How to Use Microwave Samsung?

Using a microwave has always been a fairly simple task but the newer models have many features and pre-programmed selections that many don’t know about. These features can make cooking super convenient but can also be a little confusing as different brands and models have different features as well as different ways to access them. 

There are several ways on how to use a microwave Samsung from quick-cooking to multi-level cooking and even frying. Once you get to know all the features and how to use them, you’ll find that creating the perfect meal is easier than your thought.

The article below outlines all that you can do with a Samsung microwave. 

Basic Cooking Features

The Samsung microwave has three ways to do basic cooking and you will find they are all awesome for specific meals. 

Quick Start

The Samsung microwave has an automatic default power level set to high. This is to allow for quick cooking, which is helpful when you have a short lunch break, a frozen meal, or are busy. All you do to use this feature is put your food into the oven and press the start button. 

Need more cooking time? Press the start button again. Each press will add 30 seconds to the cooking time. 

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Reheating and Cooking

You may want a different power level or cooking time for something specific. Put your food in and close the door. Press the “microwave” button twice to get to all the 10 power levels. Pick the one you want and then set the cooking time by pressing the time buttons displaying the time you want. 

Press the start button. The oven will beep and flash “0” on the display when it’s finished cooking. 

Auto Cook

Samsung has a unique auto cook feature which is useful when you want to cook a specific item or use a particular recipe. Cook settings are pre-programmed so you don’t have to remember them for your favorite dishes. 

Press the auto cook button repeatedly until it shows the type of food you are cooking. There is no need to set the power level or the time with the auto cook as this is pre-programmed into the unit. 

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You can press the plus or minus signs to accommodate the size of your serving and the more or fewer buttons allow you to adjust cooking time Press start to begin cooking. 

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Special Features

Samsung microwaves have tons of additional features to explore.

Auto Defrost

Some food will need to be defrosted before cooking and you can do that automatically with this feature. It sets the time for defrosting according to the weight of the food. 

Put your food on the turntable and close the door. Press the auto defrost button one or multiple times to pick the type of food you want to defrost. Press the number buttons to pick the weight. Press start. 

The oven will beep halfway through the process. This is to remind you to turn the food over. You will need to pause it to turn the food and then press start again to continue defrosting. 

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Sensor Cooking

Some Samsung models have a sensor cooking feature that knows when food is finished cooking by detecting moisture your food releases. 

To use this feature, press your food on the turntable and close the door. Press the button that matches your food on the keypad. Press start. Both the temperature and the cooking tie are automatically adjusted. The oven will stop and beep four times when it’s done.

Grill Fry

Some Samsungs have both convection and a grill. The grill will brown and grill food with just a few pressed buttons and the crusty plate is included with your oven. It also has a feature where the microwave and grill functions are combined to both brown and cook food. 

Place food on the crusty plate inside the microwave and close the door. Press the auto cook button and then the left and right arrows until you see “grill auto cook.” Press Ok. 

Now, use the arrows to pick the type of good you’re cooking. Press Ok. Then, use the to pick the serving size. Press OK. 

You can press the start button to add 30 seconds or more in cooking time if needed. You may want to turn the food over halfway through cooking to cook it evenly and crunchy all over.

How to Set the Clock?

One of the most asked questions of those who own Samsung microwave ovens is how to set or reset the clock. You will need to manually set the time when you first get your microwave, when daylight savings time begins or ends, if the power goes out or if you ever need to do a hard reset on your microwave.

The unit’s close will show either :0, 88.88, or 12:00 when you first pull it from the box and plug it in. You can choose whether you want the time either in the 12-hour cycle or in military time. 

You will need to press the clock button once for the 12-hour format or twice for military time. The plus and minus signs, or up and down arrows, are used to set the hour. Press the clock button again and then use the same buttons to set the minutes. Press the clock button one more time to save your settings. 

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How do I set the temperature on a Samsung microwave?

You can set the temperature through the convection feature. Pressing the convection button multiple times gets you to different temperatures. Then, you set the cooking time and press start. 

Can I bake a cake in a Samsung microwave oven?

Yes, you can bake a cake in a Samsung microwave. Press the echo or stop button, then press convection Now, press select. The oven will start pre-heating. Use the steel wire rack that came with it inside to place your cake pan on. Set the temperature. Press start.

What is microwave mode?

Microwave mode is the standard mode used to cook or heat food. Convection mode turns your microwave into an oven that uses a fan and a heating element to cook more like a traditional oven. 

How do I use a microwave to make pizza?

You will need a microwave that has convection. Roll out your pizza dough, top it, and put it on a greased baking dish. Select the convection pre-heat cycle and allow the oven to warm up. Most will come with a steel rack. Use that to put the pizza pan on and program your oven to cook according to your recipe. 

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Does grilling in a microwave work?

It works if the model has a grill feature like some Samsung models. Samsung has a special plate, called a crusty plate, to use while accessing the auto grill feature. Not every model has the grill feature so you will need to ask before you buy.

Resetting a Microwave

There are times when you will need to do a hard reset on your Samsung microwave. This could be to remove a glitch in the computer board or after a power outage where the sudden power coming back on causes your oven to malfunction. 

A hard reset is simply cutting power to your oven. Unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker dedicated to it and wait five or 10 minutes before plugging it back in. This resets the computer board back to factory settings. You will need to reset your clock. 

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