Why LG Dishwasher Keeps Turning Off?

An LG dishwasher must work continuously to clean your dishes and complete the wash cycle. However, that’s not possible if it keeps turning off. So why would something like that happen?

Your LG dishwasher keeps turning off because its power supply is unstable, there’s water in the control panel, or its electrical circuit is overloaded. It can also happen due to user error, like if you press and hold the Start button to begin a new cycle. Doing so will cause the machine to run briefly before turning off automatically.

A dishwasher that keeps turning off will disrupt your cleaning activities. So, read this guide to the end to understand why it’s happening and how you can fix it.

Why Does My LG Dishwasher Keep Turning Off?

A dishwasher that keeps turning off is likely experiencing a power supply problem, though not always.

Here are the reasons your machine keeps turning off and what you need to do to stop it from happening again:

Holding The Start Button

About this: The Start button tells your LG dishwasher to begin your chosen wash program. After you’ve input your desired settings, pressing that button once is the last thing you must do to get things moving.

Once you do that, the dishwasher will run the cycle, washing your kitchenware until they’re sparkling clean.

What’s happening: The first reason your LG dishwasher turns off after the cycle has started is that you’ve held the Start button instead of pressing it.

That’s right! Usually, you should only press the button and release it quickly to get the wash cycle started.

However, pressing and holding that button for a few moments longer will cancel the current wash cycle instead. Then, the machine will run for a couple of minutes before stopping automatically.

From your perspective, it’ll seem like you started the machine only to have it stop on its own shortly after.

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How to fix it: Thankfully, this user error doesn’t take much to correct. You just have to be mindful that holding the Start button for a moment too long will give you a different outcome than expected.

To start your LG dishwasher correctly, simply push the Start button and let go immediately. The dishwasher will take over from there and run through your chosen wash cycle.

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Unstable Power Supply

About this: Like all your other home appliances, your LG dishwasher runs on electricity. That means it must have a reliable power supply to wash your dishes thoroughly and complete the wash program you’ve selected.

Some dishwashers plug into your wall socket with a cord. However, others are hard-wired to your household electrical system and go straight to a dedicated circuit breaker instead.

Whatever setup you have, your dishwasher will continue running as long as it receives a continuous power supply.

What’s happening: A second reason to consider when your LG dishwasher keeps turning off is that your household is experiencing a power supply disruption. 

Even if the power cuts off for a brief moment or two, that can cause your dishwasher to turn off and not come back on automatically.

You can be sure of this by paying attention to other appliances in your home. For example, check if nearby kitchen appliances also seem to shut on and off repeatedly.

How to fix it: If the power supply disruption happens at the municipal level, you’ll have to contact your local power company for information. They might be experiencing disruptions that affect you and other users in the area.

However, suppose the issue is within your household, such as faulty wiring or a defective wall socket. In that case, you’ll need a qualified electrician to help you with that.

Electrical troubleshooting like that is dangerous, so you shouldn’t handle it yourself as a DIY task.

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Water Getting Into The Control Panel

About this: The control panel is the part of your dishwasher you use to control it. By pushing its buttons, you’ll send signals to the appliance, telling it what you want it to do.

The control panel also has a display that shows you crucial information, such as the remaining time left on the current wash program.

What’s happening: There’s been a known issue with the control panels on LG dishwashers. Several models have experienced moisture infiltration problems. That means the moisture barrier inside isn’t so effective, allowing water to get into the control panel and affect the parts inside.

When that happens, a malfunctioning control panel can cause your LG dishwasher to turn off on its own, even when you didn’t press any of the buttons to do that.

How to fix it: As you read above, this is a known issue with several LG dishwasher models. So, you should contact the manufacturer to see if your model is affected and whether or not you’re entitled to a replacement.

Newer control panels have been redesigned with an improved moisture barrier to prevent this problem from happening.

Once you get the new control panel, you’ll have to replace your existing one so your dishwasher will function correctly.

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Overloaded Electrical Circuit

About this: Generally, dishwashers are power-hungry appliances that use a lot of electricity when operating. Aside from powering the water valves and pumps inside, the appliance also draws plenty of power for the heating element inside to raise its temperature.

Because of that heavy power usage, dishwashers should be powered by a dedicated electrical circuit. That way, it doesn’t have to compete for power with other appliances and potentially cause an overloading situation.

What’s happening: The final issue to troubleshoot is whether or not your dishwasher is sharing a circuit with other appliances. If that’s the case, it’s likely turning off because the circuit is overloaded and tripping the circuit breaker.

Sharing the circuit with other appliances might seem okay at first. However, if the dishwasher and other appliances draw a lot of energy simultaneously, the overloading condition will occur.

How to fix it: You can prevent this problem by ensuring that your dishwasher is powered by a dedicated circuit. That means no other appliances must be drawing power from that same circuit.

If your household is not set up for that, you’ll have to consult a qualified electrician. They’ll be able to advise you on any work that needs to be done so your dishwasher can have a circuit to itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need a bit more guidance? Here are a few more questions and answers to keep in mind during the troubleshooting process:

Do Dishwashers Need A Dedicated Circuit?

Yes, your LG dishwasher should be on a dedicated circuit. That way, it won’t have to compete with other appliances for power, and an overloading condition won’t happen.

How Can You Tell If A Circuit Breaker Is Tripped?

You’ll know that a circuit breaker has tripped if your dishwasher has no power, but other things in your house do. When you check the main electrical box, you’ll see that the tripped circuit breaker is in the center position, indicating it has tripped.

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How Do You Reset Your Dishwasher?

When resetting your LG dishwasher, shut off its power for a minute. Then, remove its plug from the wall socket or switch its circuit breaker to OFF. After that minute passes, power the dishwasher and let it start over.

Will A Dishwasher Stop If You Open The Door Mid-Cycle?

Yes, your dishwasher will stop temporarily if you open the door mid-cycle. That’s a protective feature to prevent injuries. However, the dishwasher will continue its cycle once you close the door.

Does LG Dishwasher Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, your LG dishwasher will turn off automatically after the wash cycle has ended.

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