Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33 E – Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes Samsung refrigerators will have an error code that is labeled 33 e. This error code is common in side-by-side refrigerators and could be a bit hard to track down without some serious removal. So what is a Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e?

Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e is a malfunction with the heater of the water intake pipe. It takes a bit of work to remove but can rid the machine of the error code. The best protection against the error code is to keep the fridge connected to a steady power source and avoid moving it.

Getting this error code could be something quick and easy, or it could be an entire weekend’s worth of work. So read on and learn everything you need to know about Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e and how to fix it!

What is Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33 E?

It means that the wiring around the heater has been moved or jarred out of place and is no longer going to heat the water before sending it into the ice maker. Heated water freezes much faster, so not having a properly working water tube can be a major headache. 

The few things that cause error code 33 e on the Samsung refrigerator are:

  • Moving the fridge – Sometimes the error code spawns because you moved the fridge. The intake pipe is sensitive and positioned exactly the right way to ensure that no water flows back out of the pipe as it pumps. Be careful when moving the fridge and avoid dropping it.
  • Loss of power – If power is lost to the machine, you will get error code 33 e. When the power surges, you can also expect to have the code. It appears because the machine thinks that the water has ceased to heat.
  • Bumping the intake – You have to be very delicate with the fridge intake hose. If it is impacted or hit in any way, you can expect to see the error code. Don’t underestimate how sensitive the equipment is.

Getting the code is just the first part of the problem. Once you know what it is, you need to learn how to fix it. The job could be a simple fix like resetting the control board or as involved as removing the intake tube and heater.

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How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33 E

This error code is a bit tricky. It can mean any of three things, and each of these things could take a different method to fix the problem. Keep in mind that not only should safety be paramount, but speed too.

Resetting the Control Board is Often an Easy Fix for Error Code 33 E

One of the oldest jokes in IT is, ‘have you restarted your machine?’ This is pretty much standard for any electronic device these days as most contain some form of a computer processor. Restarting the fridge is the best and easiest place to start when trying to remove error code 33 e.

The steps to reset the control board on the Samsung refrigerator are:

  1. Power the machine – The first step is pretty simple: get energy flowing back to the machine. It needs to be a stable source with no surges and a constant charge to prevent the device from repeating the error code.
  2. Work the panel – Now that power is back and things have been running a few minutes, you should move to the control panel. Find the Lighting and Energy Saver buttons on the face. They should be obvious and just need to be covered and not pressed hard. Pressing too hard on the screen could crack it.
  3. Use the buttons – After eight seconds of holding your fingers on the buttons, the control board should go black. Wait a few more seconds, and the Samsung screen should appear. After that, the control board will reboot, and everything should be back to normal.

The control board reset is usually the best way to solve the error code 33 e. However, going with complete removal of the intake pipe heater could require an electrician. In addition, getting to the pipe is a long process that could mean lots of work hours, which could be left to the professionals.

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Other Fixes for Error Code 33 E

When a reboot doesn’t work, you should try a few things before calling in the big guns. Again, these problems are small things that can be checked and possibly fixed while not going for the full invasive treatment on the intake pipe heater.

A Chip in the Control Board is Often the Root of the Problem

When the error code keeps repeating, there could be a chip problem. The chips inside the control board can get overloaded just like any other piece of electric circuitry.

They can be overloaded by losing power or taking a shock from a power surge like a lightning strike. Replacing the chip is the best solution for this one.

Wiring in Need of Repair

Wires can break or snap on just about any appliance, refrigerators included. If you have a multimeter, you can check the cables to see if they are faulty. This is your best bet if there are no visible holes or breaks in the wiring.

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Heating Elements Could Need Replacing or Tightening

The heating element could be another reason for the error code. It can often become loose, and when it does, the connection will short.

That means the power will stop, and the element could stop working. Use the appropriate driver to tighten the bolts around the heating element and secure it to the fridge frame.


A Samsung error code 33 e is a fault in the heater intake tube on the ice maker. Heated water freezes much faster, and having a way to heat the water before it goes into the trays saves time and energy.

Repairing the error code 33 e comes down to a few different things. Each can be done from home, with the most extensive parts needing a repair person to come into the house and work on the machine. It is often a simple error that can be solved with some expertise and a little elbow grease. Protection Status