How to Silence a Samsung Microwave?

The beeping of a microwave can be annoying to some people. It is like nails on a chalkboard. They want it to stop. There are ways to do it without damaging your oven. 

Ways for how to silence a Samsung microwave depend on the model you have as each has its variations. For most, the “sound on/off” feature is found under the settings or options menu. 

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The Beeps Mean Something

Before you silence your microwave, there are some things you need to know about the beeping. A microwave beeping is its way of communicating with you. It isn’t always about your frozen dinner being ready either. 

Microwaves beep to alert you to errors and failing parts. They alert you to its door being open and some over-the-range models will alert you when the temperature is too hot in the kitchen. Those are all safety features. 

Plus, alerting you that your food is ready is helpful in case you fall asleep on the couch and forget. No one wants to miss their dinner!

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No Beeps Are the Same

Just because you’ve had a microwave before doesn’t mean you will understand the beeps on this new appliance. Two people aren’t exactly the same and neither are microwaves. You have to learn what each oven does and what the beeps mean to understand if it’s trying to tell you a fire is starting or that your dinner is thawed. 

Some microwaves will beep until you open the door and get your food while others may beep only two or three times. A few have excessively loud beeps when you press the keypad while others don’t have a sound for every motion. 

It’s good to go over your owner’s manual to understand what your microwave is saying to you with beeps before you silence it.

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The Different Models

Samsung has three models available in the United States and each has its own way of turning the sound down or off. They are listed below.

Samsung MG11T5018CC

This model has decrease and increase arrows with an OK button. To turn off the beeper sound, press both arrows and the OK button at the same time. You can turn it back on by using this same method. 

Samsung ME18H704SFS

This model has an options button that you utilize to turn off the sound. Press the button for options and then touch the 3 on the keypad. This will change the sound options. Now, you will touch the number 2.

This will turn off the beeping sound. Confirm your choice by pressing the start or enter button. You can turn the sound back on by going through the same process but instead of pressing the number 2, press the number 1. 

Samsung MS14K6000As/A MS14K6000 Samsung MG11H2020CT

All three of these models have a distinct way of turning off the beeping sound. You can make your oven mute by holding down the sound button until the word “off” shows up on the display. Touch start to finalize your settings. 

You can turn the sound on again by doing the same thing until “on” shows up on the display. Pressing start will finalize your settings. 

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Finding Hidden Functions

Those who try the muting instructions without success may have an appliance with hidden functions. These are rare for Samsung but you could have one. 

The first thing to do is to look for a sound button. That is the easiest way to mute it and it would make it really simple. Sometimes, it may not be exactly where you think it should be. 

You can try to hold down either 0 or 1. Many hidden functions are stored within these options. You can also try holding the stop or cancel button down. Sometimes, hidden functions are stored with these keys.

Be aware that sometimes holding some of these buttons could activate the child lock feature too. You will see a lock message or icon come up if it does. You can press the same button for three seconds to deactivate it.

If none of those options work, you can look at your owner’s manual or download a manual for your model from Samsung. 

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Why does my microwave keep beeping?

The beeping is for one of two things. Either it wants to remind you to take food out or it is trying to tell you of an error. Look on the display for error codes if you don’t have any food in the oven. 

Why does my microwave beep randomly?

It is trying to tell you something is going on with it. Look to see if there are any error codes associated with the beeps. You can try resetting it to see if the beeping continues. 

Resetting a Samsung Microwave

You can easily reset your Samsung microwave. Unplug it from the power source or turn off the dedicated circuit breaker. Wait at least three minutes to restore power. This should clear all errors and also clear the control board. 

What do I do when my microwave beeps non-stop?

You could have a beeping glitch and will need to reset the microwave to clear the control board. Unplug it or turn the circuit breaker off. Wait a few minutes and plug it back in.

Which microwave is the quietest?

There are many quiet microwaves on the market. Topping the list is the Breville Smooth Wave Countertop Microwave Oven. 

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Is it safe to open the microwave before it beeps?

Yes, it’s safe to open a microwave door before the cooking program is done and before it beeps. Standing near the microwave won’t hurt pregnant women either. There is no exposure in opening the door. 

Many microwaves are designed where you press the cancel or clear button before you open the door, essentially canceling the program. 

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Where are Samsung microwaves manufactured?

Samsung microwaves are built in Malaysia. Its electronics are based in South Korea and other products are manufactured in Poland and China. 

Samsung doesn’t build any of its electronics or appliances in the U.S.

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How long will a microwave last?

Most microwaves are built to last around seven years if you use them normally. Some won’t last five years if there is a large family that uses it heavily or if it isn’t properly maintained.

Some of the better brands can last as long as 10 years. 

Why does my microwave keep beeping when it’s off?

This happens mostly with over-the-range microwaves. It can continuously beep to indicate the kitchen temperature is too high. 

A microwave can also have an ongoing beep if there is something wrong with the temperature gauge or the control panel.

Resolving Random Beeps

The first thing to do if you have a beeping microwave that makes noise even when you aren’t using it is to check the door. Some microwaves will beep to let you know the door is open. 

While the door may not be open, there could be a problem with the door latch and that could be sending the wrong signal to the control board. 

Look on your display for errors and try resetting your appliance. Call the support center if the problem continues.

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