Why LG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?

Your LG French door refrigerator comes with an ice maker that usually works very quickly. Within seconds of pressing the ice maker lever or paddle, it’s supposed to dump ice directly into your cup. So, why would the ice maker not dump ice?

The ice maker on your LG French door refrigerator won’t dump ice if it has none, to begin with. For example, the ice maker might not have power or water supply, or it didn’t have enough time to freeze water into ice. Besides that, the same will happen when the Child Lock feature isn’t enabled, the ice maker auger is jammed, or the door switch is problematic.

Troubleshooting your ice maker is a pretty straightforward process, and this guide will take you through every step of the way.

Why Is My LG Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?

When you can’t get ice from your LG French door refrigerator, here are the things you’ll want to troubleshoot:

No Power Or Water Supply

How it works: The ice maker is a built-in component within your LG refrigerator. It requires two things to function correctly:

  • A continuous supply of water for the ice maker in particular
  • A constant and stable supply of electricity for the fridge overall

When the ice maker has both of these supplies, it can produce ice at an average rate and prepare to dump it into your cup whenever you’d like.

The problem: The first issue to troubleshoot is a lack of either water or power to the fridge. Both of these problems will prevent the ice maker from producing ice.

For example, a lack of power will prevent the ice maker from freezing water and turning it into ice. But, on the other hand, a lack of water gives the ice maker nothing to freeze in the first place. 

So, as a result, you won’t get anything from the dispenser when you push on the lever.

How to fix it: Firstly, check that your LG French door refrigerator is receiving power. You can do that by ensuring:

  • The circuit breaker for the fridge is in the ON position
  • The fridge plug is pushed fully into the wall socket
  • The wall socket is functioning correctly

As for the water supply, ensure that:

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  • Your household plumbing has water
  • The shutoff valve is opened fully
  • The hose has no kinks or bends

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No Ice In Bucket Yet

How it works: When the ice maker receives a continuous water supply, it’ll need several hours to freeze it into ice. The ice maker will then deposit that ice into a bucket, where it’ll stay until you press the dispenser lever.

The dispenser will then dump ice into your cup when you do that.

The problem: The second likely reason the ice maker doesn’t dump any ice is that there isn’t any in the ice bucket yet.

Unfortunately, the ice-making process can take up to 24 hours the first time. The refrigerator needs to cool down and reach the set temperature before the ice maker can produce any ice. 

So, if your LG French door refrigerator was only just installed or if you had it turned off for any reason, you’ll have to wait up to a day before you have any ice.

How to fix it: There is no way to avoid this problem. However, you can speed up the cooling process by leaving the fridge alone for 24 hours to reduce its internal temperature.

Also, it would help if you avoided opening the fridge doors at much as possible. That will minimize any cold air loss and allow the fridge to cool down faster.

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Active Display Lock Or Child Lock (CL)

How it works: Like other LG fridge models, French door units also have a display lock or Child Lock feature.

The feature will make the dispenser and most control buttons unresponsive as a protective measure when activated. As a result, children or anyone else cannot operate your fridge or use the dispenser.

The problem: When there’s no ice coming out from your LG fridge, check to see if the Child Lock or display lock is active. You’ll know that’s the case if you see a lock icon or the code CL appearing on the fridge display.

You or someone else might have activated the feature accidentally or deliberately, and it will prevent the fridge from dumping ice.

How to fix it: You can enable or disable the Child Lock by pressing and holding its corresponding button for several seconds. The button is labeled with a print that indicates what it’s for and how long to push it.

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Jammed Ice Maker Auger

How it works: On the inside of an ice maker is the auger. That mechanical part physically moves the ice towards the dispenser to dump it into your cup.

As you press and hold the dispenser paddle, the auger will turn to move the ice towards the dispenser.

The problem: Your LG French door refrigerator won’t dump ice because the auger is jammed. The ice maker will try but fail to move ice towards the dispenser and into your cup when that happens.

Your ice maker auger will get jammed by either a foreign object in the ice maker or ice that has clumped up too much.

A foreign object will prevent the auger from turning, and clumped ice will not fit through the dispenser.

How to fix it: You can fix this problem by removing the foreign object and the clumped ice from the ice maker.

If the ice is stuck, remove the ice maker and allow it to defrost naturally. That will let the ice clump melt away so you can reinstall the ice maker and let it work correctly again.

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Door Switch Problem

How it works: You might already be familiar with the fridge’s door switch. It senses when the fridge door is fully closed and triggers several of the appliance’s functions.

One of the things the door switch controls is the ice maker. So you’ll only get ice dumped into your cup when the fridge’s doors are closed, which is sensed by the door switch.

The problem: When the door switches on your LG French door refrigerator, you face issues that could prevent the appliance from dumping ice. A door switch that senses an open fridge door will stop the ice maker from working.

Firstly, the door switch could be faulty, causing the fridge to mistakenly sense that its door is open. Besides that, the refrigerator might not be level, which prevents the door from shutting entirely.

How to fix it: Firstly, check that your fridge is perfectly level. There’s a likelihood that the floor underneath the refrigerator isn’t perfectly flat, causing the appliance to be unbalanced.

However, you’ll have to replace the door switch if you find it faulty.

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you understand the ice maker in your LG French door refrigerator.

How Do Fridge Ice Makers Work?

Refrigerator ice makers work by freezing water into ice cubes. When a batch of ice cubes is ready, the ice maker will dump it into an ice bucket, ready to be dumped whenever you push on the dispenser lever or paddle.

Can You Add An Ice Maker To A Refrigerator?

Yes, you can add an ice maker to your refrigerator. You can do that by purchasing an ice maker kit compatible with your fridge brand and model.

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Can A Fridge Make Ice Without A Water Line?

A fridge can make ice without a water line if it has a built-in reservoir. That way, you’ll have to refill the reservoir with water whenever necessary so the ice maker can continuously make ice.

Can You Leave An Ice Maker On All The Time?

Yes, you can leave the ice maker on in your LG fridge all the time. However, you should only do that as long as the ice maker has a continuous water supply. If there is no water, you should turn the ice maker off.

What Can Cause My Ice Maker To Stop Working?

Your ice maker will stop working if it gets jammed with a foreign object or clumped ice. Besides that, the ice maker won’t work if it doesn’t have a power or water supply.

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