Why Samsung Fridge Is Leaking Water?

Samsung makes an impressive lineup of refrigerators of all shapes and sizes. Each of them will do an excellent job of keeping your food fresh and cold, while also adding a touch of class to your kitchen.

Still, Samsung refrigerators are also prone to leaking from time to time. Don’t worry; it happens even to the best models from other brands.

Samsung refrigerators typically leak for several common reasons. No matter where first you notice the leak, the root cause is usually a clogged defrost drain line, a faulty water inlet valve, or a problematic water filter. These root causes will lead to many different symptoms like water on the floor, at the water dispenser, under the crisper, or even at the water filter

In this article, we’re going to explore the problem of a leaking Samsung refrigerator. We’ll look at common symptoms that you may come across, like water coming from the floor of the fridge, the water dispenser, from under the crisper drawers, or even from the water filter itself.

Let’s get started!

Where Does All The Water Come From?

If you’re new to experiencing leaks from your Samsung refrigerator, you might be asking yourself, “Where does all that water come from?”.

Sure, fridges with water dispensers require a bit of plumbing, so it’s obvious how there’s water flowing into the unit.

But what about regular fridges without water dispensers? Why would a ‘cold box’ like that have so much water to leak in the first place?

Well, it’s essential to understand how a fridge works.

You see, a refrigerator works in the same way that an air conditioner would.

There’s a compressor that pressurizes and circulates coolant which exchanges heat and lowers the temperature inside the compartments.

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In the Samsung fridge, there are 2 cooling lines. One evaporator coils in the freezer and the second one in the fridge compartment.

That’s why Samsung calls it a Twin Cooling System.

After some time, frost and ice build-up on the evaporator coils. And its time to go into Defrost Cycle.

Defrost heater helps to melt ice and it becomes a water. After that, water drains through the drain line into a drain pan.

But, if for some reason, the drain line clogged, water instead of going down, just overflows and eventually, you will see water under the crisper or even on the floor.

This is a number one cause of leaking Samsung Fridge

Other causes we will describe further in the article.

Common Leaks on a Samsung Refrigerator

The best way to narrow down the cause of a leak is to take note of where you see the water.

In a Samsung refrigerator, you may notice water on the kitchen floor, from the water dispenser, under the crisper drawer, or even from the water filter itself.

Let’s take a deep dive into each of those possibilities to see what might be causing the leak.

Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water On Floor

There is nothing more frustrating than having a kitchen floor that’s flooded because of a leaking fridge. If the water is flowing from the fridge onto your floor, here are a few possible reasons:

  • The water inlet valve is leaking.
  • The defrost drain is clogged.
  • The drain pan is overflowing (less likely).

Let’s look at each cause a little closer.

The Water Inlet Valve Is Leaking

Suppose you’ve purchased a Samsung fridge model that has an ice maker or a water dispenser, that means that there is some plumbing involved with the fridge.

Fridge water inlet valve is leaking

Typically, that means there’s a water inlet somewhere in the back of the refrigerator with piping that supplies water directly to it.

If that water inlet is faulty in any way, water will leak out directly onto your kitchen floor. Left unattended, you could wake up one morning to discover your kitchen floor practically flooded because of it!

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the piping is secured tightly to the water inlet. If it’s loose, it could cause water to leak out onto your floor.

Besides that, the problem could be with the water inlet itself. That would require you to replace the water inlet unit entirely.

The Defrost Drain Is Clogged

As mentioned earlier, modern fridges defrost themselves from time to time. That process creates a lot of moisture, which is why there’s a defrost drain built inside the fridge to carry that water away.

Unfortunately, the defrost drain can get clogged either with small debris or with ice if the drain itself ends up getting frozen.

Cleaning the defrost drain is reasonably easy if you know how to find it. All you’d need to do is flush some hot water through the drain to melt the ice and wash away any debris.

To find the defrost drain, you could first try referring to the user manual to find its location. But if you’re unsure, it’s always best to call a professional for help.

The Drain Pan Is Overflowing

At the bottom of each Samsung fridge is a drain pan. Sometimes called a ‘drip pan’, its job is to catch any water inside so that none of it flows out onto your kitchen floor. Sometimes, though, the flow of water inside is too much for the drip pan to cope with, leading to water on your floor.

Here, you can start by emptying the drip pan manually. But that’s only treating the symptom and not the cause. The cause is typically a clogged defrost drain as discussed above.

Samsung Refrigerator Leaking From The Water Dispenser

Samsung fridges with water dispensers sometimes leak from around the dispenser itself. There are two possible reasons for this, both of which involve air:

  • There’s air trapped inside the water dispensing system.
  • The water filter was not installed correctly.

There’s Air Trapped Inside The Water Dispensing System

Air can be problematic for a water dispensing system. If you notice water leaking from your Samsung fridge’s water dispenser, there’s a strong possibility that air has become trapped somewhere along the way.

This kind of problem is typical for newly-installed Samsung fridges. Thankfully, all you need to do is flush out the entire system to get the air bubbles out as well.

Usually, dispensing a few litres of water will get the job done. As you let the water flow continuously, any trapped air in the system will also find its way out. Without any trapped air, the leaking should also stop.

Don’t worry about wasting the water; you could always catch it in a bucket or bottle it up for later use.

The Water Filter Was Not Installed Correctly

If your refrigerator has a water inlet for its dispenser or ice maker, that means it’ll also have a water filter as well. To find it, please refer to your user manual or have a close look around the refrigerator unit to find it.

At some point, you’ll need to replace the water filter. If you do that wrong, however, you may end up letting air into the water supply of the fridge.

As we’ve seen in the previous point, any trapped air can lead to leaks from the water dispenser.

Firstly, double-check the water filter to make sure it fits correctly. Be sure to check the instructions on the manual or on the filter itself to ensure you’re following the correct steps.

Then, repeat the previous tip: dispense a few litres of water until you’re confident that the air has cleared out of the system.

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Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water Under Crisper Drawers

Your crisper drawer typically has a different level of humidity compared to the rest of the fridge.

That’s why it helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Unfortunately, you might also find water leaking under these drawers as well.

If you notice water leaking under the crisper drawers, it’s probably because of the previous issue we looked at earlier: a clogged defrost drain.

You see, a clogged drain will cause water to drip down inside the fridge’s compartments, including the crisper drawer.

Unfortunately, because of the way Samsung has designed their fridges, internal leaks can cause water to accumulate under the crisper drawer in particular.

Just like before, this is only a symptom. You can clear the water from the crisper, but you’ll still need to address the root cause, which in all probability is a clogged drain.

Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water From Filter

Earlier, we saw how an improperly installed filter could cause leaks at the water dispenser.

However, leaks can also happen at the water filter itself. Here are a few possible causes:

  • The water filter is not installed correctly.
  • Cracks in the filter head.
  • Cracks or damage in the filter housing.
  • Using an off-brand water filter.

The Water Filter Is Not Installed Correctly

If you were to instal the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator incorrectly, air might seep into the system (as we saw earlier). At the same time, water can also seep out from the water dispenser system.

That’s why you must instal the water filter correctly, according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. If not, you could cause water to leak out from the filter.

Cracks In The Filter Head

Sometimes, the filter unit itself is the cause of the leak. You may unknowingly purchase a filter that’s defective or cracked, especially around the filter head.

A cracked filter head can cause water to seep out slowly at first. Since the water filter is usually out of sight and hidden away in the filter housing, you may not notice the leak until it becomes much more extensive.

If you suspect that your Samsung refrigerator may leak, be sure to check the water filter as you troubleshoot the issue.

Cracks Or Damage In The Filter Housing

Last but not least, there may be a crack or other kinds of damage to the filter housing. After all, the water filter is only as secure as the housing that keeps it in place.

If this is the case, you may need to have a professional replace the fridge’s filter housing. Sadly, this isn’t the kind of problem that you can solve with a simple patch or DIY repair.

To investigate this issue, you’ll first need to locate the filter housing. If you can’t locate it yourself, be sure to check the User Manual which will tell you where to find it.

If you’ve misplaced your User Manual, don’t worry. Manufacturers like Samsung typically upload copies of their appliance user manuals online for you to download it.

All you have to do is perform a quick online search using the appliance’s model number as a reference.

Using An Off-brand Water Filter

These days, you can find third-party manufacturers who offer replacement water filters online.

Typically, these filters are sold at lower prices while promising that they’re compatible with your Samsung fridge model.

Unfortunately, using off-brand water filters can also lead to leaks. Despite their claims, it’s always best to buy original replacement parts directly from Samsung.

Doing this ensures that you’re buying a filter that’s tailor-made for your Samsung refrigerator model that’ll fit correctly and get the job done.

Yes, original parts cost a bit extra compared to other brands. But that excess is worth it when you consider that the manufacturer designed that component to fit your fridge model perfectly, giving you loads of peace of mind along with it.

Reader Comments (19)

  1. My Samsung ice maker stopped. I called and apparently my warranty has expired. I did what I was told and now there’s ice forming under the crisper trays. I removed the ice buildup and now there’s water seeping under these same trays. Why do I have to be a appliance repairman. I didn’t realize owning a Samsung would be so much work. Nice looking paperweight. Not a happy customer tired of calling Samsung and being placed on hold…
    !Please HELP

  2. Hi I have Samsung refrigerator RF34H9960S4/AA that is leaking water on floor by left corner and ice is building underneath of the “chef pantry “ any idea ?

  3. Samsung tech keep on coming and fix it until the warranty expire , and Samsung say your out of warranty . Chat with Samsung and they wills you need to wait for 45 minutes

  4. Water Under Crisper Drawers 10 days after Samsung came and replaced the complete evaporator panel and leak kit new drainage tubes etc. 2 weeks later they came again as we still have the issue of water under the crisper drawer. They took off the Twin Cool Cover said all was good HOWEVER….. they pressed on the back of the refrigerator and some water spurted out from a tiny pimple type hole a few inches down from the kit that is under the cover. They said there is no repair for that as it means there is water inside the Refrigerator Panel. Suggested they could put silicone or over this hole but….. when we asked where the comes from and where it would go if covered they did not know – possibly a new refrigerator – ours is 10 years —- Any suggestions… HELP!!!

  5. SRF680CDLS is icing up internally and leaving water in the crisper trays. I see the evaporator cover has a significant crack. Will the cracked cover be the cause of the icing and water leak?

  6. I have model RB196ACRS. I did replace with a bigger drain clip, did not work. I did change the temperature sensor, but still I can see water in crisper tray below inside the fridge. Kindly help.

  7. My samsung is leaking water under the front left corner, there is a black round knob, is that part of the drain system? it seems to be coming from there. this is on the outside and ive been finding puddled water there

    • if its leaking in the fridge section, then yes its a drainage problem. You need to remove panel where is says Twin Cooling and clean ice build ups. Also you need to pull fridge out and replace grey drain tubes along with black grommets. You will see what I am talking about once pull the fridge out and remove rear panel.

  8. I have an RF23HSESBSR/AA that is leaking from the top of the fridge after a long period where the icemaker had frozen over. I finally got that thawed out, but it seems like water is likely coming from where the blue PEX feed exits the top of the fridge and hits a valve junction of some sort. That said, I can’t really see where the leak is coming from exactly. Any common problems at that junction?

  9. I have a Samsung model RF28HMEDBSR/AA-09 refrigerator. My fridge section works fine, but my freezer section won’t freeze. At first it seemed to reach the set temperature, but no air circulation. I replaced the evaporator fan and still had the problem. Later I noticed a blinking freezer temperature display. It reset itself to the set temperature but still no freezing. It started blinking again I unplugged it and it reset, but didn’t achieve the set temperature this time. Fridge section still works fine. Any suggestions?

    • What is the exact temperature inside the freezer? I assuming it is problem with the valve which separating refrigerant flow for the freezer and fridge sections. In other words, it a major issue. Call Appliance Repair Company


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