini-fridge. These are part of a sealed cooling system that only qualified technicians can work on.

Depending upon your budget and the cost of local repair technicians, it might be cheaper to replace the mini fridge with a new unit. These smaller units often come on sale/clearance in the winter, after the summer/fall college student rush. Don’t forget that used units purchased on marketplace may have plenty of life left in them!

Are Mini-Fridges Supposed To Get Warm On The Outside?

Yes, it’s normal for mini-fridges to feel warm to the touch on the outside. That happens due to the cooling process dissipating heat from the refrigerator compartment.

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How Do I Make My Mini-Fridge Colder?

Your mini-fridge can be made colder depending on how you position it. The mini-fridge will get colder if you keep it away from direct sunlight and other heat-generating appliances.

Should You Turn A Mini-Fridge Off At Night?

No, you shouldn’t turn your mini-fridge off at night. Instead, you should leave it on permanently, just like you would with a full-sized refrigerator. Turning it off will cause it to get warm, and it’ll use much more energy trying to get cold again later.

How Do You Take Care Of A Mini-Fridge?

You should take care of your mini fridge by not overloading the compartment inside. Besides that, you must also clean the condenser coils behind the unit from time to time, so dust doesn’t build up there.

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