How To Fix Dyson Hair Dryer Not Heating? Troubleshooting Guide

A Dyson hair dryer that doesn’t produce heat isn’t very useful. It needs both heat and smooth airflow to help you style your hair as effectively as possible. So, why would a Dyson hair dryer not produce any heat?

A Dyson hair dryer will not heat if you’ve set it to cool. That setting causes the unit to only blow out cold air. Besides that, the same will happen if its airflow is clogged at the filter or the rear, the microprocessor is faulty, or the thermal fuse has blown due to overheating.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your Dyson hair dryer blowing hot air as soon as possible.

Why Is My Dyson Hair Dryer Not Heating?

Here are the most likely reasons your Dyson hair dryer isn’t heating and what you can do to resolve them quickly:

Incorrect Heat Settings

What it is: The Dyson hair dryer offers you several heat settings to choose from. Specifically, you can choose from low, medium, and high heat settings depending on the kind of drying or styling you’re doing.

The heat setting you choose will be represented by the hair dryer’s red lights, so it’s easy for you to keep track of it. One illuminated red light means the hair dryer is on low heat, two for medium, and three for high.

The problem: The first problem causing your Dyson hair dryer not to generate heat isn’t actually a ‘problem’ at all. Instead, it could be that you’ve chosen the wrong heat settings on the unit.

As you saw above, Dyson hair dryers have 3 heat settings that you can choose from (low, medium, and high). However, you can also turn off the heat, so the unit only blows cold air.

In other words, your Dyson hair dryer isn’t heating up because you’ve accidentally chosen to shut off its heat.

How to fix it: You can adjust the heat settings on your Dyson hair dryer by pressing the temperature control button with a red dot on it.

When you press that button, three red lights will illuminate to display your chosen heat settings. One illuminated red light is for low heat, two are for medium heat, and three are for high heat.

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Your Dyson hair dryer will produce the hot air you want when you do that.

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Lack Of Airflow

What it is: Your Dyson hair dryer must have two things to function correctly. Firstly, it must generate heat. Secondly, it needs smooth airflow to distribute that heat out of the unit and onto your hair.

While the heat is generated by the heating element, a motor takes air in through the unit’s filter and drives that heated air out.

The problem: You might not get the heat you want from your Dyson hair dryer because there’s no airflow to push it out. You’ll know that’s the case if you feel some heat when you touch the unit, yet no heated air exits the front of the unit.

A lack of airflow is caused by clogs in the air filter. Too much dirt or dust trapped there will prevent enough air from flowing into the unit and pushing heat out.

How to fix it: You can resolve this problem by cleaning the back of the unit and the air filter at the handle. These are the two parts of your Dyson hair dryer where the air is taken in.

Brush these parts to remove any trapped dirt. Then, remove the filter cage and soak it in water for 30 minutes for a more thorough cleaning.

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Faulty Microprocessor

What it is: Dyson hair dryers are very different from other brands for several reasons. Aside from the unit’s sleek design, each one also has a microprocessor built into it to control its functions.

More importantly, the microprocessor controls how much heat the hair dryer will generate when you’re using it. So thanks to that microprocessor acting as the hair dryer’s ‘brain’, you will always get consistent heat each time.

Besides that, the microprocessor also prevents the hair dryer from producing too much heat. That way, it protects the unit from damaging itself or causing injury to you.

The problem: The microprocessors in Dyson hair dryers are of high quality. Still, they can suffer from faults that cause them to malfunction.

For example, an electrical surge, short circuit, or other defects could cause the microprocessor to perform incorrectly.

In this case, the malfunction is likely preventing it from letting the hair dryer generate heat, regardless of your chosen settings.

How to fix it: Microprocessors aren’t serviceable or repairable, sadly. So, you must get a replacement if you want your hair dryer to work correctly again.

Unfortunately, getting a replacement microprocessor isn’t so easy. You’d better send it to Dyson for repairs or another qualified repair technician.

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Thermal Fuse

What it is: Overheating can be hazardous, not only for your Dyson hair dryer but also for you and your home. That’s why each unit has a built-in thermal fuse that reduces the risks associated with overheating.

Thermal fuses work in a very straightforward way. If the hair dryer reaches a dangerous temperature, it’ll trigger the thermal fuse to blow. That will break the electrical circuit and prevent the heating element from producing more heat.

As a result, the hair dryer will cool back down to safe temperatures.

The problem: Another likely reason your Dyson hair dryer isn’t heating is that the thermal fuse has blown. 

As you read above, that will only happen as a protective measure if the hair dryer overheated recently.

How to fix it: The only way to fix a blown thermal fuse is to replace it with a new one. These fuses are called ‘sacrificial devices’ because they destroy themselves to protect your hair dryer from further damage.

Unfortunately, replacing the thermal fuse on a Dyson hair dryer isn’t as straightforward as other appliances. So, you’ll need the right tools and skills to do it yourself, or you can hire a qualified technician to do it for you.

Be sure to check with Dyson if your warranty is still valid. Depending on your situation, you might not have to pay for the repairs or replacements if the warranty coverage applies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out these additional questions and answers to help you troubleshoot your Dyson hair dryer:

Do Hair Dryers Have Microprocessors?

Dyson hair dryers have microprocessors built into them. These components help control the hair dryer’s functions, including heating. Thanks to them, you can enjoy consistent heating each time you use the unit.

What Technology Is Used In Dyson Hair Dryers?

Dyson uses air multiplication technology for their hair dryers. They use the same technology in their other devices, like Dyson fans and air purifiers. The technology enables the hair dryer to generate strong airflow using bladeless fans.

What Is The Function Of A Thermal Fuse In A Hair Dryer?

The thermal fuse in a Dyson hair dryer is there to protect it from overheating. However, dangerously high temperatures will trigger the thermal fuse, which destroys itself to break the electrical circuit. As a result, the heating element will shut off, and the dryer will return to safe temperatures.

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Are Thermal Fuses Necessary?

Yes, thermal fuses are vital, especially in devices like hair dryers. They act as a form of overheat protection that reduces the risk of damage, injury, and fire.

Why Does My Dyson Hair Dryer Keep Stopping?

Your Dyson hair dryer will keep stopping if its airflow is restricted. So, check its back and the filter in its handle for any obstructions. Then, clear those obstructions to restore normal airflow through the hair dryer. Protection Status