How to Reset a Bosch Fridge / Freezer? 5 easy tips

“My refrigerator is giving me error codes and trouble. How do I reset a Bosch fridge?” Door alarms, temperature alarms, and water filter notices all can be corrected and reset.

Over the years, you may occasionally encounter some issues with your Bosch fridge, especially if you have a modern one with lots of electronic components. However, in many cases, you can solve a lot of these problems just by resetting your fridge.

That being said, the correct method of resetting your Bosch fridge depends on the issue you’re trying to resolve. For example, your fridge has multiple alarms for various things, each one of which requires a different procedure in order to reset it.

In this article, we’ll be going over the different reset procedures for your Bosch fridge-freezer and show you when these procedures should be used.

Bosch Fridge Hard Reset

Before we explain how to perform a hard reset on your fridge, we should mention that this solution is really more of a last resort kind of thing for some of your fridge’s other problems, and you shouldn’t use this in any of the other situations we’ll be going over in this article. 

That being said, doing a hard reset on your fridge can sometimes solve some issues, particularly those that might be caused by a glitch in your fridge’s electronics. It’s also pretty easy to perform a hard reset; all you have to do is unplug your fridge from the wall socket and leave it unplugged for about 30-45 minutes.

Don’t worry about removing your food from the fridge during this time, since the fridge will be able to retain its temperature even after being unplugged for at least a few hours as long as you keep the door shut.

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How To Reset a bosch fridge From Demo Mode?

In most cases, your fridge probably won’t be in demo mode when you have it set up in your home, but there is a chance that this ends up being the case. If your fridge is stuck in demo mode, the lights will work but nothing else will, and you’ll have what’s basically a non-functioning fridge.

To take your fridge out of demo mode, turn your fridge off and leave it off for at least five minutes. Then, when you turn the fridge back on, quickly press and hold the “alarm off” button for around 15 seconds. Make sure you hit the button within 5 seconds of turning the fridge back on.

Hold down the button until you hear the fridge beep three times, which indicates that the fridge is rebooting. Once it’s done rebooting, it should be out of demo mode.

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How To Reset Door Alarm

Some Bosch fridges have a door alarm that sounds to let you know that you’ve accidentally left the door open. Usually, you can reset this alarm by just making sure the door is closed, although with some fridges you may be able to reset the alarm through the fridge’s control panel.

If you want, you can also disable the door alarm entirely through your fridge’s settings.

How To Reset Temperature Alarm

Your fridge or freezer may also be equipped with a temperature alarm. As the name implies, this alarm is intended to let you know if the temperature in your fridge or freezer increases beyond a certain point. This can happen if you accidentally leave the fridge/freezer door open, or if you overfill the fridge/freezer with room-temperature food.

To reset the temperature alarm, you should first deal with whatever issue made the alarm go off in the first place and then hit either the alarm button or the OK button (depending on what model of fridge you have) to turn the alarm off.

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How To Reset Water Filter Alarm

If your fridge comes with a water dispenser, then it also has a water filter to eliminate minerals and other unwanted stuff. The water filter alarm will let you know when it’s time to swap out your old filter for a new one.

reset a bosch fridge

To reset the water filter alarm, first install a new filter, then press and hold the “change filter” button on the control panel for about 3 seconds. When the light on the button goes off, it means the alarm has been successfully reset.

If you change your water filter before the alarm goes off, however, you’ll still need to reset it so that the timer can accurately keep track of the new filter’s condition. To do so, press the change filter button repeatedly until the display reads “0”.  

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Now that you’re familiar with the procedures used to reset your Bosch fridge, let’s answer some of the general questions you might have about resetting your fridge and using your fridge’s various modes.

How Long Does It Take for My Fridge to Cool After I Reset It?

Assuming your fridge was already running when you performed a hard reset on it, it should remain more or less the same temperature for the duration of the reset. A sealed fridge that is unplugged will be able to keep your food at a safe temperature for about 4 hours, so there’s no need to transfer your food to another chilled container if you need to do a hard reset.

If you have stuff in your freezer, then your freezer will be able to keep your food frozen anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after unplugging your fridge (depending on how full you keep your freezer). However, if you’re resetting your fridge from demo mode, then it won’t have been cooling to begin with.

In this case, the length of time it’ll take for the fridge to cool itself to the right temperature depends on the size and type of the fridge, but at the absolute minimum, it takes a fridge about 2 hours to cool itself off from room temperature. Usually, however, this length of time is somewhere in the area of 8-12 hours.   

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What Does the “Super” Button On My Fridge Do?

If you have a Bosch fridge with the “Super” button on it, you might be wondering what exactly this button does. As it turns out, your Bosch fridge has a “SuperCool” and a “SuperFreeze” mode that you can use to make your fridge or freezer extra cool when you need it.

The SuperCool feature is intended to be used if you’re putting a big load of room-temperature food in your fridge or if you’re trying to cool down some drinks really quickly.

Your fridge’s default temperature is probably somewhere around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but SuperCool adjusts your fridge’s temperature to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it there for two hours before automatically changing itself back.

SuperFreeze is basically the same thing, but for your freezer. Your freezer’s default temperature should be around 0 degrees Fahrenheit but putting your freezer into SuperFreeze mode adjusts your freezer temperature to -8 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it there for six hours. This is helpful if you need to freeze something particularly quickly. 

What Is the “Demo Mode”?

We’ve already talked about how to take your fridge out of demo mode, but you might be wondering what exactly your fridge’s demo mode is. Also referred to as showroom mode, demo mode is the mode that a fridge is put in when it’s on display at a store.

Basically, demo mode turns off all cooling functions of the fridge and any other auxiliary features like the ice maker and water dispenser but keeps the fridge lights and some elements of the display active. The purpose of this is to show potential buyers more or less how their fridge will look when running without actually wasting energy on running the fridge.

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What Is My Fridge’s Coldest Setting?

If you’re trying to adjust your fridge’s temperature settings, you might be a little confused as to what setting will make your fridge the coldest. Often, the temperature dial in your fridge will display a range of numbers, usually from 1 to 5, but it won’t necessarily indicate which of these numbers is the coldest temperature setting.

Don’t worry, there’s no trick answer in this instance. Regardless of what kind of fridge you have, the highest number is always going to be the coldest setting. You can think of the numbers as being an indication of how much refrigeration power the fridge is being asked to put out. 

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