What Is Samsung Microwave eco mode? Easy!

Some Samsung microwave models have ECO mode, which can be a cool feature if you know how to use it. The problem is many people don’t understand it, how to turn it on and off, or whether it works to save energy or not. 

What is ECO mode on Samsung microwave? It’s a feature that allows the microwave to power down when it’s not in use. That will save money on your electric bills. Most appliances use some energy constantly even if you aren’t using them. This effectively turns off your microwave, saving power and money, until you are ready to use it 

The article below explains more about eco mode and how to properly use it. 

samsung microwave Eco Mode

samsung microwave eco mode

Samsung started putting conservation features on many of its products a few years ago and that includes the eco mode on microwaves. 

The eco mode turns off the display, which includes the clock, and the control board functions when the microwave isn’t in use. That minimizes power use and makes the unit more energy efficient. However, there is no data anywhere that states how much energy is saved. 

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A Debate Over Energy

The claim made by Samsung is that the eco mode helps save not only power and money but also the environment by reducing standby power.

Consumer Reports tested the claim using two Samsung over-the-range microwaves. The result was the eco mode program does shut down the oven’s time display and some other internal elements that drain energy. However, the reduction of energy was a small one. 

The media company went further to estimate how much the average Samsung microwave owner can save yearly if they use the eco mode button consistently and pay an average of 11.8 cents per kilowatt-hour. 

Analysts figure most people would save approximately $2 a year with eco mode. 

Microwave Quality

Even those the cost savings with the eco mode is incredibly small, Consumer Reports reported the microwaves with this feature worked well. They defrosted and heated foods properly. However, the exhaust venting was only fair.

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Using Samsung Microwave Eco Mode

Every little bit of energy savings helps and it’s easy to use eco mode on a Samsung microwave. You press eco mode once and then you will see the display go black. This shows it is in eco mode. 

Getting out of eco mode is just as simple. Open the door and press the stop/eco button. You will see the display showing the current time. Now, you can use the oven. 

Samsung microwave Eco Mode.

Benefits of Eco Mode

Using eco mode has an additional benefit beyond saving on energy. It is a defacto child-proof feature. The microwave won’t work unless you turn the eco mode off. Small children who don’t know how to do that are prevented from using the oven until an adult is around to supervise. 

A Disadvantage of Eco Mode

The one downside of using eco mode is that you don’t see the clock. Many people depend on their microwave clock to tell the time when they are rushing to eat and leave. Since the display is black, you won’t have use of the clock. 

However, the clock will pop back on once you deactivate eco mode to use the oven so it can be part of your morning routine. 

One problem with the auto energy-saving function is that it could turn off your microwave automatically in certain conditions. For instance, it can cancel a function and the clock will be displayed after 25 minutes in some cases where you try to set a function. 

Also, the oven lamp will automatically be turned off if you leave the microwave door open for longer than five minutes. 

Samsung Microwave Eco Mode.

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What is the combi mode in a Samsung microwave?

This is a mode where you can use both the convection and microwave programs to cook. You will first press the stop/eco button to clear the previous function from memory before programming it for the combination mode. 

How do I change the power level in my Samsung microwave?

You can change the power level easily by either pressing the microwave button or using the mode selector dial. From there, use the microwave button or the arrow keys to get to the correct power level.

Those using a dial can turn the selector dial to the correct power level. 

Can I bake in a Samsung microwave oven?

Yes, you can use a Samsung microwave that also has a convection feature to bake anything you cook in a traditional oven. This includes bread, cakes, and casseroles. 

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What does it mean for a microwave to be a convection oven?

A convection oven uses heat as well as microwave capability to cook. A microwave that has convection capability turns your oven into a more traditional heated oven that can be used to conveniently cook any number of dishes. 

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Can I fry food in a microwave?

Samsung has a feature that allows you to fry food with a crust! The grill fry feature and the crusty plate allow you to get both browned and crispy food easily. 

How do I use the convection feature on a Samsung microwave?

It’s easy to switch to convection cooking with a Samsung microwave. First press the button for convection. Then, you press the same button multiple times to set the correct temperature. 

After that, you press the appropriate cooking time. You can add to the cooking time by pressing the start button. Each time you press the start button, it will add 30 seconds of cook time. 

Pressing start will start the cooking process. 

Can I preheat the convection oven on my microwave?

Yes, you can preheat your convection feature on your microwave. Press the convection button, the temperature, and then press the start button. You will hear six beeps once the preheat temperature is achieved. The temperature will remain stable for 10 minutes. 

Place your dish in the heated oven and set your cooking program. Hit start to begin cooking.

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How long does it take a Samsung oven to preheat?

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to get a Samsung microwave/convection oven to the correct preheated temperature. It will sound with six beeps when it is ready.

What if my microwave won’t come off eco mode?

There may be a time when your oven won’t come off eco mode, preventing you from using it. If that happens, do a hard reset.

A hard reset is where you disconnect power from your unit, wait five minutes, and then reconnect power. This will reset the computer board and should clear the eco mode. 

What if the eco mode never clears?

An eco mode that remains on your microwave even after a hard reset is probably the result of a faulty computer board. This could happen in an older unit more often than a newer unit. Check your warranty and call the support center if this is a problem.

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Samsung Microwave Eco Mode Models

Samsung made eco mode a standard feature for all its microwaves in 2021. Most of its other products also have an eco mode or energy saving features. Even so, the feature won’t save you any money or be effective unless you activate it consistently. That is simple to do since all you must do is press a button.

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