How to Turn Off Demo Mode on Samsung Microwave?

Most people are excited to get a new microwave and the Samsung over-the-range microwave is a great convenience for many. However, the one problem is that these ovens tend to be set to demo mode and no one seems to be able to escape it. 

Demo mode is set to instruct you how to use your microwave but eventually, you will want to get out of it. How to turn off demo mode on the Samsung microwave can be a little confusing if you don’t have instructions. You can turn it on and off using the demo mode settings found through the options button. 

The article below explains the steps involved in turning your oven’s demo mode off and on. It’s much simpler than you think. 

Turn the Demo Mode Off and On

It’s easy to turn the demo mode on your Samsung microwave off and on once you know what buttons to press to access the mode.

First, look for the options button. Press it. This gets you to all the hidden options. The demo mode is a hidden feature under the number 6 button. Press the 6. Now, press the ok button. 

The demo mode off and on switches are under the numbers 1 and 2. The number 1 button turns the demo mode on and the number 2 button turns it off. Press the number 2 button. 

It should say “2-off” on the display. Press the OK button again to confirm your choice. It won’t go off unless you press this button again. 

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What If The Demo Still Won’t Go Off?

In some cases, microwave owners found that even going through this process won’t turn off the demo mode. Usually, this situation happens with older microwaves rather than new ones set on demo. 

You can do a hard reset to try to resolve the problem. Unplug the oven from the power source or turn off the circuit breaker to it if the plug is too hard to reach in a cabinet or wall. Let it sit for at least two minutes or even five minutes before plugging it back in. 

This should reset everything where you can get out of demo mode. It may even clear the demo mode if it was accidentally set. Try turning off the demo mode now if it’s on. 

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The Problem If That Doesn’t Work

You could have a more serious problem with your microwave if a hard reset doesn’t allow you to get out of the demo mode. It could be your control board is faulty and will need to be replaced. These boards can short out and the only option is to replace them if that happens. 

What Do I Do Now?

Call the Samsung support center before ordering a new board or making an appointment with a service technician. They may have another solution to fix a possible glitch. You can also ask them for licensed Samsung service technicians in your area and talk to them about possible repair costs. 

Be sure to talk to the support staff about your warranty, especially if your microwave is new. You may need to return it for another or use your warranty for the repair. Don’t try to fix it yourself or call a service technician without looking at your warranty. An unauthorized repair could void it 

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The Cost of the Repair

Control boards for microwaves are one of the more expensive replacement items. Some will cost between $100 and $500. It is the brain of your microwave and controls all functions and features and a bad one makes your microwave unusable. 

Some Samsung control boards can be bought online for around $141 but the total cost depends on your model and how much your service technician charges you for labor. 

Can someone accidentally set the demo mode?

Yes, it happens quite often that a microwave user is trying to access some other feature and accidentally puts their microwave into demo mode. All you have to do is go through the options button to access the demo mode and turn it off. 

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Will demo mode cause my microwave to stop working?

Yes, being in demo mode can mean your microwave won’t heat or function properly. You may not see that demo mode is on right away. A way to test for it is to set a cooking time and then start the oven. 

The microwave’s timer will move much faster than normal. This means it’s in demo mode. Turn off the demo mode and your microwave should function normally. 

What is demo mode used for in a microwave?

This selection lets you explore the microwave’s various features and programs. It cuts all microwave power to the oven while you are in it and makes the oven safe to use without any food inside 

Does my Samsung microwave need to have its own circuit breaker?

Most experts recommend that microwaves have a dedicated circuit breaker. It isn’t as important with the smaller countertop models but becomes more crucial when you install an over-the-range model as they draw more power. 

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How long do microwaves last?

Most name-brand microwaves, like Samsung, will serve you well for 10 years and some will go longer. After that, it’s time to start looking for a new model. The length of a microwave oven’s lifespan is mostly dependent on how it’s used and maintain. Those that are in busy households with larger families won’t last as long as those used less often.

Should I fix my microwave?

There is always a debate on whether microwaves are worthy to be fixed or whether you should just buy a new one. Generally, the newer they are the more you should aim to fix them. That is especially true for higher-end models that would be expensive to replace 

Something like a demo mode problem is an issue that can be easily repaired and likely will be under warranty. Problems that are more of a death knell to microwaves are a magnetron problem or maybe burnt wires. Even those can be repaired but perhaps shouldn’t be when you can get a new oven.

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Do microwaves weaken with age?

Yes, any microwave will start to lose its efficiency over time, meaning it will lose power and energy. That’s because the magnetron tube weakens with age. 

The magnetron is the high-voltage element that creates the waves that heat food by bouncing around the oven. It is what creates the microwave. It is also the most expensive part to replace and repair as it’s the heart of the microwave.

Doing Your Own Microwave Repairs

Some microwave repairs can be done DIY but most experts advise against working on any of the internal components as they contain high-voltage elements that can injure and kill you. 

Repairs that you can do yourself include replacing door switches and replacing the control board. There are many instructional videos on how to do that. 

Be sure to always unplug your unit no matter what type of repair you are doing. This helps you avoid electric shock. However, certain microwave parts can store thousands of volts of electricity even after unplugging so be careful. Call the support center for advice before attempting to work on it yourself.

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