How To RESET Samsung Washer & FIX 5E or SE Error Code?

How to reset Samsung Washer? If you’re the owner of a Samsung washer, even the newer HE, energy efficient models, you’ve probably experienced an error code in the past.

So you do what every good owner does. You unplug the machine, let it sit for a few minutes, and you’re ready to go again, right? Not necessarily.

Samsung washer SE or 5e error code explained

As a matter of fact, if you aren’t sure what the error code is, and just unplug, you run the risk of blowing something, damaging something, or possibly causing a huge leak in the basement or laundry room, if the issue is caused by a leak or clog somewhere.

Don’t fret when you see the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E for the first time. It’s not quite time to call the repair technician.

Here we’ll go over the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E’s meaning, what causes it, how you can resolve it, and how to possibly prevent it in the future.

What is the 5E or SE Error and What’s Causing it?

First thing’s first. If you want to figure out how to resolve the pesky Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E, you have to know what it means.

The SE, or is it 5E (it’s a 5) code means you’re dealing with a drain issue on your hands. The possible issues which lead to this might be

  • A faulty drain pump
  • Clog in the drainage system
  • Hair, lint, or other blockages in the drain filter

The reason the code pops up is that your washer isn’t draining in the time allotted for it to drain, based upon the wash cycle you’ve chosen.

This is calculated based on the amount of clothes you put in the wash, detergent, warm/cold water, and other variables.

Samsung washer drain filter clogged

There are a few ways to go about resolving this issue, but don’t jump to the most drastic measure just yet.

Let’s see a few quick, simple resolutions before calling a technician, or before assuming the worst, that’s something’s broken in your machine.

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How to reset Samsung Washer and Resolve this Error?

There are several steps you can try to resolve the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E you’re seeing on your washing machine.

Depending on what the actual cause is for the water not draining in a timely fashion, any one of these might resolve the issue.

Some simple solutions for you to try out are

  1. Checking the drainage pump filter for blockages (lint, hair clips, or even a coin might cause this)
  2. To remove debris from the filters, you’ll want to first allow the remaining water in filter to drain
  3. You’ll then unscrew the emergency cap and unscrew the filter cap
  4. Wash out any debris, dust, or buildup
  5. Replace the debris cap and recover the emergency cap
  6. Check if there are kinks in the drain hose or blockages limiting the water from draining properly
Obstructed drain pump filter washer not spinning

If either of these solutions works, you’ll want to choose a short wash cycle in order to drain the remaining water that’s in the washing machine.

If these don’t resolve the problem, a third solution might be to check the outlet of the drain hose.

If it is submerged by water, a siphoning effect will occur in your washing machine.

This is going to prevent water from draining properly and is going to slow down the drain cycle.

In this case, remove the submerged hoses, and make sure you allow sufficient time for the water to drain.

Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E

What to Avoid

The last thing you want to do if you see the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E pop up for the first time is panic and just open the front of your front loading washer.

This will instantly cause a pool of water, that hasn’t properly drained, to flow from your machine.

And, although you can quickly shut the door, the short period of time it’s open, could do major damage depending on how much water was in the machine to begin with.

So, don’t take rash measures or act without thinking, as this can cause more damage than good. Try the methods above first.

If those don’t self-resolve. Refer to your owner’s manual (as each Samsung machine might suggest different ways to drain the machine).

If those don’t work, then you’ll want to consider calling a repair technician to your home to see if they can properly resolve the draining issue, and if necessary, replace the damaged or broken pipes and hoses in your machine.

How Can I Prevent it?

Of course, the best solution to the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E is to prevent it altogether.

But, is there a way to prevent it? In some cases, no.

No matter what you do, water will buildup, and even if you check the drains regularly and check to make sure kinks aren’t present in the pipes, there’s always the risk that an error will occur.

The good thing is that this one is pretty easy to repair.

There are some steps you can take while washing clothes, however, which will minimize the possibility that the error ever shows up on your machine.

For example, something as simple as not overfilling the machine with clothing or heavily soiled clothes is a simple preventive measure.

If the cycle drum is overworking, it can result in drainage issues or overfilling issues in your washing machine.

Again, although this won’t prevent the issue, you can regularly

  • Check to make sure water isn’t submerging the drain hose
  • Regularly clean your washer with proper solutions to prevent clogging
  • Utilize the same wash cycle for every load you wash
  • Wash clothes the same time (have a schedule) to prevent overworking the machine
  • Make sure you clean lint, hair, and other debris from the lint trays and from the pump filters regularly

Regular maintenance of your Samsung appliances, is the best way to prevent Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E and other error codes.

It’s also the best way to extend the lifespan of your appliances, and ensure the best performance from your washer and dryer.

If you see the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E or other errors, before calling a pricey repair technician or taking drastic measures yourself, consider a few of these quick, simple alternatives (which will usually resolve the issues) first.

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  1. My Samsung front loader has been adding time to rinse spin cycles and now se code keeps coming on we cleaned the filter and checked drain hose for kinks still doing se code


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