LG Dishwasher Beeps When Door Is Open? 1 easy fix

LG dishwashers chime, beep, and flash different lights for various reasons. You need to know what those indicators mean to understand what your dishwasher is trying to tell you. In this post, we’ll explore why your LG dishwasher beeps when door is open.

An LG dishwasher that beeps when the door opens is sounding its high-temperature alarm. That’ll happen especially after it uses high-temperature features like steam, heated wash, and rinse or dry cycles. The alarm warns you to close the door or keep a safe distance to avoid being scalded by the heat.

The beeping might initially seem alarming, but this guide will show you that it’s nothing to worry about. Read it to the end to understand why the beep happens even when you close the door and how you can fix it.

Why My LG Dishwasher Beeps When Door Is Open?

The urgent beeping you hear when you open your LG dishwasher door is its high-temperature alarm. Essentially, your appliance is beeping to warn you that the steam and air inside the dishwasher compartment are still scalding and could potentially injure you. The beeping happens immediately after the dishwasher uses its high-temperature features like:

  • Steam
  • Heated wash
  • Rinse cycle
  • Dry cycle

As you can see, the features above are standard steps in almost any wash cycle used to clean your dishes.

Easy Fix: Your LG dishwasher needs a few moments to vent the hot and steamy air out of the machine before it’s safe for you to open the door. Close the door and wait until the vent process is complete.

If you open the dishwasher door after the air has been vented, you will not hear the high-temperature alarm beeping as you did before. LG dishwasher beeps when door is open.

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Why Is My LG Dishwasher Still Beeping After the Door’s Closed?

Suppose you open your LG dishwasher door and trigger the high-temperature alarm. Closing the door should stop the beeping immediately.

However, if the high-temperature alarm continues to make noise, something is preventing the dishwasher door from closing shut.

Here are the problems that will prevent your LG dishwasher door from shutting, causing the beeping to continue:

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Foreign Object Stuck Between Door

LG dishwasher beeps when door is open

About this: Your LG dishwasher’s door must form a perfect seal when you shut it. So, anything caught between the door and the rest of the appliance’s body will prevent it from closing completely.

What’s happening: A foreign object likely fell between the door when you first opened it. As a result, the door won’t shut when you try to close it to stop the beeping. 

The object could be anything from a fallen utensil or maybe even a kitchen cloth from the counter above.

Even a tiny object will prevent the door from shutting. The door latch will sense that the door isn’t fully closed and will trigger the high-temperature alarm, continuing the beeping you started hearing earlier.

How to fix it: This problem must be fixed by removing any foreign object blocking the door from closing. However, you must be very careful when doing this.

Remember: the dishwasher is beeping because of the hot steam and air inside the compartment. Therefore, you must be cautious to prevent injury to your hands and face.

So, look for the stuck object from afar instead of sticking your hand in there and feeling for it blindly.

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Racks Sticking Out

About this: Your LG dishwasher has two racks inside that slide in and out. When using the dishwasher, those racks must be fully pushed into the compartment so as not to block the door from closing.

Unfortunately, those racks can sometimes look like they’re all the way inside, even when they’re sticking out slightly.

What’s happening: Another reason your dishwasher door isn’t fully closed is one or both of the racks inside are sticking out. Even if the rack is only out by an inch or two, that’s enough to stop the door from latching shut.

As you can imagine, the door latch will sense that the door isn’t completely closed and will trigger the high-temperature alarm you hear in the form of beeping.

How to fix it: The sliding racks in your dishwasher must be fully pushed in, so it doesn’t block the door. Unfortunately, those racks can move slightly when you open the door mid-cycle.

So, you must carefully push those racks all the way in to ensure that the door can form a tight seal when you shut it.

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Faulty Door Latch And Catch

About this: The door latch and catch share two purposes. Firstly, they ensure that the dishwasher door stays shut when you close it, so it doesn’t accidentally open mid-cycle.

Secondly, the latch has electrical switches that sense when the door is fully closed. When those switches confirm that you’ve closed the door, they’ll signal to the dishwasher that it’s safe to operate.

What’s happening: The door latch and catch experience plenty of wear throughout their lifespans. After all, they bear the brunt whenever you open and close the dishwasher door.

Over an extended period, that wear can cause problems. For example, the door catch can become damaged and misaligned. Meanwhile, the switches inside the door latch can stop working and mistakenly sense that the door is still open.

As a result, the high-temperature alarm you hear could continue even when the door is shut correctly.

How to fix it: Firstly, you’ll have to inspect the door latch and catch to see which parts are damaged. Then, a complete replacement is necessary.

Unlike the door catch, replacing the door latch will involve dealing with wiring. So, power down your dishwasher before you work on it.

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Dishwasher Isn’t Level

About this: Most people don’t realize that there is plenty of physics involved in a dishwasher’s design. That’s why the appliance must be perfectly level to ensure that water can flow and drain correctly.

Besides that, being level is critical to ensure that the dishwasher door stays closed.

What’s happening: Your LG dishwasher is still beeping its high-temperature alarm because the appliance isn’t perfectly level. So, even if all its components are working correctly and you’ve shut the door firmly, an unlevel dishwasher could cause the door to open by itself.

That will trigger the beeping you continue to hear.

How to fix it: Your dishwasher level can be adjusted at its legs. The legs are adjustable, so you can use a wrench to turn it and raise or lower each corner of the appliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions to help you troubleshoot your beeping LG dishwasher:

How Do I Turn Off The Sound On My LG Dishwasher?

You can disable your dishwasher’s chiming sounds by pressing and holding the Half Load button for 3 seconds. However, this will not disable the alarms (e.g. the high-temperature alarm), which must beep for safety reasons.

Why Is My LG Dishwasher Beeping At Me?

Your LG dishwasher is beeping at you because the door is open during a cycle. It will also beep to warn you of the high temperatures inside.

Are LG Dishwashers Supposed To Be Hot?

Yes, LG dishwashers and the water inside must be hot for efficient cleaning. That’s because water and detergent only work best at a high temperature. Besides that, dishwashers must also be hot to dry dishes effectively.

How Hot Does An LG Dishwasher Get?

LG dishwashers can safely get as hot as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that and the appliance will overheat.

Is It Safe To Breathe In LG Dishwasher Steam?

No, it’s unsafe to breathe the steam from an LG dishwasher. That’s why the high-temperature alarm beeps if you open the door mid-cycle. The steam can irritate your nose, throat, and lungs, so keep a safe distance.

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