How To Fix Amana Ice Maker Freezing Up – Troubleshooting Guide

Amana ice makers continuously produce ice, making them ready for when you want them. However, the ice maker will stop working if its parts freeze up. 

Your Amana ice maker will freeze up if the freezer compartment temperature is too low. Besides that, a dirty water filter, faulty water inlet valve, and leaking ice tray can also cause the same problem to happen. In short, anything that causes water to go where it doesn’t belong will cause the ice maker to freeze up.

In this guide, you’ll learn why your Amana ice maker is freezing up. But, more importantly, you’ll discover how you can fix it quickly.

Why Is My Amana Ice Maker Freezing Up?

Your Amana ice maker won’t produce any ice if it stays frozen. So, you’ll want to troubleshoot the problem, starting with causes that you can rule out quickly.

Here are the most likely reasons you’re facing this issue and what you can do to fix them:

Temperature Too Low

More about it: Your Amana ice maker is a component that sits within your freezer compartment. As a result, it can be affected by the set temperature you’ve chosen for the freezer.

Ideally, you should keep your freezer temperature at an ideal level that’s neither too high nor too low. 

The ideal temperature setting will depend on your local climate. In other words, you don’t have to set the temperature too low if you live in naturally cold weather. However, lower temperature settings are necessary if your home is in a warmer location.

The problem: The first likely cause for you to troubleshoot is that the compartment temperature is too low. When that happens, frost and ice will form around parts where they don’t belong.

For example, ice forms in the icemaker’s moving components, causing them to seize and stop working correctly.

How to solve it: Firstly, you’ll want to defrost the ice maker to melt away the existing buildup. You can keep it off or remove it from the appliance. Let the ice maker sit outside of your Amana refrigerator to defrost naturally.

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Then, gradually raise the freezer’s temperature each day until you find the ideal setting.

Remember: any time you change the set temperature, you’ll have to wait 12-24 hours for the compartment’s temperature to stabilize and show you a difference.

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Dirty Water Filter

More about it: Your Amana refrigerator comes with an internal water filter. As you might imagine, the filter is there to remove all impurities from the water before you consume it.

All water that flows through the fridge must pass through the water filter before reaching your ice maker.

Ideally, you should replace the filter twice a year. That keeps the water clean, but it also prevents your ice maker from freezing up.

The problem: Your Amana ice maker requires one thing to function correctly: an uninterrupted water supply at the correct pressure level. So, any disruptions in the water pressure can cause the ice maker to malfunction.

If you haven’t changed the water filter in a long time, it has likely become clogged with impurities. That clog will prevent water from flowing smoothly and lead to water pressure issues.

When the water pressure is too low or too high, water can end up in parts of the ice maker where it doesn’t belong. Then, it can turn to frost and ice, eventually causing the whole ice maker to freeze up.

How to solve it: Firstly, change your water filter if you haven’t done so in a long time. The new water filter should be an authentic spare part compatible with your fridge model.

At the same time, you’ll want to remove your ice maker to defrost the existing ice buildup. Once all that ice melts away, rinse the ice tray and bucket in the sink and place them back in the appliance.

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Faulty Water Inlet Valve

More about it: The water inlet valve is a component in your Amana refrigerator. It acts as the doorway through which water flows into the appliance and eventually the ice maker.

That valve will let water into the fridge when the ice maker requires it. But when there’s enough water, the valve will shut and prevent problems like overfilling.

The problem: Another likely reason your ice maker is freezing up is that it’s filling up with too much water. As a result, the water will spill over to parts of the ice maker where it doesn’t belong before converting into ice.

That overfilling is caused by a fault water inlet valve.

Remember: the water inlet valve is supposed to shut when the ice maker has enough water. However, a faulty valve will continue to let water in, eventually causing the ice maker to freeze up. 

How to solve it: Firstly, you must confirm that the water inlet valve is faulty and allows water to enter the appliance even when it shouldn’t. You can do so with a visual inspection and a multimeter to check for electrical continuity.

Unfortunately, you cannot service or repair a faulty water inlet valve. So, once you’re sure that the valve is the root cause, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

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Leaking Ice Tray

More about it: The ice tray holds water as it freezes into ice. Once that happens, the ice tray will eject the ice into the ice bin, where it stays until you take it out.

Then, the ice tray will refill with water and repeat the process again.

As you can imagine, the ice-making process will only happen correctly when the ice tray is in good condition.

The problem: The final reason why your Amana ice maker is freezing up is that the ice tray is leaking. When its seals wear out over time or holes form in the ice tray, water will drip and leak to other ice maker parts.

With the ice maker being as cold as it is, it won’t take long for that leaking water to freeze into ice. The longer that goes on, the more the ice maker will freeze up.

How to solve it: Firstly, remove the ice maker and melt away any existing ice buildups. Then, fill the ice tray with water to check for any leaks.

Unfortunately, there’s no practical way to seal a leaking ice tray. So, you’ll have to replace the ice maker entirely.

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few more helpful questions and answers to help you understand your Amana ice maker:

What Temperature Should Your Fridge And Freezer Be?

According to the US Food ; Drug Administration (FDA), your fridge should be 40 °F or below. The freezer should be set at 0° F. Don’t set your freezer too low below that temperature, as it might cause the ice maker to freeze up.

Why Is My Amana Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

Your Amana ice maker will not make ice if it’s turned off or has no water supply. So, check that the ice maker is turned on and that your Amana refrigerator receives a continuous water supply.

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Is There A Reset Button On An Amana Refrigerator?

No, there is no reset button for your Amana refrigerator. However, if you’d like to reset the appliance, you can do so through power cycling. To do that, disconnect the fridge from its power source for 5 minutes before reconnecting it.

How Do I Turn On My Amana Ice Maker?

You can turn on your Amana ice maker by lowering its arm. On the other hand, you can turn it off by doing the opposite, i.e. by lifting the arm.

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How Do I Check My Ice Maker Water Supply?

Your fridge receives a water supply through a hose connected to the water inlet valve. From there, the water flows to the ice maker and water dispenser. Check the shutoff valve and hose behind your refrigerator to ensure your ice maker receives the water it needs.

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