3 Ways How to Reset Samsung Microwave?

A reset could alleviate some problems your microwave is showing and is a quick way to clear the control board. Every microwave is different and some resets are more complicated than others. 

Knowing how to reset Samsung microwave is also helpful if you have a power outage or some other external situation that can cause an issue with your oven. While some microwaves have reset buttons, the Samsung microwave is always reset by disconnecting it from power. 

The article below explains all the details about resetting a Samsung microwave and what else you need to look for in dealing with a microwave that won’t work. 

How to Reset Your Microwave?

All microwaves, including a Samsung model, can be reset with a hard reset. In fact, a hard reset is the only way you can reset a Samsung microwave. 

A hard reset is when you disconnect it from power and then plug it back in. This will reset the control board and clear all errors. 

You can do a hard reset by either unplugging your appliance from the outlet or by flipping your circuit breaker dedicated to the microwave in the off position. The circuit breaker is located in the electrical box. That is either in a storage room, your laundry room, a mechanical room, or in the garage. 

Once you turn the circuit breaker off or unplug your appliance, wait at least three minutes before plugging it back in. Test your microwave after this to see if it works. 

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Resetting Your Clock

You will need to reset the clock on your microwave after you perform a hard reset. Different models have different ways of resetting a clock. You can do it either using the OK and arrow or the options buttons.

Some Samsung microwaves have a hidden clock feature that you can access using the power level button. Others allow you to program the clock using the settings button.

Using the OK Button

Hit the OK button and then use the left and right arrows to set the correct hour. Hit OK again and use the arrows to program the correct minutes. His OK to confirm. 

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Using the Options Button

Press the options button and then press the number 9 on the keypad. Press the OK button and program the current time into the keypad. Hit ok one more time to finalize. 

Using the Hidden Clock Feature

Some Samsung models only allow you to reset the clock using the power level button. This is the hidden clock feature. It’s designed to prevent others from resetting the clock or the clock from accidentally getting improperly set. 

Hold down the power level button for three seconds and then program the time with the number pad. Press the power level button once to program it for the morning and twice to program it for the evening.

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Using the Settings Button

Hold down the settings button and press the number 9 on the keypad. Press OK. Enter the current time on the number pad and press OK again. 

Some Samsung microwaves have a clock button that makes it easy to manually fix the clock to the current time after performing a hard reset. Just press the clock button and then enter the current time using the number pad. 

Press the clock button again to select either AM or PM. Press enter or start to confirm. 

Does the microwave filter on a Samsung need to be reset?

You will need to reset the microwave filter after you take it out, clean it and return it to the microwave. All you have to do to reset the microwave filter is open your microwave door and then press and hold the “0” button on the access panel for three seconds. 

What do I do if my keypad still won’t work after I reset my microwave?

The first thing to do is check to see if the child lock is on. Samsung microwaves have a safety child lock feature and sometimes it accidentally gets turned on. That will prevent your microwave from working at all. 

You will know the lock feature is on because it will show “LOC” or something similar in the display, especially if you try to press any of the keypads.

You can deactivate the child lock feature by holding down the start button for three seconds. This also activates the lock feature. You will know the lock is off when the icon disappears. 

The other problem that could be going on with your microwave is you need a new control panel. The membrane of the control panel gets warped and brittle over time and doesn’t make contact like it once did. 

You will know this is the problem if some of the buttons work but others do not. 

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Does the Samsung microwave have a reset switch?

No, Samsung microwave models don’t offer a reset switch. Other various brands do on some models but it isn’t a common feature. 

Do I have to do a hard reset on my over-the-range microwave?

No, over-the-range models can be cleared of errors using a soft reset. A soft reset will get you out of a program that you started. This is helpful if you want to change your cooking program. 

All you have to do for a soft reset is press the off and clear button and then reprogram your new cooking time or power.

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Can I restore my Samsung microwave to factory settings?

A hard reset of disconnecting it from power will restore your microwave to factory settings as it resets the main electronics on the control board. 

Will resetting my microwave clear all codes?

Yes, doing a hard reset will clear all error codes from your appliance. Be aware that the error codes may come back if there are underlying issues, like a part failing. In those cases, you may have a well-functioning microwave for a few hours, days, or even weeks but the error codes will return. 

What do I do if the error codes persist?

You will first need to diagnose the problem using a decoded error code sheet from Samsung. Then, you can either try to fix the problem yourself or call the support center for help. Persistent error codes typically mean you will need a service technician to fix the underlying problem. 

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Will resetting my microwave damage it?

No, doing a hard reset on your Samsung microwave will not cause any damage. It simply resets the control board functions to their original standards. 

Should I unplug my microwave during a storm?

While it isn’t necessary to unplug your microwave if a storm comes up, it wouldn’t hurt to do so either. Storms can cause power outages and then the power can surge when it comes back on and these types of fluctuations can damage appliances. 

Plus, a lightning strike could damage appliances but your microwave won’t sustain damage if it’s unplugged.

Clean Before Replacing

You may not need to replace your control board. Sometimes, you can clean the connector film of the control board and keep it working.

Dirt, grease, and grime get into the plastic part of the control board and can cause it to lose its efficiency. Try cleaning it first to see if that helps before you buy a new board.

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