Speed Queen Wash and Rinse Lights Flashing? 12 Easy Checks

Speed Queen Washer Lights Flashing? It can be troublesome to be doing a wash, thinking everything is going fine, and all of a sudden you have lights flashing on your washer. This can mean a few things depending on the model of washer, whether it is a top-load or front-load, and the number of lights flashing as well as when they flash. 

The reasons why you have Speed Queen wash and rinse lights flashing are simple. Most of the time it means either something is wrong with your fill level or something going on with the control board. Either way, it’s easy to fix on your own. 

Read the article below to diagnose and fix the problem with your flashing wash and rinse lights. 

The Message in Lights

Lights on your Speed Queen washer are designed to inform you when things go wrong. The type and number of lights blinking indicate something different so it’s important to pay attention to how many flash. 

Here is a list of lights and what they mean. 

  • Wash, rinse lights flash 1 time – trouble sensing water fill levels]
  • Wash, rinse lights flash 2 times – fill error, water isn’t filling properly
  • Wash, rinse lights continuously on – drain issue, water remains in the tub at the end of the cycle
  • Rinse, lid lock status lights flash 3 times – lid open error, control senses lid isn’t closed
  • Rinse, lid Lock status lights flash 2 times – lid lock error, control sense light is unlocked
  • Wash, rinse lights flash 2 times – no water flow, sensors notice water level hasn’t changed within 5 minutes
  • Wash, rinse lights on continuously – overflow error, water-filled to overflow level
  • Rinse, lid lock status flash 3 times – lid unlocking error, control senses lid won’t unlock
  • Rinse, lid lock lights flash 2 times – lid-locking error, the lid hasn’t locked
  • Wash, Spin lights flash 2 times – max speed not reached, the washer isn’t spinning fast enough
  • Wash, rinse status lights flash 3 times – suds lock error, there is oversudsing and getting into the hoses
  • All light flashing – the machine is messed up and you will need to call for service

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The Common Problem for Speed Queen Wash And Rinse Lights Flashing

The majority of people with this type of Speed Queen problem asking for help on forums say they see the wash and rinse lights flashing two times. That is a water fill error, which means it’s taking too long for the tub to fill to the appropriate water level to start the cycle. 

The washer is designed to notify you of an error if it doesn’t reach fill level within 30 minutes of a wash or rinse cycle starts.

The error messages and lights don’t tell you why you have a water fill issue but there are only a few reasons for this. It’s either low water pressure, a clog somewhere in the line, a water inlet problem, or plugged filter screens.

Of all those problems, appliance service technicians say the most common issue is a plugged, or dirty filter screen. 

Ge dishwasher fine filter clogged

What Do I Do?

There are some simple steps you need to pursue before you start getting into parts of your washing machine. These easy tips may fix the problem. 

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First, make sure both hot and water intake faucets to the machine are turned on fully. Check another nearby check to see if that water pressure is normal. 

Next, turn off the power and water to the washer. Look at the back of the machine where the fill hoses are attached to your washer and make sure they aren’t kinked, damaged, or twisted. 

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Time to Clean

Washers have several little filters and screens that can get clogged with debris. The first ones you are going to look at are the screens located in the water inlet valves. Next, look at the faucet end of the fill hoses. There are screens there too and they could be clogged. Clean all of those. 

You will also want to check the fill or inlet hoses more closely. Sometimes, they can get clogged with items even though your water is supposed to be perfect. Since you had to take them off to clean the screens, go ahead and check them for clogs. Removing any debris from the hose and adjoining piping. 

Once you’re done with all that, reassemble everything, plug your machine back in, and try to start your wash again. 

check for clogged hoses

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Other Issues To Check if Speed Queen Washer Lights Flashing

A washer that continues to flash has issues beyond a clog. The places to look for issues are the float switch and water valve. One of those could be malfunctioning. The float switch is located on the bottom inside the machine near the right side and close to the front. 

The float switch may not be bad but could have debris under it, preventing it from functioning correctly. A bad water valve will also cause the tub to not fill up properly. It will need replacing if that is the problem. 

The final thing to check is the water level sensor. A faulty sensor means it isn’t sending messages about filling the tub to the control board. This could either mean the tub won’t fill or the tub could overfill.

bad float switch can cause speed queen wash and rinse lights flashing

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Another Answer

One Speed Queen owner said she used a combination of button pressing to fix her flashing light problem. Here is what she said to do. 

  • Turn the washer off.
  • Turn to cotton/linen 95
  • Press these buttons at the same time: Prewash, soaking, quick wash, stain. Hold all down for 10 seconds and then turn the machine off.
  • Turn it back on. 

This washing machine owner said this method worked for her. 

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Beware of Unnecessary Work

Sometimes, appliance technicians will look at this problem and immediately replace the lid switch. While the lid switch does message the control board to start the cycle, it has nothing to do with the tub filling. This is an unnecessary expense. 

Do I need to replace filter screens?

No, there is no need to replace dirty filter screens on your inlet hoses. You just need to give them a solid cleaning under clean tap water in the sink using a mild detergent. 

What else could be causing a water fill issue?

The detergent tray may not have enough detergent or fabric softener. Sometimes, a washer won’t work if those items aren’t up to proper levels. 

How do I get my washer to fill up with more water?

The key to getting the right amount of water to launder your clothes and other items properly is to put in the correct amount of laundry in the first place. Many people overfill their washers with laundry and that means there isn’t enough water to soak through the material. 

A general rule is the clothes should fill the machine about two-thirds up before they are wet.

How much should a washing machine fill with water?

Some of this depends on whether you have a top-load or a front-load machine. A top-load machine shouldn’t go to the top of the washer. That would be overflowing.

Resetting the Machine

Newer Speed Queen models have a reset button in the control panel. All you have to do to reset your washer and clear all codes is to press that button. 

For older models, you can do a hard reset by unplugging the machine and waiting five minutes. Plug it back in and all codes should be cleared from the control board.

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