Why Samsung Microwave Keeps Beeping? – Troubleshooting Guide

The beeping sound of a microwave can be helpful. It lets you know when your food or beverage is ready. However, it becomes an annoying problem when it doesn’t stop beeping. 

There’s good news and bad news about how to handle it when your Samsung microwave keeps beeping. First, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it including setting it to silent and resetting it or replacing your interlock door switch. 

The bad news is that your solution may depend on your exact model of Samsung microwave. Each has different options to fix the problem. 

Read further to find out how to remedy the problem. 

Pressing Stop

You can try pressing the stop or cancel button several times to see if it works, but most of the time it won’t if there is a problem with the interlock door switch.

The Root Problem

The interlock door switch is probably the root issue of any problem with a microwave. It is also the primary cause of a microwave that beeps continuously. 

Faulty door switches can also cause your microwave to have fan and light issues. It is usually advised that if you must replace one, you should replace all three. 

Most microwaves have three switches. The one that is usually the culprit for most issues is the bottom one. However, it may serve you well to test all three of them. 

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Testing a Door Switch

You will need a multimeter to test the door switch. You will also need to unplug the microwave, pull it out, and do a partial disassembly to get to the door switches. 

The door switches are near the control panel under the grill. You will need to remove the grill, unscrew several screws to get the control panel detached, and then a few more to disassemble the door switch. 

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You will see there are wires attached to the door switches. The final move is to disconnect them to remove them. 

Once you get the switch out, you will have to test it with a multimeter. Attach the probes to the common and one of the other terminals to check for continuity. The meter should read either zero or close to it to show continuity.

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Replacing a Door Switch

It isn’t hard to replace a faulty door switch once you’ve taken one out. You reverse course in putting the new one in. After you connect the wires and snap them into place, it’s just a matter of replacing and tightening screws. 

The Cost of a Door Switch

A microwave door switch is one of the cheapest parts available. Most retail for around $40 but you can find some online for under $10, depending on your model. It is estimated to cost between $50 and $100 if you have a service center repair the appliance. That includes labor and parts. 

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Other Options

There are some other options you can try before you start getting into the door switch assembly. The first thing to do is try to reset it. 

How to Reset A Microwave?

There are two ways you can reset a microwave. The first way is to open and shut the door hard 10 times. That can reset the door switch so that it functions better. 

The second way is to unplug the microwave. Wait a minute or two and plug it back in. All error codes will be cleared and the appliance will be reset. This will also reset the control panel and could resolve your continuous beeping problem.

Resetting the Sensor

Sometimes a sensor will detect that something is in the microwave oven when nothing is there and that will cause it to beep. You can reset the sensors with just a cup of water and some sugar.

Put some water and a quarter teaspoon of sugar in a cup. Put it in the microwave and put on cook for around 16 seconds. Open the door and take out the cup. Press the stop or clear.

This should reset the sensors to get the microwave to stop beeping.

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Fixing Various Models

Samsung microwaves are different in some ways and there are things you can do to silence them, depending on the model. Using the silent mode means you won’t hear a beeper at all. 

Sometimes, hitting the silent button and then resetting it to beep will correct the endless beeping. 

Samsung MG11T5018CC

The beeper on this model can be switched off. To do that press both arrow buttons, which are the decrease and increase buttons at the same time. You can turn it back on again by pressing those buttons again.

Samsung ME18H704SFS

Press down on the options button. You will press the number 3 button to get to the sound options. Pressing number 2 will turn off the sound. Pressing number 1 will turn it back on. 

Confirm your choice by pressing the enter/start button. This sets your choice. Go through the process again to change your choice.

Samsung MS14K6000AS/A MS 14K6000

You can mute the sound on this model by pressing the sound button until the word “off” appears on the display. Press the start button to confirm your change. 

If you want to turn the sound back on, press the sound button again until the word “on” appears on the display. Press the start button to confirm your choice.

How do you change the chime on a Samsung microwave?

Every model is different, but you start by pressing the options button. Then, press down 7 on the number pad to adjust the sound settings.

Why does my microwave beep randomly?

A microwave beeping randomly indicates that something is going on with the onboard computer. Doing a hard reset should get the computer back into sync. 

A hard reset is done by unplugging the microwave, waiting a couple of minutes, and then plugging it back in. If the problem continues, you will either need to replace the control board or one of the three door interlock switches.

Can I silence my microwave if I don’t have a sound button?

Yes, you can mute your microwave even if there isn’t a specific sound button on it. 

Hold down the “0” button and see what comes up. You can also try the “1” or the “stop” button. The “cancel” button may work also to help you get to the secret function. 

Often, these buttons have hidden functions that manufacturers program into the appliance that you never know about. You can scroll through the functions to find the sound feature and turn it to mute.

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Is there an easy way to stop the beeping?

One of the simplest tricks is to press the start and stop buttons at the same time. Sometimes, that will do a reset of the control board. You can also try opening and closing the door again, hard. That can reset the door interlock switch. 

How do I get my microwave to beep again?

If your microwave stopped beeping, try unplugging it and plugging it back in again after a few minutes. You may also want to check the sound feature to see if it has somehow been switched off.

Can the sound go back on a Samsung microwave?

No, the sound doesn’t have a fuse to go bad. Usually, sound issues such as beeping constantly or not beeping at all are related to either the door switch or the control panel. Sometimes, features and relays on the control panel can wear out.

Check the Warranty

Those who have a newer microwave should check the warranty before trying to fix the appliance yourself or taking it to a service center. A warranty would cover such a repair. Once you determine it’s under warranty, call the Samsung Support Center to find out where to send or take your appliance.

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