Bosch Washer E12 Code – Troubleshooting Guide

Getting an E12 code on your Bosch washer display means the tub isn’t getting enough water. It could be caused by two or three different things. While many of the problems can be fixed pretty cheaply and easily, it will take some time for you to diagnose the exact problem.

The Bosch washer code E12 means the tub isn’t receiving enough water. It could be that the tub is overfilled with laundry. Or the cause could be something more mechanical like a pressure sensor switch, or a faulty AquaStop system.

It is important to note that with Bosch washers the E12 is the same as E11. While that can be confusing, both mean the tub isn’t getting water.

You will need to do some diagnosing to figure out if the problem is as simple as overloading with laundry or if something is wrong with the pressure sensors switch.

What Is Causing the Problem?

There could be multiple reasons why you are getting the E12 error. It could be something super simple or a more intense mechanical problem.


Bosch washer

The easiest explanations could be that you are overloading your laundry or putting in too much detergent. This will cause the washer to read it as an overfill with water, causing the pressure sensor to send a message to the module to stop allowing water. 

How to Fix It

Try turning the washer to a rinse cycle on an empty load to see if this flushes out the system and clears the error. You will need to take the laundry out to do this. 

Other things could be happening to cause the error including:

  • You have a closed water tap.
  • The water hose is twisted or pinched.
  • The filter is clogged.
  • The leakage protection called the AquaStop system is faulty, blocks water, and issues a false alarm.
  • You have wiring that is short-circuited.

How to Do a Diagnostic Inspection

Always start looking for the easiest solution, so check the water pipe to see if there is enough water pressure. Try turning on your kitchen sink to see if the pressure is low. Move on to check the water supply hose. It should be straight and unkinked. You can then clean the inlet part of the filter by unscrewing it from the washer to find the filter. 

Checking the Pressure Sensor

You can check the pressure sensor switch. To do that, you will need to drain the washer tub, unplug it, and find the pressure sensor. Once you find it, you can remove the air tube and blow through it to reset the pressure sensor. 

Looking at the AquaStop

The valve will turn off the water to your washer or it can also try to drain it quickly, preventing it from every filling. This happens for a couple of reasons. 

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  • The filler hose has a hole, has broken or burst.
  • Water is leaking inside the washer.

The AquaStop system can issue a false trigger. This happens when it is draining water rather than blocking water. This means that either the electronic control unit stopped working or the water leakage protection sensor is faulty. 

Either of these problems means you will need to call a repairman to look at your washer and fix the root problems.

However, you can further diagnose the AquaStop system. First, unplug the system. Make sure your hands are dry when you do this. Close off the water supply and drain the water from the tub. 

Empty your laundry from the washer and look to see if water is in the washer tray. If it’s dry, you can follow instructions in the manual for possible leakage. Water in the tray means you need to definitely call the repair shop.

Is This an Ongoing Problem with Bosch washers?

No, Bosch washers are not known for regularly having problems like an E12 code. Bosch washers have a reliable record and are among the top washers recommended. These smart washers have many cool features like some models coming with apps where you can turn them on wherever you are.

They are also well known for targeting specific stains so there is no more pre-washing or special chemicals needed. Certain models also are Energy Star certified by the U.S. government, which means you can save money on power and could qualify for an Energy Star rebate.


How to reset a Bosch washer?

Bosch washers don’t have a reset button but you can clear codes easily by knowing what knobs to turn and buttons to press.

  1. Turn off the program knob and then turn it back on.
  2. Press down the spin button while turning the program knob to seven. Hold down the spin button for at least five seconds. The water light should come on after you release it.
  3. Now, move the program knob back to the “off” position. Then, turn it back on. All codes should disappear.

How to run diagnostic mode on a Bosch washer?

Some people can get confused trying to get into a diagnostic mode on any washer, but the Bosch washer has a simple system that is easy to access.

  1. Move the program knob to the “off” position.
  2. The menu and select buttons must be pressed at the same time and while you are moving the selector knob to the “permanent press cold” mode. Hold the buttons down until you see P1:Errors. Now that you’re in diagnostic mode, you can run your washer through the 17 testing cycles. A flashing light tells you that you are in the diagnostic mode.
  3. The P1 function will list the errors your machine had over the past eight wash cycles. Push the start/pause button to access the list. The codes will now pop up on the display with the date they happened. Two sets of codes tell you specifically where the problems lie. Codes that are Er1-24 are for the module and dr:1-18 indicate it’s the motor.
  4. You can end the test by pressing the spin button. Move the cycle knob to off to exit the diagnostic mode.

How do you force a Bosch washer to drain? 

Source: Advance Appliance Service

You may need to drain your washer to diagnose problems or repair it. This is a simple task compared to other washers because the drain hose is located on the front of the washer. Specifically, it is under the panel found on the lower right corner of the machine, next to the filter. 

Get a shallow pan to catch the water from the drain hose and open the drain hose. Close the hose if you need to pause to empty the pan. 

Some Bosch washing machines don’t have a drain hose, but that shouldn’t be a problem because they still have a drain. It’s where the hose would be. It will drain into a shallow pan just as the hose once unscrew the cap and open it up.

Conclusion: E12 Code

The smart features on a Bosch washer make it easy to operate and to diagnose if there is a problem. Many problems can be resolved without calling a repairman but repairs for these washers are relatively inexpensive, with most falling under $200. 

Understanding how your washer functions can cut the bill further by doing your diagnosis and writing down codes for your repairman to address.

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