Bosch Washer Code E02 – Troubleshooting Guide

The Bosch washer code E02 error is one you don’t want to see. The E02 code can signify major problems with the drum-turning motor. This guide will help you diagnose the problem and you may be able to fix it by yourself! Don’t call a repairman just yet!

Depending upon the model of your Bosch washer (older or newer model), error code E02 means there is a problem with the motor that turns the drum and there is a drain problem.

How To Check And Fix bosch washer Code e02?

While the problem is most likely with the motor, it never hurts to check to see if anything is clogged. Sometimes a clog can cause a flurry of functional problems and it is an easy situation to resolve without a repairman. Checking for clogs could save you a lot of money in repairs.

Turn off the washer and check the unit’s filter to see if it is clogged. The filter is found on the front of the machine in the lower right front corner. 

Use the black drain pipe to drain the water and then unscrew the filter cap, pull it out, and check for debris. Wash it and put it back in.  You can try to run the washer on spin to see if the drum turns. If it still doesn’t rotate, check for clogs in the drain hose.

Checking the Drain Hose

Bosch washer code

Look at the drain hose in the back of the machine to make sure it isn’t twisted or has a clog. Take it off and blow into it to see if it’s clogged. Be sure to have a bucket handy in case there is excess water coming out when you take off the drain hose.

Look to the Motor

This code is typically associated with motor issues. That makes it a critical issue. You can’t run your washer until this is fixed. However, you can check a few things before you call the repair shop. 

Doing things to diagnose and do what you can on your own will lessen the time the repairman will spend doing the same thing. That will save you money.

You can’t ignore the situation. Failing to correct the error code could mean the washer’s wiring or engine could spark a blaze. 

What Could Be the Problem?

Turn off the machine and wait about 20 minutes and turn it back on to see if that clears the code. That means it’s an electronic controller issue. If that didn’t work, the problem with your washer motor could be related to any of the issues listed below.

Motor Worn Brushes

Experts state most motor problems that result in this code are because the brushes are worn. Statistically, 80 percent of E02 breakdowns in the 500 series of Bosch washers are related to the carbon brushes of the motor. 

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It may not be because the brushes are faulty. Brushes, like any other part, wear out over time. Here are the symptoms of brushes that need replacing:

  • The washer will collect and drain water but the drum doesn’t spin.
  • There is noise and some sparks under the washer.

Those who have some mechanical knowledge can fix this on their own but most Bosch washers have a good warranty so it’s best to let the company handle repairs. However, if you are out of warranty and want to try this yourself, here are the steps.

  • Disconnect the main water and power supply from the water.
  • Find the engine located under the drum.
  • You will need to remove the transmission belt and disconnect the wires to the motor.
  • Unscrew the screws securing the motor.
  • Remove the motor and brush off the carbon brush contacts.
  • Remove the brushes and replace them if too worn.

Rotor Bearing Faulty

There are two sure symptoms of this problem. It is a noise during the spin cycle or a leak in the tank. This means water is in the rotor bearing and is dangerous.

This will be a job for a repair person because either a new motor will need to be put in or a new rotor in the motor will need to be replaced. In some cases, the bearings can be cleaned and greased to resolve the problem. The bearings can also be replaced without needing to replace either the rotor or the engine.

A Failed Tacho Sensor

The tacho sensor, also called a Hall sensor, is what controls the drum’s rotation speed. A drum that spins too fast then stops with an E02 error is a sign the tacho sensor is out. You can check the sensor with a multimeter. It should have a resistance of 70 ohms. Have it replaced if the resistance is off.

You can also check the resistance of the engine. It should fall between 1 and 7 ohms. The last thing to check is the control module. 

These are jobs for your repairman to do but it will save you money if you can diagnose it yourself.

Bosch Warranties

Bosch picks up good reviews regularly in part because of its reliability. The Bosch 300 series is currently the top pick for compact washers while the Bosch 800 series has good reviews after being run through lab tests. Both come with a one-year warranty.


How do you reset a Bosch washer?

Most Bosch washers can be reset this way:

Rotate the selector knob off and then on. 

Press the spin cycle button and simultaneously turn the knob to “7.” Hold for five seconds. The water light should come on when you release the spin button

Rotate the selector knob clockwise to off, then back to on. Everything should be cleared.

How to run diagnostic mode on a Bosch washer?

A Bosch washer has a diagnostic program that helps check all functions. Here is how you operate it:

Rotate the selector knob to “off.”

Simultaneously press the menu and select buttons. Now, also turn the selector knob to the “Permanent Press Cold” function. Hold the menu and select buttons until P1:Errors displays. 

You can move through the diagnostic tests by pressing the menu button. The start/pause light will flash.

Go to P1  to see a list of errors. Push the flashing start/pause button. You will see the error code along with when it occurred as long as it is within the past eight washes.

The Er:1-24 codes are for the module and the dr:1-18 codes relate to the motor.

Pressing the spin button will end the test. Rotate the selection knob to off to exit.

How to force Bosch washer to drain?

Draining a Bosch washer is easier than other models because you use the black drain pipe in the front, located next to the filter after you remove the filter panel on the lower right corner. 

Make sure you have a shallow pan to put underneath the drainpipe before you open the hose to drain it. 


The E02 code on your Bosch washer is one of the more complicated issues to fix, but it is still a simple process to diagnose exactly where the problem lies and possibly fix yourself. If the problem is one a repair shop must fix, Bosch offers a warranty on most machines and that makes the process a little easier to manage.

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