Samsung Microwave e13 Error Code – Troubleshooting Guide

Microwaves are handy and the Samsung brand produces an effective one. However, sometimes an error code will pop up and you need to search to see what it means and how to fix it. Sometimes, what you find will determine whether to try to resolve it yourself or call an appliance repairperson. 

The Samsung microwave e13 error code means the device didn’t heat hot enough in the time allowed for that function. Most people experience this when they try to use a specific function like “beverage” or “popcorn.”

There are things to can do to resolve the problem and it’s best to try the simplest solution first. 

What Is Causing the Error?

It is a little disappointing. You put something in the microwave, choose a function and wait for your food or snack to finish heating. Instead, you get an error code. 

You don’t the microwave isn’t functioning properly because it isn’t getting to the proper temperature in the allotted time. However, there must be a reason why it isn’t operating correctly, and figuring that out will help you decide on whether to fix it yourself or take it to a repair shop. 

One of the most common problems causing this error is airflow. Samsung microwaves have a fan that should run at full speed when the appliance is in operation. If it isn’t, the transformer temp sensor or thermostat will shut the microwave down. 

A fan can be spinning and still not be running at full speed. It could also be that it has dry motor bearings that are causing it to run slow or not run at all. 

The high voltage diode may not be opening or is shorting when the heat starts. If the fan is running at full speed, this could be the problem.

There could also be a capacitor leak or some other moisture getting into the microwave. It could also be the wiring or terminals are shorting in the transformer.

It has a part called the magnetron oscillator that could be sticking. The oscillator, a metal tube that holds a floating wafer, can cause the output to drop or be intermittent if it fails. 

The problem could also be in the smartboard (PCB). You will know this is probably the problem if the microwave functions on other cooking levels. For instance, if it works on “reheat dinner” but doesn’t work on “popcorn,” then it’s likely something is wrong with the smartboard.

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Can my microwave be fixed?

Yes, microwaves with an e13 error code are usually pretty simple to fix. Often, you can simply reset them and the problem is solved. Other times, you need to clean them out or check for moisture. These are low-tech solutions. 

Those microwaves with a parts problem will need to be serviced. You can first call Samsung support for information or check your manual. It will list your warranty information and where to send it. 

Otherwise, a local appliance repair person can probably fix things like diodes or magnetron oscillators. 

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Should I worry about fixing my microwave?

That depends on how pervasive the problem is. If it fails to cook only on one function but otherwise works without an error code, you can continue to use it beyond that one function. 

That means the problem is in the smartboard. That doesn’t cause a safety risk. 

However, a bad magnetron oscillator will prevent the microwave from working correctly on any function. It would need to be replaced. Other failing parts may be a safety hazard and need professional replacement.

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How do I fix airflow problems?

The good news is airflow problems are the most common issue associated with this error code and also the easiest to fix. All you need to do is take a cloth or damp sponge and clean the microwave’s vents. Make sure there isn’t something stuck in them so the fan can work normally. 

Once you do that, test it again while watching or listening to the fan. You should be able to tell if it’s running, running slow, or at full speed. 

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Can the issue be because of other problems?

The error could be because of improper line voltage or a bad damper seat. Some people will continue to use their microwave if it works on all other functions. They just avoid the one troubling function. 

The issue could also be moisture-related. You can look to see if there are any puddles inside the microwave or around it that could be short-circuiting it. Wipe up any moisture, unplug it, and let it dry for a while before trying it again.

Bigger Issues

How to check the temp sensor or thermostat?

Checking the temp sensor or thermostat is a little trickier because you need a meter. You can check to see if it’s functioning when the unit is off. An open sensor or thermostat is what is causing the unit to stop. 

A difficult thing about checking the sensor is finding it. It is hidden under the air duct’s top tray. It is hard to get to and tedious to fix or replace. This is where a service center can help. 

The other problems, like a diode, transformer, wiring, or magnetron may also require a service call or drop off. They will likely need replacing to work correctly. 

What is the magnetron oscillator?

The magnetron oscillator is a high-powered vacuum tube. It produces microwaves, so it’s the main part of a microwave. If it goes out, your microwave won’t heat properly. The magnetron oscillator can also stick, causing your microwave to work intermittently. 

This part is usually tucked behind the control panel on the right. You can sometimes see it through a metal cage when you open the door. the metal cage separates it from the cooking area.

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Where is the diode?

The diode in a microwave is located near the high-voltage capacity. To access anything in this area, the capacitor must first be discharged because it can hold a lethal amount of electricity even if the microwave is disconnected from a power outlet.

How do you know if the diode is bad?

You can usually look at it and tell because it will show some time of the problem. A failed diode will also produce a burned, electrical smell. Be sure to make sure the microwave is unplugged and the capacity emptied before doing any testing of the diode.

How to Run a Test?

You will want to test the program again to see if it’s the function associated with the smartboard or something else. To test, you will need two large cups of tap water. 

Unplug the microwave and leave it for more than a minute. This will clear the E-13 code and allow you to test it. Put the large coffee cups of water inside and hit a different function button. 

If it works and doesn’t give you the error code, try using the function that gave you the code. You will want to refill the cups with regular tap water. Check the water in the cups you just heated to see if they are at the right temperature.

Pay attention to see if the water in both cups is about the same temperature. 

Put the fresh cups of water in the microwave and test on the function where you got the e13 code. Sometimes, resetting the microwave and clearing the code will fix the problem. You likely have a problem with the smart board if you get the code again.

How to Reset an e13 Error Code on a Microwave

You reset your microwave for any error the same way you would for an e13 error. You unplug it from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes, and plug it back in. The code should disappear and you can use your microwave normally. 

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