Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 E – Troubleshooting Guide

An error code 40 e on your Samsung refrigerator can be upsetting if you don’t know what it means. The codes on the machines are often designated by a number instead of what is broken. This lack of communication can lead to stress with users and owners. So what is a Samsung refrigerator error code 40 e?

Samsung refrigerator error code 40e indicates a problem with the ice maker fan. The fan is tucked away at the back of the machine and could be one of the spots where significant icing occurs. A good thaw will give you a chance to see if the fan has burned out or if it just needs to be loosened up.

Having issues with something so hard to reach in the back of the freezer is a significant headache. In addition, the replacement job, while simple, could be more than some people are looking to undertake. So read on and learn what Samsung refrigerator error code 40 e means for your icebox fan.

What is Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 E?

The Samsung refrigerator error code 40 e is a malfunction with the fan that cools the freezer. In dual door models, the fan has a massive area to cover and could regularly be prone to these malfunctions.

Therefore, you should take the time and check on the fan every couple of weeks to make sure it is spinning correctly.

The error code 40 e is centered around the freezer fan. This doesn’t mean that the fan is bad necessarily. However, there are often bits of wire that could be exposed during the production process.

Check the connections leading to the fan as well, as these exposed bits of wire could freeze and snap if the fan is jostled just right.

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How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 E

An icebox fan error will read as code 40 e. This means that the fan inside the freezer, usually on a dual door model, has problems cooling or functioning.

The fan could either be frozen to the other pieces inside the freeze or could have faulty wiring. As always, letting the machine thaw is the best place to start.

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Make Sure the Samsung Refrigerator is Unplugged Before Working

One of the first things to do when checking the 40 e error code is to make sure that the fridge is unplugged. A lack of power will protect the person working on the machine from any shocks.

You must remember that water and electricity could mean death if they are intermingled. Protect yourself and others by unplugging the device.

When the machine is without power, you have the perfect platform to do some inspecting.

First, you need to remove all the food from the fridge and place it in coolers to keep it from spoiling; if any areas have standing water or wet surfaces, you need to take a towel and wipe them all dry before moving on.

Remove the Fan from the Machine

Now that you have a dry and unpowered work area, you should take the time and remove the fan from the back of the freezer. There are usually four bolts that are facing you as you look at it.

These bolts hold the fan in the back of the machine. Remove them and make sure that the fan doesn’t slip down inside the walls of the freezer.

Often, Samsung refrigerators have a fan that has its area inside the freezer—making removal much more straightforward than older models where you had to remove the interior walls to get to the fan.

If you have to remove the walls and packaging on the inside of the freezer, pay special attention that you don’t break or puncture them.

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Install the Fan and Test Before Refilling the Freezer

The fan should come in a single box-like structure, as you see on a computer fan. They keep the parts compact and closed off to prevent any damage from the user.

Having the fan self-contained means that once it fails, you have to get a new one. Don’t go poking around in the boxes unless you are certified to do so.

Cracking open a cooling fan could mean that you break precious bits of electronics on the inside or tiny pipes connected to cooling agents.

So be careful to remove all bits leading into the fan if you are going to remove it. Doing repairs for yourself can save time or cost you dearly. Always do your research before jumping in blindly. 

Power Up the Fridge and Get Back to Living

Now that the fan is installed and all the pieces are back in place, you can power up the machine. Once it gets up to speed, you can begin to put pieces of food back into it.

Be careful not to overpack the refrigerator right away because it hampers how it cools. The best bet is to let it sit for an hour or two before you begin refilling.

Don’t treat your fridge like a machine that doesn’t need maintenance. Instead, you should set a schedule that keeps your food safe and the refrigerator running like a dream.

If you hear slowing in the fan or notice condensation on your food, do a quick inspection. A bit of time spent now could save you in the long run. 


Samsung Refrigerator error code 40 e is going to be related to the fan in the freezer box. Dual door models face this code much more than drawer and single-door models. Replacing the fan could be challenging for the novice, but hiring someone to help you is also a great option.  

The fan code error 40 e could come at the wrong time. Be sure that you are regularly checking the machine for any fan movement or exposed wires that could force it to stop working. Also, spending just a little time checking the fridge will ensure that it lasts you much longer than another model. Protection Status