Samsung Washer DC Error Code – How To Fix It?

If you own a Samsung washing machine, you might get a DC code error while trying to run a load of laundry. Luckily, a DC code error is most often an easy fix!

 A DC code error on a Samsung washing machine indicates that the washer is unable to spin due to a load imbalance. Correcting a DC error is as simple as redistributing the weight of an existing load, removing items to reduce the overall weight in the washer, or changing suspension rods (or shock absorbers).

Read below for solutions to common causes of a DC code error and ways to solve the problem.

Balance the Load

Most often, the DC error code can be resolved by redistributing the weight of existing items in the washing machine. Common causes of unbalanced loads are:

  • bulky items such as bedsheets, comforters, and towels
  • jeans, sweaters, and jackets
  • oversized loads
  • undersized loads

If you get a DC code error, check for one of these common causes.

If you have a load of bulky items, try balancing the item around the spin barrel if it is unevenly balled up in one spot.

Top Loading machine gentle on clothes

Similarly, if you have a load of heavy items like towels, try moving the towels around the barrel in a way that evenly distributes the weight.

Finally, check to make sure large or bulky items aren’t tangled around the spin barrel — this could cause the spin barrel to get stuck, resulting in a DC code.

If you have a load of heavy items such as jeans, sweaters, or jackets, try redistributing their weight around the spin barrel.

If that doesn’t work, try removing a few items. It might be the case that the weight of the items is too great to allow the motor to spin the center barrel.

If you’re washing a typical load of clothes that don’t have bulky or heavy items, try making sure the load is not too large for the machine.

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Although Samsung washers have high volume capacities, it’s still possible to overload the machine leading to a DC error when the spin barrel can’t rotate.

Finally, if you’re washing a single item (or a few very small items), the force of the spinning motion might ball the items up into one location in the barrel.

If that happens, a DC code error might result, as the washer detects an uneven load balance. Try adding a towel to balance the load.

Level the Washing Machine

If weight redistribution doesn’t correct the DC error code, it might be the case that the washing machine itself is not level.

If this happens, the mechanism that detects the leveling of the machine might trigger a warning.

Check to make sure the washer is on a flat, level surface. If you have a leveling tool, use the tool to check the surface of the washer to make sure it’s showing that it is level in all directions.

If you don’t have a leveling tool, try using a glass of water or a measuring cup with lines to see if the water sits level on top of the machine.

If you’re still not sure whether or not your washing machine is level, try manually rocking the washer slightly — if it rocks, then a spin cycle will likely result in a DC code error.

If your surface is not perfectly even, try shifting the position of the machine to a more level position.

If that doesn’t work, assess whether or not your space allows you to change the location of your washer.

If you are unable to move your washing machine to a level surface, try adjusting the leveling pegs of the washer itself.

Locate the peg in the corner of the washing machine where your surface is lowest (assuming it’s uneven), and spin the leg counterclockwise to raise it.

If your leveling pegs are already as high as possible, then choose a different peg and spin it clockwise to lower it.

If adjusting the leveling of the machine doesn’t fix the DC error code, it might be the case that your unit is suffering from failing internal components. Luckily there is an easy fix for a common problem!

Check the Suspension Rods

Samsung washers come with drum suspension rods that might experience wear and tear over time.

A common cause of a DC code error is related to faulty or damaged suspension rods. Luckily, this is a low-cost and simple fix!

If you suspect your suspension rods might need replacing, order your parts online either through Samsung or a third party vendor.

The cost of a full set of four suspension rods is less than $100 online and likely costs less than hiring a technician.

Samsung Washer DC error code

When your parts arrive, follow these steps to replace the suspension rods:

  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Detach the control panel secured by two Phillips head screws
  3. Disconnect the two existing wire harnesses
  4. Use a flathead screwdriver (or another flat tool) to unsecure the retaining clips
  5. Lift the lid and use a clamp or a large item to secure it safely in place
  6. Remove a single rod by lifting it to clear the upper mount (do NOT try removing all four rods and replacing them all at once)
  7. Lower the rod until it clears the lower mount
  8. Remove the rod and set it aside
  9. Use a shop rag or a towel to wipe off excess grease from the internal components
  10. Apply a layer of silicone grease on the new rods where they will come into contact with the existing mounts in the machine
  11. Lower one end of the rod into the lower mount
  12. Raise the opposite end of the rod into the upper mount
  13. Ensure the rod is secured into place
  14. Repeat for the remaining three suspension rods
  15. Unclamp the washing machine lid (or move your object out of the way) to lower the lid
  16. Reconnect the two wire harnesses
  17. Replace the control panel and secure it with the two Phillips head screws
  18. Plugin your washer
  19. Test a new load of laundry

If your DC code error is resolved, great work! If the code continues to appear, then it might be the case that a repair will go beyond a simply DIY fix.

Contact a Professional

If the effort to redistribute the weight of a load of laundry does not solve the DC code error your machine is producing, if you are confident your machine is level, and if you have tried replacing the suspension rods, then the problem might be related to other internal components of your machine.

In this case, it might be best to contact a service technician to take a look at your machine.

This is likely to cost a few hundred dollars though, so be sure that you need the technician before requesting one.

If you want to secure a Samsung-preferred technician, visit Samsung’s support website.

Be sure to explain your troubleshooting efforts in both weight redistribution and leveling. Common parts replacements include:

If your machine is under warranty, or if you’re unsure whether a service technician can help, you might choose instead to contact Samsung directly.

Samsung is available 24 hours a day seven days a week through its online chat platform.

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  1. I have replaced the pump and also the spring rods on my washer and also have checked the balance as well. Still getting the ‘dc’ code with just 5-6 towels. Although finally it did work but I got that code 4 times in that cye. Do you think it’s time to replace the motherboard.. or just get a new dryer. ..??

    • I believe you have a top load Samsung washer, right? So, Dont waste money on the control board (motherboard).. Get LG front load machine. At least from my experience as being appliance repair technician, these LG washers had much fewer issues than Samsung washers.

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