Speed Queen Washer Code LD – easy Troubleshooting 3 causes

You think everything is working fine with your Speed Queen washer.  The day is busy and you have to get all the laundry done. Then the LD code pops up on the display. Is this going to be something to mess up your entire day? No, probably not. 

The Speed Queen washer code LD stands for “long drain.” It means it is taking your washer too long to drain out the water after a cycle. This will come up as an error toward the end of a wash or rinse cycle. It typically means you have a drain pump issue, a clog, or something stuck in the machine causing water to not drain properly. 

What Should I Do Next? washer code lD

You may not have to call a repair technician or buy a replacement part for your Speed Queen washer. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the correct one. The first thing you should do is look for a clog. 

The first thing to do is turn off your machine.

The first place to check is the drain. Sometimes the drain itself can get clogged preventing water from flowing from the washer. A clog in the drain typically has an additional symptom of the water leaking from the drain where the hose goes in onto the floor. 

washer code ld

If this happens, you will need to unclog your drain. To do that, you will need a bucket, a chemical to break up the clog, and possibly a tool called a “snake.” A snake is a steel cable you put through the drain to unclog it. 

Pull the machine a little bit away from the wall. Sometimes, drain hoses can get twisted or pinched. Be sure to look for those things as you are working with your hose. Also, make sure the hose is put into the drain correctly it should only be 4.5 inches down the drain. Less or more can give you issues. 

Put the bucket on the floor and put the drain hose in it. If it doesn’t have a clog, water will flow from it into the bucket. Then, you know you likely have a clog in the drainpipe itself. 

You may have to empty the bucket a couple of times because the water will continue to flow from the washer tub.

Take the snake and push it into the drainpipe to see if it will unclog. If that is unsuccessful, put some clog chemical into the pipe with a little water. Wait about an hour and put the drain pipe back into the drain. Turn on your washer and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you may need to call a plumber. 

Unclog the Drain Hose

If water doesn’t flow into the bucket, then you have a clog in the drain hose. Now, you can use the snake to unclog the drain hose. Another method is to blow through the open end of the hose as hard as you can to blow out the clog. 

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Hoses, including the drain hose and the water inlet hoses, should be replaced every five years. 

Cleaning the Water Inlet Hoses

inlet filtersspeed queen

The filters on the inlet hoses can also catch debris, although they would present more problems for water flowing into your tub than draining. It wouldn’t hurt to check them though while you are behind the machine. 

Turn the water taps off at the wall. Now, unhook each water inlet hose and look for the filter at the top of it. There is likely a rubber gasket you’ll see first. Take it out and then take out the mesh filter and clean it under running water. Put it back together.

Clean the Filter

At times, things like threads, coins, and even small children’s toys can get caught in the washing machine’s pump filter and that can cause a drain issue. Most pump filters are located under the panel on the lower front of the washer. It is usually in a corner. 

You will need the power and water to be off to the washer while you do this.

Take off the panel but removing the two screws holding it. You will see a round cap on the left side of the pump. That is the pump filter. Put a towel or shallow pan on the floor because some water may spill.

Unscrew it counterclockwise and pull out. The filter will likely come out with the cap but it depends on the washer model. 

Clean the filter under cool, running water. Take a damp cloth and wipe out the filter cavity. You will likely find a lot of items in the filter cavity too. Put everything back and try to run your washer now. 

Speed Queen recommends checking your pump filter for debris twice a year.

What If It Still Doesn’t Work?

Washers that still won’t drain after clearing all the clogs and the filter probably experienced a drain pump or a control board failure. Some handy people can replace these parts on their own but it may be best to call a service technician to check both out and replace them if necessary. 


How do I reset my Speed Queen washer?

Resetting your Speed Queen washer is an easy task. All you have to do is unplug the washing machine for 15 seconds and plug it back in. The code will clear as long as you’ve cleaned the clogs and the filter. 

Can I run a diagnostic test on my Speed Queen washer?

The manual doesn’t tell you how to do this, but appliance experts say you can get into the diagnostic mode from stand-by mode. Here’s how:

Press these buttons in this sequence within five seconds: soak, soil level, soak, soil level to activate the self-diagnostic program. The program will take 90 seconds. The digital display will show if the pump is faulty.

As the cleaning cycle is completing, listen for a hum. If you can’t hear a hum coming from the back of the machine, the drain pump failed. Call a technician.

How do I manually drain my Speed Queen washer?

Use the method stated earlier. Turn off the power. Move the washer away from the wall. Place a bucket on the floor and lower the drain hose into the bucket. Gravity will allow for water flow.

How long does it take for a Speed Queen washer to wash clothes?

Speed Queen washers take about 30 minutes to completely wash your laundry. 

Do Speed Queen washers save on energy?

Speed Queen washers aren’t known for being energy efficient. In fact, they barely meet efficiency requirements set by the Department of Energy. 

However, Speed Queen washers have an eco cycle that does save on both energy and water. It meets Department of Energy standards. The cycle has the same high cleaning standards as previous washers. Additionally, all cycles allow you to select your water level or use the auto-fill feature, which saves on both water and energy.

There is a trade-off with a bit of a lack of energy efficiency. The Speed Queen top-loaders are one of the most durable on the market. They are made like a commercial laundromat washer so they can take a lot of use over the years. They typically last double the time of the high-efficiency washers.

Speed Queens are highly repairable too. They are easy and cheap to maintain and repair. 

Who makes Speed Queen washers?

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC has Speed Queen as a subsidiary. The Speed Queen manufacturing company has its headquarters in Ripon, Wisconsin. Laundry and washing products have been made by Speed Queen in Ripon for more than 110 years.

Alliance Laundry Systems is known to be the largest commercial laundry equipment in the world as of 2004.

Does Speed Queen have a warranty?

Yes, it has a five-year labor and parts warranty on the washer-dryer set and a five-year labor and parts warranty on the cabinet assembly regarding rust. It also has a lifetime limited warranty on various parts of the washer.

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