How To Fix Amana Ice Maker Not Filling With Water – Troubleshooting Guide

Water is essential for an Amana ice maker to function correctly. So, why would your ice maker fail to fill with water?

Your Amana ice maker won’t fill with water if there’s no water supply or the water pressure is too low. Besides that, an incompatible water filter or one that’s installed the wrong way can cause the same problem. Lastly, the water line might have air trapped inside, preventing water from flowing to the ice maker.

Keep reading to discover why your Amana ice maker isn’t filling with water and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is My Amana Ice Maker Not Filling With Water?

You’ll likely find it frustrating that there’s no water flowing into your Amana ice maker. But don’t worry! This problem is quick to troubleshoot and resolve.

Here are the most likely reasons your Amana ice maker is not filling with water and what you can do to fix them:

No Water Supply

About it: Your Amana ice maker requires a continual water supply to function correctly. With that water, the ice maker can continue producing ice cubes and keep them ready for you whenever you want.

That water supply is provided to your Amana refrigerator by your household plumbing. Behind your fridge, you’ll find a shutoff valve and a hose connecting your plumbing directly to the refrigerator through its water inlet valve.

What’s happening: When you find that your Amana ice maker isn’t filling up with water, its water supply is the first thing to troubleshoot. But, of course, there’s a strong likelihood that there is no water supply to begin with.

When you troubleshoot the water supply, be sure to check:

  • The water shutoff valve: this valve might be closed or not fully open
  • The water hose: the hose might have kinks or bends that prevent water from flowing through
  • Your household’s overall water supply: your home might be suffering from a water supply disruption

A problem with any of those three parts could prevent water from flowing into your ice maker.

How to make it right: Start by opening the water shutoff valve fully. Then, straighten the water hose to ensure it doesn’t have any kinks or excessive bends.

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Lastly, check the other taps in your house to ensure that you have a water supply. If not, you might have to contact a plumber to help you troubleshoot the issue.

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Low Water Pressure

About it: Aside from having a continuous water supply, that water must also come at the correct pressure levels.

At the correct pressure levels, that water will have no problems flowing past the water inlet valve and through the water line until it reaches your Amana ice maker.

What’s happening: Your ice maker isn’t filling with water because the water supply pressure is too low. The water fails to travel through the fridge’s water line and will not reach the ice maker.

Low water pressure can be caused by:

  • A dirty water filter: As the water filter in your fridge gets dirty, it’ll reduce smooth water flow. Worse yet, it can also undermine the water pressure that flows to the ice maker.
  • Kinks or bends in the water hose: Kinks or bends in the water supply hose can also reduce the overall water pressure inside the fridge’s water line.
  • A reverse-osmosis filter system: Some households attach a reverse-osmosis water filter to the water supply before reaching the fridge. As water flows through the filtration system, its pressure drops before reaching the Amana ice maker.
  • Other plumbing issues: Low pressure can also be a symptom of a much larger plumbing issue in your home. Check with your municipal water provider or a plumber for more advice.

How to make it right: Firstly, you must change your water filter at least once every 6 months. That will ensure smooth water flow to the ice maker at all times.

Besides that, straighten out any kinks or bends in the water hose supplying the machine.

Next, you might not want to use a reverse osmosis filter system on the same water line. The water filter in your Amana refrigerator is more than sufficient to provide clean water to the ice maker.

Lastly, check with the water company if there are any drops in water pressure being supplied to your home. If the problem is within your household, a qualified plumber can help you troubleshoot it.

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Water Filter Installation Problems

About it: In the section above, you saw the importance of a clean water filter and how it ensures smooth water flow to the ice maker. However, the same is also true for the type of water filter you choose and how you install it in your appliance.

Firstly, you should only choose an authentic water filter compatible with your particular model. Then, you must install it correctly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

What’s happening: Problems with the water filter’s installation can also prevent water from flowing through to the ice maker.

For example, an incompatible water filter from a third-party manufacturer can cause that problem to happen.

Besides that, a filter that’s installed incorrectly can also prevent water from reaching your Amana ice maker.

How to make it right: To solve this problem, always purchase replacement water filters that say “Amana” or “EveryDrop™” on them. Filters with those markings are Certified Genuine Parts.

Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions step-by-step when removing the old filter and putting the new one in.

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Trapped Air In Water Line

About it: Anytime you remove or replace the water filter, external air will enter the waterline. You must remove that air to ensure that water can flow to the ice maker as it should.

What’s happening: The final reason why your Amana ice maker isn’t filling with water is that there’s air trapped in the water line. As mentioned above, that typically happens after a filter change.

Unfortunately, any air trapped in the water line will prevent water from flowing through, even if everything else works correctly.

How to make it right: To flush out the air in the water line, press on the water dispenser for 5 seconds at a time. Repeat this process several times until the water flow is smooth.

When the water line is free from any trapped air, your ice maker will start filling with water.

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Bonus Tips

Still confused? Check out these additional questions and answers:

What Would Cause My Ice Maker To Stop Working?

Your ice maker will stop working if it’s turned off or if it has frozen over. When frost and ice build-up around the ice maker’s moving parts, it’ll fail to function normally.

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Why Is My Amana Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

Your Amana ice maker is not making ice if it’s turned off or not receiving any water. So first, check that you’ve turned it on and that it’s filling up with water as it should.

How Long Does It Take An Amana Refrigerator To Make Ice?

Your Amana refrigerator will take up to 2 days to completely fill its bin with ice. That’s especially true if you’ve turned on the fridge or ice maker for the first time.

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How Do You Clean An Amana Ice Maker?

You can clean your Amana ice maker by turning it off and removing it from the refrigerator. Then, melt away any frost or ice buildups and wash the ice maker with water. Lastly, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of An Amana Refrigerator?

Amana refrigerators typically last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and care.

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