How To Fix Amana Fridge Ice Maker Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

The ice maker might sit inside your Amana refrigerator, but it’s still a separate component in many different ways. So even though your fridge works, there will likely come a time when the ice maker will stop functioning correctly.

Your Amana fridge ice maker will not work if it’s turned off, has no incoming water, or is frozen over. The same will happen if your refrigerator water filter has become too dirty, as water cannot flow toward the ice maker.

Keep reading through this guide to learn more about why your ice maker isn’t working and what you can do to get it moving again.

Why Is My Amana Fridge Ice Maker Not Working?

Amana fridge ice makers work excellently, just like many other leading brands. However, you may find that it stops working at some point.

Don’t worry too much about it, though. When the ice maker stops working, it’s likely due to these common causes:

Ice Maker Turned Off

The part: The ice maker in your Amana fridge has an arm that you can use to turn it off and on as needed. Simply raise the arm to turn it on and lower it to keep it off.

Typically, you’ll turn the ice maker off if there is no incoming water supply or if you don’t find yourself needing any ice.

The problem: Just because your Amana fridge ice maker stopped working doesn’t mean there’s a problem. You should first consider that the ice maker might be turned off without your knowledge.

You can confirm this by checking the ice maker arm’s position. If the arm is raised, that means the ice maker is on. However, a lowered arm means that the ice maker is turned off and not producing any ice.

The solution: You can solve this problem by turning the ice maker on. Simply raise the ice maker arm and let the part do its job.

Bear in mind that it can take up to 2 days for your Amana fridge to fill its ice bucket. Depending on how cold the freezer compartment is, the ice maker will need several hours to give you ice.

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No Incoming Water

The part: The icemaker in an Amana fridge needs a reliable water supply to function correctly. When the ice maker gets the water it needs, it can keep making ice cubes and storing them in the ice bucket.

The incoming water comes through a hose connected to your home plumbing. Then, it flows into the fridge through the water inlet valve and water filter. Finally, the water arrives in the ice maker.

The problem: If you ever discover that your ice maker isn’t working, check if the ice tray is dry. A dry ice tray means that there is no water moving through the water line.

A few common issues that can affect the water supply include:

  • A shutoff valve that’s closed
  • A hose that’s kinked or bent too much
  • A faulty water inlet valve that won’t open when it should

Any of the issues above can prevent water from reaching the ice maker in your Amana fridge.

The solution: You’ll solve this problem by restoring the water supply to your fridge. First, check that the shutoff valve is fully open. Then, straighten the hose and get rid of any kinks or bends. Both of these steps will restore smooth water flow to the fridge.

Assuming those steps don’t work, the next focus of your troubleshooting must be the water inlet valve. A faulty valve will not open and let water into the fridge.

Check the water inlet valve with a multimeter to know whether or not it works. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to replace the valve with a new one.

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Ice Maker Is Frozen Over

The part: The ice maker works by receiving water in the ice tray and freezing it. Once the ice is frozen, it will get ejected into the ice bucket. This process repeats itself until the ice bucket is full.

The water is only supposed to stay in the ice tray and no other part of the ice maker throughout this process.

The problem: Your Amana ice maker has several moving parts crucial for the ice-making process. Unfortunately, those parts can get frozen quickly if the ice tray overfills with water.

Unfortunately, an over-filled ice tray will spill over and get other ice maker parts wet. But then, it won’t take long before that water turns to frost and then freezes over into ice.

Worse still, since the ice maker is frozen and can’t dump ice into the bucket, the buildup of frost and ice will become even worse with time.

The solution: Fixing this problem will take time, though the answer is relatively straightforward. You’ll have to turn the ice maker off and allow it to defrost thoroughly.

The fastest way is to remove the ice maker from the fridge and let it thaw out naturally. Then, clean the ice tray before reinstalling the ice maker.

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Water Filter Is Dirty

The part: The water that flows into the fridge from your household plumbing might not be safe for consumption. Thankfully, Amana includes a built-in filter to clean that water before reaching the icemaker.

Those water filters are excellent at removing anything that doesn’t belong in the water. Sediment and other impurities get trapped in the filter, leaving you with clean and safe ice cubes to enjoy.

The problem: The water filter in your Aman refrigerator gets dirty after some time. As time passes, the filter becomes increasingly saturated with impurities and will prevent the smooth flow of water through it.

Suppose you leave the water filter for too long without changing it. In that case, the water flow will become restricted because the ice maker won’t get the water it needs to function.

The solution: You don’t have to clean the water filter in your Amana fridge. However, you should change it to a new one at least once every six months. If you use the ice maker much more than an average user, you might have to change the filter more frequently.

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Bonus Tips

Troubleshooting your ice maker can be pretty tricky. So here are a few more questions and answers to help you understand that part of your Amana refrigerator:

Does An Amana Refrigerator Have A Filter?

Yes, Amana refrigerators with ice makers have a water filter built into the unit. However, the exact location can differ between fridge models. So, check the user manual to know where to find yours.

Do You Need To Change Water Filter For Ice?

Yes, you should change the water filter (even for ice) once every six months. Then, all water that flows into the fridge passes through the same water filter before it flows to the ice maker.

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When Do You Change The Water Filter In An Amana Fridge?

You should change the water filter twice a year in your Amana refrigerator. However, you’ll want to change the filter more frequently in high-use areas, such as if the fridge is in a household with many people using it daily.

How Do I Turn On My Ice Maker?

Amana ice makers have an arm that turns it on or off. To turn it on, simply lower that arm to the down position, and it will begin making ice. If you ever need to turn it off, raise the arm to the up position, and it will stop producing ice.

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When Should You Turn Off Your Ice Maker?

You should turn off your Amana fridge ice maker when no water is supplied to the unit. Besides that, you can also save energy by shutting it off if you have no need for ice from your refrigerator.

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