Frigidaire Refrigerator Beeping 5 Times – Troubleshooting Guide

A beeping refrigerator is a nuisance but it is also helpful. Today’s refrigerators are set to beep whenever something is wrong and that could save your food. Generally, a Frigidaire refrigerator will beep when the temperature in the fridge or freezer rises too fast or a part is worn out. 

A Frigidaire refrigerator beeping five times means something is wrong with the door. Either it isn’t sealing correctly or it is open. It can also mean something is wrong with your control panel.

The article below explains what you should do if you hear your Frigidaire beeping five times. 

Five Beeps and a Door

What people don’t know is it beeps specifically a certain number of items to point out certain things to you. If you can decode the beep, you can catch problems early

Frigidaires are designed to beep five times every minute when the door is opened. The only problem is sometimes the door isn’t opened. That is what prompts people to go to online forums and ask how to fix it. 

Your refrigerator door can have a broken or damaged seal, a bad gasket or the control board could need resetting or replacing. Here is what you do if your refrigerator won’t stop with the five beeps. 

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Shut It Harder

Some older refrigerators lose some suction and you have to use more pressure to shut the door. Try applying pressure to see if your fridge door seals and the beeps stop. Don’t ignore the problem even if this works. This means your refrigerator may be experiencing a worn-out seal and eventually, it won’t work at all. 

Check the Seal

Inspect the door gasket if it won’t stop beeping after you try to shut it harder. Look to see if it’s cracked or if some of it has broken off. Look to see if there is black mold or condensation around the seal. This means cold air is leaking out.

Another way to check the seal is to put a dollar bill in the door seal and close the door. Now, gently pull out the bill. You should feel a slight tension on the bill. That means your seal is fine. A bill that easily slips out when you pull it means you need a new seal. 

Also, check for dirt and grime. Sometimes, refrigerator seals get nasty from all the stuff we load into them and that yuckiness prevents them from sealing. Take some soapy water and a sponge and clean it to see if that helps. 

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Check the Door Switch

Every refrigerator has a door switch that helps close it properly. It’s possible for them to get stuck and that prevents the door from sealing. Take note that some newer Frigidaire appliances use a magnetic strip instead of a door switch. Look at it to make sure nothing is hampering it from working. 

Press Alarm Reset

Frigidaires have an “alarm reset’ button that comes in handy in times like this. It’s time to use it if what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. 

The alarm reset button is on the fridge’s touch screen display. Press it once to terminate the alarm. 

Be aware that ending the alarm may not fix your problem. Remember, the alarm is just a way of telling you that a problem exists. You will still need to determine what the problem is that is causing your door alarm to sound.

There is one more thing to try if pressing the alarm reset does nothing to end the beeping.

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Reset Your Fridge

Your refrigerator is still beeping five beeps every minute even after you’ve gone through all these steps. That indicates the problem is with your control panel. You will need to reset it to see if that solves your problem. 

Unplug or turn off the circuit breaker to your fridge for at least five minutes. Then, reconnect it to power. This is how you reset your control panel and the alarm system. 

Will It Work?

Others who have reset their Frigidaire this way say it worked to resolve the beeping problem. However, if it doesn’t you may be looking at needing to replace the control board. 

Replacing a Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Gasket

Replacing a Frigidaire refrigerator door gasket is a beginner DIY project that takes an hour or less and costs less than $100. You will need a 4-in-1 screwdriver, an Allen wrench, a new door gasket, and petroleum jelly. 

Your unit has a rubber gasket that keeps cold from escaping and heat from getting inside. Over time, it will start being less effective and could get damaged or brittle. 

You will need to first find the appliance’s make, model, and serial number on the inside of the door or near a compartment close to the door. It’s on the manufacturer’s identification plate. Order the gasket determined by your appliance information. 

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Pulling the Old Gasket

Lay the new gasket in warm water while you take off the old one. It makes installation easier. 

Look for a metal retainer attached to the door. Some gaskets are secured in place this way. Lift the old gasket’s edge to find screws securing it to the retainer. You will want to loosen the screws to remove the old gasket. 

You remove the old gasket by taking the inside area of the gasket and pulling it back. Then, use a hex head nut driver to loosen the retainer screws around the door to pull the gasket off.

Install the New Gasket

You install the new gasket by starting in the top corner and placing the lip of the gasket behind the retainer. Go around the whole door. There is only one way to put the gasket on so don’t worry about messing up. 

Check Alignment

Take the hex nut driver to somewhat tight the screws. Now, you will need to check the door for alignment. Close it and see if it is aligned and the seal is fully onto the door area. Once you get it aligned, finish tightening the screws. 

While you’re at it, make sure the other door and the freezer door are properly aligned too. You may need to work with the hinges and retighten them to get them properly situated. 

The last thing to do is apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly along with the gasket on the hinge side. This reduces drag. 

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What’s the cost of fixing a Frigidaire refrigerator door that won’t seal?

The average cost of fixing any type of repair on a standard refrigerator is between $200 and $330 including parts and labor. Most service technicians charge a $50 service fee to come out to the house and see the appliance.

What do I do if the problem is the control board?

A control board issue is something you should call the support center about because you likely will need an appliance repair tech to fix it. Ask the support center for licensed, insurance appliance repair technicians in your area.

How do I know my refrigerator is worth fixing?

Refrigerators can last a long time. They can last between 10 and 20 years so they are worth repairing most of the time, especially if it’s a small, cheap repair like a gasket replacement. Keeping your refrigerator maintained will help it last longer. 

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Check Your Warranty

Most warranties cover gasket replacement so it’s a good idea to check it first before repairing yourself. Call the service center if your warranty is still in effect and get an appliance tech to come to fix your unit for free.

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