Frigidaire Freezer Door Seal Problems. Whats the Solution?

Frigidaire offers great freezers with impressive capacities and reasonable prices. However, like every other appliance, Frigidaire freezers can have issues sometimes—for instance, the freezer door might not be able to seal well. What causes this issue, and how do you fix it? 

Your Frigidaire freezer door seal may have a problem because the seal is damaged. This results in the door being unable to shut. The seal may also be dirty or stiff because of age. Alternatively, the freezer door may be misaligned. You can level the freezer door, clean, soften, or repair the seal. 

In the rest of this article, I will explain the above causes of your Frigidaire freezer door seal problem, and I will show you how to fix each of them. Keep reading to learn more. 

Frigidaire Freezer Door Won’t Seal Properly: Causes and Fixes

There are several reasons why your Frigidaire door isn’t sealing properly. The best course of action is to inspect your freezer and the door, in particular, to understand what might be wrong.

Causes of Frigidaire Door Seal Problems

Your Frigidaire door is not sealing well because there is most likely a problem with the seal itself, but there are other causes that you may not have thought about. Take a look at your freezer and see if you can spot one of these issues:

The Freezer Door Is Misaligned

If the freezer door doesn’t align properly, the seal doesn’t have the chance to fit as it should, so the freezer door won’t be able to seal completely shut. Misalignment can be hard to notice at first, but it’s a pretty strong possibility if the seal itself is fine.

A couple of problems can cause the misalignment. First, the whole freezer might not be leveled, causing the front part to tilt and affecting the seal’s ability to fit as it should. Alternatively, the freezer door might be too heavy because of too many items, resulting in the same issue.

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The Door Seal Is Damaged or Dirty

The gasket or seal that ensures the freezer door is adequately shut can become damaged or gather debris after some time. The seal may be broken or torn somewhere, or it may collect dust or other particles in its grooves that affect how it’s shut. As a result, you won’t be able to seal the Frigidaire freezer door shut as you’re supposed to.

The Door Seal Is Loose

It’s also possible that the gasket is in good condition, but it’s coming off the edge of the door for some reason. Typically, this may happen if you accidentally spill something that might cause the seal to stick more than usual to the freezer, thus causing it to become looser every time you open the door.

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The Door Seal Is Stiff

Another factor that might cause your Frigidaire freezer to not seal properly is if the door seal is too stiff. The gasket on your Frigidaire freezer door ages and becomes stiffer with time. As it loses flexibility, the seal doesn’t work as well to keep the air out as before. As a result, it causes issues with your door.

How To Fix Frigidaire Freezer Door Seal Problems?

Once you’ve determined what causes your Frigidaire freezer door to not seal properly, you can start fixing the issue. Depending on the cause, the fix may only take a few seconds and minimal effort, or you might need to replace some parts. 

1. Remove Heavy Items From the Door

If the seal seems fine and you suspect the problem is that the door is misaligned, you can try the easiest solution: moving items off the freezer door. The door may be misaligned because too many heavy items weigh it down, so remove them and see if the door seals well.

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2. Make Sure the Freezer Is Leveled

As I explained above, a tilted freezer is another possible cause of a misaligned door. Put a carpenter’s level on top of the freezer and see if your suspicions are confirmed. If the freezer is level, this isn’t the cause of the seal problems. If the Frigidaire freezer is not level, adjust the legs on your freezer and use the level again.

3. Clean the Grooves of the Seal

If you notice crumbs or other debris inside the grooves of the seal, you need to remove and clean them. Clean the grooves using these simple steps:

  1. Mix warm water with dishwashing detergent.
  2. Dip a clean cloth in the mix and carefully clean the grooves of the gasket.
  3. Wipe the grooves dry with a dry cloth once you finish.
  4. Close the door and see if the seal works better.

4. Repair the Seal

If the gasket or seal of your Frigidaire freezer door is damaged, you can repair it quickly by following these instructions:

  1. Clean the seal as described above.
  2. Use a silicone sealant to repair any gaps, applying it evenly.
  3. Apply waxed paper or parchment paper to the part where you applied silicone, overlapping with the rest of the seal at both ends.
  4. Make sure to cut any edges of the paper that might be sticking out.
  5. Close the freezer door gently, trapping the paper between the door and the rest of the freezer.
  6. Leave the door undisturbed overnight or for at least eight hours to set the silicone.

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5. Soften the Seal

If your Frigidaire freezer door seal isn’t working because it’s become old and rigid, you can try to soften it again. All you need to do is dip a clean cloth into very hot water and apply it to the seal, kneading it.

You can also use a heat gun or a hair dryer but select the lowest setting possible; otherwise, you might melt the seal. Alternatively, you can apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the seal.

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6. Replace the Seal

If none of the above methods work, or if the seal has come off the door completely, you should consider replacing your Frigidaire freezer door seal. You can find freezer door seals online or at appliance stores. You can ask a professional to install it or give it a go yourself.

Why You Need To Fix Your Frigidaire Freezer Door Seal Immediately?

A freezer that doesn’t seal well is a serious problem for several reasons. Firstly, a door not appropriately sealed means the freezer doesn’t freeze the items inside as it should. As a result, the food inside can go bad quickly.

Moreover, given that the inside temperature won’t be as low as it’s supposed to be, the freezer may overwork itself to reach the desired temperature. This will not only cause more energy to be wasted, but it can cause your freezer to stop working.

Finally, some users have reported constant leakage from the freezer when the seal is not working well. The change in temperature causes the ice inside to melt, dripping and pooling outside the freezer. Check out my other article about possible causes of leaking inside the fridge or freezer.

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If your Frigidaire freezer door isn’t closing properly, chances are that there are issues with the seal. The seal can be damaged or too rigid, or it may be unable to function properly because the door is misaligned with the rest of the freezer.

You can try repairing, softening, or cleaning the seal to fix this problem. For the misalignment, try removing heavy items from the door or adjusting the legs of the freezer to level it. If nothing works, you can always replace the seal.

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