How to Unlock Samsung Microwave? easy fix and more tips

Need to know how to unlock Samsung Microwave? Many microwaves are equipped with a child lock feature that prevents children from using the appliance without adults around. It is designed to provide additional safety, but can be a nuisance if the adults get locked out, too.

The problem with these lock features is that others may not be sure how to unlock Samsung microwave. Sometimes, the lock can be accidentally turned on and the next person using the microwave doesn’t have a clue why it isn’t working. There is one button, the START button, that activates and deactivates the lock feature. 

The article below tells you more about the lock feature, how to know that it’s on and how to activate or deactivate it. 

How to Know The Lock Is On?

The first indicator the lock feature is activated on your Samsung microwave is you will see “Loc” on the display when you try to use it. 

how to unlock samsung microwave

One of the keypads will work. One thing to note is the eco mode is the only button that will work when the child lock is on. 

Some people unfamiliar with this feature will think the display is showing an error code. Yet, all you need to do to get the microwave to work is deactivate the lock. 

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Deactivating the Lock

Activating and deactivating the child lock feature occur the same way. Press and hold start for three seconds. You will see the message in the display that will either say “Loc” indicating it’s being activated or “Loc Off” indicating it’s being deactivated. 

Some models don’t show a “Loc off” message. The “Loc” message simply disappears. Other models will show an “L” for lock or a lock icon that looks like a padlock. 

Different Methods for Some Models

Some microwave models are set up differently and require a different procedure for deactivating a lock button. In those models, you will hold down three buttons at the same time for three seconds. One is the control button. It will look like a clock. Another is the more/plus button. It’s a big, round button on the control panel.

The third button you will press is the less/minus button. This is another smaller round button on the control panel. Be sure to hold them all down simultaneously for three seconds. 

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Like the other method, this process will also activate the lock feature as well as to deactivate it.

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The Standard Safety Feature

The child safety lock feature is a standard safety feature built into most microwaves today. It isn’t a required safety feature but one most manufacturers install to promote safety and to protect the appliance.

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Does the lock feature promote safety?

Many people don’t use the lock feature so they wonder if it’s a necessary feature. While it may not be absolutely necessary for all homes, the lock feature protects children, those who don’t know how to use your microwave, and the appliance.

It keeps those who don’t know about the feature from using the oven, so it keeps them safe and also prevents your microwave from being damaged.

Can you permanently disable the lock feature?

No, high-quality microwaves are designed with the child lock feature built into the operating system so there isn’t a way to permanently disable it. However, it is simple to unlock your appliance should the lock feature ever accidentally get turned on. 

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Why does my microwave beep twice when I deactivate the lock feature?

Some microwaves will emit two beeps whenever you activate or deactivate the lock feature. This is just an alert to let you know whether the feature is on or off. 

Why doesn’t my microwave tell the time when the lock is on?

Microwaves become completely non-functional when the child lock feature is turned on. The clock will resume to normal time after the feature is activated. 

Can you lock a drawer microwave?

Yes, you can lock an MD Microwave Drawer by pressing the control lock and then the start button. The “Lock on” will appear in the display of the control panel. 

Do all microwaves have a child lock feature?

Every microwave is different so all may not have this feature. However, higher-end, quality microwaves do have the child lock feature. Additionally, microwaves have different ways of locking and unlocking the control panel. 

Some ovens have a lock and unlock button but that may be too simple to keep children who can read from using the microwave. 

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Why won’t my microwave lock turn off when I try to deactivate it?

One reason you may be failing at turning off the lock button on your microwave is the control panel membrane may need replacing. When the membrane gets brittle, old, and worn out, it doesn’t make the connections it once did. 

You will know this is the problem if your other control keypad programs also give you problems. Will a child safety lock work to keep kids from using the microwave?

It will likely work to keep younger children from using the microwave when you aren’t around. However, older kids who are more technologically savvy likely won’t be deterred. After all, they know how to look up deactivating the child lock feature online. 

Can a bad lock feature prevent my microwave from working?

A locking feature that fails can, in theory, prevent your microwave from properly functioning. However, that has never been reported as a problem. 

Most of the time, what’s reported is the lock feature somehow got turned on preventing anyone from using the appliance. The microwave owner doesn’t know how to turn it off. 

What do I do if my lock feature won’t turn off?

The only thing you can do, aside from calling a service technician to look at your control panel membrane, is to reset your microwave. 

Resetting your appliance will clear the control panel of all codes, whether it’s the lock button or an error code, allowing you to use your device. 

How do I choose a microwave?

The two things you want to look at when choosing a microwave are its features and the cost. You will use a microwave for certain things you cook regularly so you want to make sure the oven will handle those things. 

Cost can be a real factor in what you select. Microwaves range from $50 to $600 and many of those function basically the same. The real difference is in its features rather than basic cooking elements.

Resetting Your Microwave

It’s simple to reset your microwave. All you have to do is unplug it or turn off the circuit breaker going to the microwave. Wait 10 minutes and plug it back in. Everything should operate normally.

A microwave that continues to fail to function likely has another problem, such as a worn-out membrane on the control panel. You can replace that yourself or call a service technician to replace it. 

Call the Support Center (how to unlock samsung microwave)

The first place to call if you suspect something is malfunctioning with your microwave is the support center. Representatives can walk you through some easy fixes that may help you avoid a repair bill. They can also help you check your warranty to see if your particular problem is covered. You don’t want to repair an appliance yourself if you have an active warranty because it could void the warranty. 

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