Does A Dyson Fan Really Cool?

Dyson fans are often marketed using words like ‘cool’ to imply that they’ll make your room feel cold. But does a Dyson fan cool? And does it cool the same way an air conditioner would?

Dyson fans don’t cool the air around you. Instead, they circulate the air to create a breeze so your body can cool itself down naturally. As a result, they use much less energy than an air conditioner would. Still, they also don’t provide the same cooling capacity.

This guide will help you understand how a Dyson fan works and how that compares to an air conditioner. You’ll also discover a few handy tips for maximizing the results of your Dyson fan.

Does The Dyson Fan Actually Cool The Air?

No, Dyson fans, like any other fan type, don’t cool the air by directly reducing its temperature. Instead, they make your body feel cool by circulating the surrounding air more efficiently, allowing your body to release more heat naturally.

A Dyson fan can, however, indirectly reduce the air temperature around you. It does that by blowing warm air away and drawing in colder air from elsewhere, like through an open window.

Despite only cooling your body down indirectly, Dyson fans can still be an effective air conditioning solution for you. A well-placed unit can keep you comfortable while only consuming a fraction of the energy that an air conditioning unit would.

Understanding how a Dyson fan works will help you manage your expectations before buying one. More importantly, it’ll help you decide if it’s a suitable option for your home or office.

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What’s The Difference Between A Fan And An Air Conditioner?

Typical fans and air conditioners are designed to operate very differently.

How Do Fans Work?

Fans traditionally spin fan blades that drive air in one direction. Fans also oscillate or turn from side to side to help move air in a wider area.

Because they only rely on a motor to function correctly, fans consume very little electricity. Therefore, running a fan continuously will only have a tiny impact on your power bills.

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Unfortunately, fans have a limited ability to cool your space. As you read earlier, a fan doesn’t cool the air itself. Instead, it makes the air move, so your body feels cool and more comfortable.

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How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Air conditioners are very different. An air conditioning unit consists of a sealed cooling system that circulates refrigerant. That refrigerant effectively removes heat from the room and exchanges it with cold air.

Because of that, air conditioners will cool a room directly by reducing its air temperature.

However, an air conditioner will consume plenty of electricity to do its job and will impact your power bills significantly.

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How Do Dyson Fans Work?

Dyson fans aren’t air conditioners, but they’re also not the same as conventional fans. For example, Dyson fans are marketed as ‘bladeless’ because they don’t spin any visible blades like conventional fans. 

Instead, they produce wind by spinning small but powerful blades hidden away in the unit.  Then, that moving air passes through an amplifier that makes it much more powerful as it blows out into your room.

As you read earlier, that powerful airflow will cool your body and make you feel comfortable. However, it won’t cool the room down by directly reducing the air temperature.

Can You Make The Dyson Fan Colder?

Here are 4 steps you can take to make your Dyson fan feel colder:

Step 1: Place Near An Open Window

The first thing you can do to make your Dyson fan feel colder is to place it near an open window. 

That way, the Dyson will draw in the cool and fresh air from the outside and distribute it throughout your room, making it feel colder and more comfortable.

Your window doesn’t have to be fully open for the fan to pull in cool air. A small gap is more than enough to let in cold air while keeping rain, insects, or anything else from entering your home.

Step 2: Cover Windows On Hot Side

Remember: your Dyson fan will circulate the air inside your home regardless of whether it’s cold or hot. So, if you want the air to feel cooler, you have to prevent as much heat as possible from entering your home in the first place.

You can do that by closing the curtains on the hot side of your home. That’s the side that experiences any direct sunlight during the day.

When doing that, you reduce the amount of indoor hot air your Dyson will circulate. As a result, the fan will only blow cool air throughout your room.

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Step 3: Keep Dyson Fan Away From Heat Sources

Unfortunately, direct sunlight through a window isn’t the only way heat enters your home. Standard home appliances like refrigerators (particularly the coils behind them) and ovens produce plenty of heat.

To keep your home cool, you must keep your Dyson fan far away from indoor heat sources. That way, the heat will stay near those appliances where they belong instead of being circulated by the fan.

Besides that, keep your fan away from windows and doors if the air outside is hotter than the inside. That way, the fan will continue circulating cool air inside your home instead of taking hot air in from outside.

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Step 4: Clean Your Dyson Fan Regularly

Last but not least, you must clean your Dyson fan regularly. Like all fans, Dyson fans also get dusty and dirty after extended use.

Not only will that affect your air quality, but dust build-ups will also prevent the Dyson fan from producing strong and efficient airflow. As a result, the fan won’t feel as cool as it should.

To clean your Dyson fan thoroughly, you should separate its components like the loop amplifier. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt and dust from in and around the fan.

Use a very soft brush or a cloth to wipe away more stubborn dirt and stains.

Cleaning your Dyson fan once a week is enough. However, it would be an excellent idea to clean it more frequently if the air in your home is dusty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more answers that will help you with your Dyson fan:

Does More Fans Mean Better Cooling?

Placing more than one fan in your room does not necessarily mean you’ll get a better cooling effect. Remember: a fan doesn’t cool a room. It only makes your body cool down. So, one unit is enough to have that intended effect.

Do Dyson Fans Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, Dyson fans only use less than 50 watts to work. But an air conditioner uses anywhere from 500-4,000 watts an hour. 

Is It Cheaper To Run A Fan Or Air Conditioner?

It’s always cheaper to run a fan than to operate an air conditioner. That is because fans only need to power a motor to produce strong airflow. However, they don’t provide the same cooling power as air conditioners.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dyson Fan?

You should clean your Dyson fan weekly in most cases. However, dusty air and heavy use will require more frequent cleaning to minimize dust buildup.

How Do You Get Dust Out Of A Dyson Fan?

You can get loose dust out of a Dyson fan with a vacuum. However, you’ll have to use a cloth or a gentle brush to remove more stubborn dust on the fan. Protection Status