How To Adjust Door On LG Refrigerator?

A lot of users don’t realize that LG refrigerator doors are adjustable. That’s right! The manufacturers have designed their appliances so that you can raise or lower each door to suit your needs perfectly.

You can adjust the door on an LG refrigerator by turning the door’s adjustment nut. The nut is located at the bottom hinge of each door. You’ll only need a standard wrench to turn the nut clockwise to lower the door and counter-clockwise to raise it.

This guide will show you everything you need to know to adjust your LG fridge doors. You’ll also discover why keeping those fridge doors perfectly level is crucial.

Why Should You Adjust Your LG Fridge Doors?

LG manufactures its refrigerators with adjustable doors. That means you can manually realign each door to suit your needs perfectly.

Before diving into the step-by-step process of adjusting your fridge doors, you must understand why that’s an important task.

Here are 3 reasons why your fridge doors must always be perfectly aligned:

  • Appearance: First and foremost, you should adjust your LG fridge doors and keep them perfectly aligned to maximize the appliance’s aesthetics. After all, you’ve invested significant money in a sleek and high-performing LG refrigerator. The appliance would look unpleasant even from a distance if its doors were misaligned.
  • Air leaks: Aside from appearances, your fridge door alignment affects its performance. Doors that are misaligned will likely have gaps that act as air leaks. In addition, cold air inside the fridge and freezer compartments can quickly escape your appliance, leaving it warmer than it should be. 
  • Stressed components: Misaligned fridge doors create a negative chain reaction that begins with the air leaks described above. As cold air leaks out, your fridge’s components (e.g. its compressor and fans) are forced to work extra hard to keep the fridge cold according to your set temperature. Unfortunately, that will expose fridge components to excessive wear.
  • Food safety: While cold air leaks from your misaligned fridge doors and the compressor struggles to keep up, your fridge will become too warm to store food safely. Your fridge fails to do its job when it becomes warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, a misaligned door on your LG refrigerator is no small matter. You must understand how to adjust those doors, and the next section will teach you how to do that.

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How Do You Adjust An LG Fridge Door?

Thankfully, LG makes their refrigerator doors very straightforward to adjust. You can resolve any misalignments by following these 5 steps:

Step 1: Check Fridge Door Levels

Firstly, you must check the current fridge door levels. There are several ways to do this:

  • By touch: Run your hand along the top of your fridge doors. Start from the left corner and move to the right, then slide your hand back. If your hand gets stuck when trying to move from the top of one door to the other, that means they’re not aligned.
  • By visual inspection: Alternatively, you can stand directly in front of your refrigerator and see if one door is higher than the other. That will also give you a good sense of which door requires adjusting and by approximately how much.
  • By using a spirit level: Lastly, you can use a spirit level if you have one. That’s the most accurate way to determine if your fridge doors aren’t perfectly aligned.

Step 2: Find The Adjustment Nut

Once you know which door you want to adjust first, you must find its adjustment nut. It’s located at the bottom door hinge of the door.

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Remember: the door’s adjustment nut differs from the fridge’s adjustable leveling legs. Those are at the bottom between the appliance and the floor.

Instead, you’re looking for the hinge on top of which the door sits. There, you’ll find a keeper nut and an adjustment hinge pin.

When you’ve located and identified the adjustment nut, be sure to do the same for the other door. That will make the next few steps a lot more straightforward for you to complete.

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Step 3: Adjust Hinge Pin

Next, grab a wrench and loosen the keeper nut. As the name suggests, this keeper nut is what locks your door’s alignment in place. So, you must loosen it before adjusting the door’s alignment.

Once you do that, you can adjust the door by turning the hinge pin. Turn it clockwise to lower the door and counter-clockwise to raise it.

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Step 4: Re-Check Fridge Doors

When you think you’ve adjusted a door enough, take a step away from the fridge to re-check its alignment. You might have to do this several times until you align both doors perfectly.

Once you’re confident that you’ve adjusted both doors correctly, it’s time to lock that alignment. You can do that with the keeper nut by turning it clockwise.

Remember: don’t over-tighten the keeper nut, or you might damage it. Making it hand-tight is good enough to prevent the door from becoming misaligned again.

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Step 5: Test And Inspect Fridge Doors

Last but not least, you must test and inspect your fridge doors closely to ensure that you’ve aligned them correctly.

Just like before, you can do that with:

  • By touch: Use your hands to feel that both doors are aligned perfectly.
  • By visual inspection: Stand a few feet from the fridge and see if the doors are aligned correctly or not.
  • By using a spirit level: Use a spirit level to measure if both doors are aligned or misaligned.

More importantly, you can inspect the fridge doors to ensure they open and close correctly.

When the doors shut, they must form a perfect seal with the fridge body. That perfect seal is critical to ensure no cold air escapes the fridge. It’s also essential so no warm air leaks into the refrigerator, causing frost and ice buildups.

Once you’re confident that the doors are perfectly aligned, you can consider this a job well done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers related to your LG refrigerator door:

Can A Fridge Door Be Adjusted?

Yes, LG refrigerator doors can be adjusted as needed. Firstly, you can adjust the alignment of individual doors to ensure they open and close correctly. You can also reverse the doors on LG fridges, so they open from the opposite direction.

Why Is My Fridge Door Not Closing Properly?

Your fridge door won’t close properly if it’s misaligned. Besides that, the same will also happen if the fridge shelves are not pushed in. Lastly, check the door seal for any damage, which can prevent the door from shutting. 

What Is The Wrench That Came With My LG Refrigerator For?

The wrench that LG gives you with your new fridge is for adjusting the doors and the leveling legs underneath the appliance. That wrench can come in handy, but don’t worry if you lose it. Any standard wrench will work just fine with your refrigerator.

How Long Can You Leave The Fridge Door Open?

There’s no fixed time that you can leave the fridge door open. However, the longer it’s open, the more cold air will escape. That will cause the fridge to become warm inside and make the food inside spoil faster.

What Is A Spirit Level, And What Is It Used For?

A spirit level is an instrument to determine if a surface is perfectly level. You can find it at any hardware store if you don’t already own one. These days, you can also find spirit-level mobile apps that use your phone’s sensors to perform the same function.

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