Bosch Washer E27 code – easy Troubleshooting Guide

Bosch washer E27 code indicates a problem with the pressure switch. Your Bosch washing machine is humming along and suddenly it stops. You look and see an E27 code and wonder if you should call a repairman. Read on to find out exactly what the code is telling you about your washer.

A Bosch washer e27 error code means the pressure switch (also called a water level switch) is faulty. It will likely need replacing but you can do that on your own. It could also be a door lock problem if you have an older model.

What Does a Water Pressure Switch Do?

The pressure switch manages the water entering and draining from the washer. Modes, like washing or rinsing, require a certain amount of water to function correctly and the pressure switch ensures the correct amount of water is in the tub. 

bosch washer e27

The pressure switch isn’t inside the tank like many people assume. It is at the top of the washer case close to the sidewall. To open the panel, remove the top panel and remove the screws. Then, slide the cover forward to remove it.

Pressure switches have round foam covered in a plastic piece. It has wires and a hose attached to it. The relay housing contains the switch under a thin membrane. 

The system works water in the tank causes air pressure to pass through the hose and reach the membrane. The membrane closes the switch and the wiring sends a signal to the model to stop sending water in. 

Checking the Pressure Sensor 

You will need to check the pressure sensor switch. You will need to first turn off the water to the washer and take the plug out of the wall outlet. Tighten the inlet valve to ensure no excess water dumps into the washer. 

Unscrew the bolts to the sensor and disconnect any wire contacts and the hose by using pliers to unscrew the clamp. It is best to take a picture of the system before you disconnect everything so you can connect it back correctly with the new pressure sensor if you replace it.

You can use a hose about four inches long with a diameter similar to that of the pressure sensor to run a test. Put one hose end on the inlet fitting of the pressure switch. Put the press switch up to your ear and blow into the other side of the hose. A good sensor will produce some clicks. Silence means you have a failed sensor.

You should use a multimeter to test resistance on the relay. Set the machine to resistance mode and attach the tester probes to the relay contacts. Moving numbers mean it’s good but numbers that don’t change means the sensor is bad. 

Adjusting Your Pressure Switch (Bosch washer e27)

Those who have a good, working pressure switch can make adjustments to regain your washer’s functionality.

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Look in your owner’s manual to find out how much water is needed to run each program. The sensor has one to three screens and you will need to tighten the screws in such a way to accommodate the amount of required water.

It is some work to calculate what you need to change to make it all work but knowing how to make a pressure switch adjustment can help you avoid spending money on a new part.

How to Replace a Pressure Switch?

Since you already have the pressure switch out, it is simple to connect everything to a new one.

Connect the hose first, then mount it back in with the bolts. Screw them in and, finally, reconnect the wires as they were. 

Run the washer to see if the new sensor is working. The Bosch washer E27 code should be gone but check to see if it disappears.

What If It Isn’t the Pressure Switch?

Some experts state the E27 code relates to the washer door lock. That makes sense since the door lock remains activated as long as there is water in the machine. Fixing the pressure switch fixes the door lock.

However, the opposite can happen. A malfunctioning door lock with a bad sensor isn’t sending signals to the washing machine control module.

The effect is the same. The error code will flash on the display and the washer stops in mid-load. 

The first thing to do in this case is to unplug your washer for 30 minutes. Then plug it back into the outlet to reset the code. You can also open and close the door a few times to reset the sensor. Closing the door too hard will cause the sensor to fail in reading the door shutting.

You may have to replace the lock assembly. Now would be a good time to call a repairman. 

About Bosch Washers

Bosch has customer service to help guide you through your warranty and getting your washer repaired at an authorized shop. This is one reason the Bosch 300 series was picked as the best compact washer. 

The Bosch, made in Germany, remains one of the top brands rated for reliability and cost comparison. 


How do you reset a Bosch washer?

  1. Rotate the program knob off and put it back in the “on” position.
  2. Press and hold the spin cycle button down while simultaneously turning the knob to “7” on the machine.
  3. Hold the button for five seconds. Releasing the spin button should result in the water light coming on.
  4. Rotate the selector knob back to off, then turn it back on. This should clear all the codes.

How do you run a diagnostic mode on a Bosch washer?

You should run a diagnostic test at times. The first thing to do is to get into the diagnostic test program. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Turn off the program selector knob.
  2. Press both the select and menu buttons down at the same time while turning the program knob to the program called “permanent press cold.” Hold the buttons down until you see the P1:Errors on the display. Now you are in diagnostic mode.
  3. You can push the menu button to slide through the 17 tests listed on the display. The start/pause light will flash.
  4. The P1 mode will offer a listing for errors. Press the start/pause button. The display will then start listing error codes and when each happened as long as it was within the past eight washers.

Two types of codes exist in the diagnostic mode. The Er:1-24 codes relate to the control module. The dr:1-18 relates to problems with the motor. 

You can end the test by pressing the spin button. Exit the program by turning the program cycle knob to “off.”

How to force Bosch washer to drain? 

You will need to drain your washer to do some of these repairs. The drain pipe is located in the lower right corner panel. You will see a panel door in that area. 

Open the panel. You will see the filter cap to the right and a black hose to the left. Get a shallow pan to put underneath the hose and then open up the hose to drain the washer tub.

Conclusion: bosch washer E27 error code

An E27 code is one of the easiest repairs to make. The pressure switch is an easy replacement and it doesn’t cost much to replace the door lock if that resolves the problem. Understanding how each relates to the other helps diagnose your machine and will help you decide whether you should call a repairman.

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