How to Set Power Level on Samsung Microwave?

You never know what you will be cooking with your microwave. There may be a time when you don’t want to cook but just want to defrost. Yet, your Samsung microwave is always on high. It would be great if you could change the power setting, right?

The power setting can be changed but each model may be a little different. Two ways exist how to set the power level on a Samsung microwave. One is using the number pad to change it and the other is going through the dial settings. 

Read the article below to find out how to change the power level on your microwave. 

Why Your Samsung Power Is On High?

All Samsung microwaves are set on the high power level by default. It will use 900 watts of power to cook when it’s set to high. Most microwave manufacturers, including Samsung, use high as a default power level because it works for the majority of foods and is the most efficient. 

The high power heats foods quickly, which is what most people want. That is especially true if you are cooking a lot of frozen foods or have a microwave with a lower wattage. 

However, high isn’t the only power level there is in a Samsung microwave. 

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Samsung Power Levels

Samsung microwaves come with 10 different power levels that you can adjust to cooking any number of dishes. Power levels are numbered 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 0 being the highest. 

The first power level will only warm food, while 2 puts the power on low. Three will defrost and 4 is medium-low. The fifth level is medium and 6 is simmer. The seventh level is medium-high while 8 is the reheat option. You can saute on the ninth level and then there is the high level. 

Bear in mind these are general power levels and your owner’s manual will be more specific about how much heat your part

Understanding the different levels and how to use them will allow you to cook more things well without overcooking them or needing to constantly add more time. 

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Setting the Power Level

Many people may not realize they can access all these different power levels on their Samsung microwave. There are two ways to do it and which way you use depends on your Samsung model. 

Samsung Models With a Keypad

These are some of the easiest microwaves to make different selections because the numbers correlate with the power levels. Setting your power level on this Samsung model involves two steps. 

First, press the power level button. It is also the 1 button if you don’t have a specific power level button. Next, use the numbers to select the power level to pick your desired amount of heat.

Samsung Models Without a Keypad

You don’t need a keypad to select a different power level for your microwave. Your Samsung microwave that doesn’t have a keypad will either have a microwave button or a mode selector dial you can use to select the microwave option. 

Once you press the microwave button or chose the microwave option on the dial, you can choose your power level in one of three ways. You can use the arrow keys or keep pressing the microwave button until the power level you want appears on the display screen. You can also turn the multi-function dial until you get to the right power level. 

Press OK or set the level by pressing down on the multi-function selector dial. 

Even though there are different power levels, Samsung has three cooking stages for those levels. 

Cooking in One Stage

This is where you put a dish in and let the clock run its course until it’s done. You set the cooking time using the number buttons or dial and the microwave remains on one setting, which is usually high. You can cook for as long as 99 minutes and 99 seconds. 

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Cooking in Multi-Stages

This is when you cook in more than one power level. To do this, you press your time and power level and your display will say either to press start or enter the next stage cooking time. You must press the power level to get to this message. 

Set a second cooking time and then press the power level. You will get the message again. Go through setting the time and power level again to set a third cooking stage. Press start to begin cooking. 

Why would you want a multi-stage cooking process?

Some dishes may require different cooking levels to fully cook. You may want to defrost something first before cooking it or may want to cook something more slowly at first. A few recipes call for this type of cooking. 

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Custom Cooking

A third option with the Samsung microwave is to custom cook. This allows you to save a specific set of cooking instructions in your microwave and bring this setting back to cook quickly without needing to reset it. 

However, instructions can only be stored one set at a time. 

To enter this mode, you will need to press the custom cook button. Your microwave will say to either press the start button or enter a new time. Enter the cooking time and then select the power level.

Press the enter or start button again. 

Retrieving the instructions is easy. Press the custom cook button and then press the start button. 

How do I know the power level of my microwave?

The power level is typically posted on a label either on the door or inside the oven. Most microwaves range from 600 t0 1,200 in wattage. More powerful ovens have higher wattages. 

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What is medium power on a microwave?

Medium power is between 400 and 500 watts. Gentle cooking requires medium power levels. This is used for baking, simmering, dairy dishes, and those that can’t be stirred during cooking. They are also good for foods that would require a longer cooking time like a casserole.

What does the wattage on a microwave mean?

Wattage equates to power. A 1,000-watt microwave is a good standard because it cooks evenly. Those that are 700 watts or less typically don’t cook evenly and cook slower. Higher wattage means faster cooking.

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What’s the best power level for popcorn?

The best power setting for cooking popcorn where kernels are popped and not burned is 80 percent of power. That equates to 1000 watts or more. 

How do you determine wattage in a microwave?

The formula is amps multiplied by volts equals the wattage. A microwave that is 4 amps with 120 volts will be a 480-watt appliance.

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Resetting a Microwave

There are different ways you can do a soft reset on microwave and the process depends on the model. However, all microwaves can be reset using a hard reset. That is when you cut power to the appliance either by unplugging it or cutting off the circuit breaker. 

Leave the appliance without power for about five minutes and then reconnect it. This restores it to a factory reset. You will need to reset the clock and any power levels manually after you do this. 

A reset is sometimes needed if there is a glitch in how the microwave is functioning or if the power flickers off and then on.

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