LG Refrigerator Error Code 22 – Troubleshooting Guide

LG refrigerators show error codes on their displays very clearly. If you’re seeing the 22 error code on your fridge display, this is the guide for you.

The 22 error code on an LG refrigerator means that there’s a problem with the compressor start relay. This component is critical for turning on the compressor. So, when it fails, your fridge can’t produce cool air in its compartments. You’ll need to replace the affected relay with a new one.

Keep reading to discover more about what triggers this error code and what you can do to fix it.

What Does The 22 Error Code Mean On An LG Refrigerator?

When your LG refrigerator shows you the 22 error code, it’s telling you that there’s a problem with the compressor relay. The compressor is the heart of your fridge’s sealed cooling system, and the relay is responsible for keeping it working.

Simply put, this is a critical problem for your fridge. Until the relay is replaced, your fridge can’t generate any cold air at all.

How Your Fridge’s Sealed Cooling System Works?

Your LG refrigerator is kept cool thanks to its sealed cooling system. The sealed system circulates refrigerant through coils inside the fridge’s compartments (evaporator coils) where it absorbs all heat and creates a cold environment.

Then, the hot refrigerant is circulated to coils outside of the fridge (at the back, known as condenser coils) which release that heat outside of the fridge.

That refrigerant circulates thanks to the compressor, which turns on and off as needed to cool the fridge down to its set temperature. The compressor relay is responsible for jumpstarting the compressor, and therefore it’s responsible for keeping the cooling system running.

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Error Code 22 Causes And How To Fix Them

The 22 error code is triggered by a failed compressor relay. Besides that, the problem can also be caused by a faulty overload relay or a main control board that’s no longer working.

This section will help you understand each component, what they do, and how to fix them.

Failed Compressor Relay

What it is: The compressor relay works to complete or break the electrical circuit for the compressor. When the fridge senses that it’s too warm inside, it will trigger the relay to turn the compressor on. In doing so, the compressor will circulate refrigerant throughout the cooling system and lower the temperature in the fridge’s compartments.

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When the set temperature has been reached, the relay will break the circuit and turn the compressor off. This on-and-off process will repeat several times a day, as often as needed by the fridge.

How it fails: The compressor relay can suffer from electrical faults due to electrical surges that damage the relay or excess wear from being used for so long. When this happens, you’ll often hear a clicking noise coming from the same area even though the compressor itself won’t turn on.

How to fix it: The only way to fix this problem is to replace the affected compressor relay. You’ll find it located on the back of the fridge towards the ground, attached to the compressor directly.

Before attempting any repairs, always disconnect your fridge from its power source. Doing this will protect you from injury and electrocution.

Firstly, remove any panel that covers the lower back of the fridge. That will give you access to the compressor area where you can locate and identify the compressor relay. The relay is often concealed behind a cover that must be unscrewed first.

Then, remove the electrical connectors attached to the relay before detaching it from the compressor.

Next, take the new compressor relay and attach it to the compressor. Once it’s firmly in place, reattach the electrical connectors you removed earlier to the new relay.

Lastly, reattach the relay cover and rear panel that you removed at the beginning of this repair.

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Faulty Overload Relay

What it is: Your LG refrigerator compressor also has another relay, known as the overload relay. This electrical device is designed to protect the compressor from damage caused by electrical overloads.

How it fails: The overload relay is designed to fail when it suffers an electrical overload. It does that to protect all of the other components in the same circuit from further damage. 

Besides that, the same can also happen from excess wear. This reason is most likely when your LG fridge has been in use for many years, as its components are more at risk of failing due to normal wear and tear.

How to fix it: Much like the compressor start relay earlier, this relay must also be replaced with a new one. You’ll also find it attached to the compressor and electrical connectors at the lower back of the fridge, behind the access panel.

To replace it, simply detach the electrical connectors from the overload relay and remove them from the compressor.

Then, attach the new overload relay and reconnect the electrical connections the same way as before.

Lastly, replace any covers and panels that you removed at the beginning of this repair.

Failed Main Control Board

What it is: The main control board is where the fridge does all of its ‘thinking’. The board and its many tiny components are designed to send power and signals to the fridge’s components. By doing that, this printed circuit board (PCB) controls all of the fridge’s functions.

How it fails: You’ll know that the control board has failed if the 22 error code still shows after you’ve completed the troubleshooting steps above. When that happens, the only solution is to replace the affected control board.

The most likely reason for the board to fail is an electrical fault like a short circuit or power surge. These faults will cause the board’s components to overheat and burn. Although less likely, it’s also possible that the board is damaged from excess heat or moisture that seeped into the compartment.

How to fix it: The main control board is located in a compartment at the back of the fridge. There is an access panel that you must remove to access the board.

Once you see the board, note all the electrical connectors, as you’ll have to replace them the same way later. Then, detach those connectors and carefully remove the control board from its mounting.

Mount the new control board in place and reattach all of the connectors you moved before.

Lastly, reattach the panel you removed at the beginning of this repair.

How To Clear The 22 Error Code On An LG Refrigerator?

The 22 error code will only be cleared once the compressor and its relays are working correctly. Once you’ve completed the troubleshooting steps and repairs detailed above, you can then reset the fridge to clear any error codes and get the appliance running normally again.

How To Reset LG Fridge?

Resetting your LG fridge is easy, as you’ll only have to turn it off and on again (a process also known as power cycling).

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, power down your fridge by removing the power plug or shutting off its circuit breaker.
  2. Next, leave the fridge alone for at least 30 seconds. The fridge needs this time to discharge any electricity left inside and clear its memory.
  3. Lastly, reconnect the fridge and allow it to reboot completely.

Depending on how long your fridge compressor hasn’t been working, your fridge will likely be very warm inside. You’ll need to give it at least 24 hours to stabilize its temperature and reach the temperature you’ve set.

Testing Your LG Fridge After Repairs

Once you’ve repaired your fridge, you’ll want to test it and ensure that all of its parts are working again. As mentioned before, the 22 error code relates to the compressor’s start relay, so that’s where you’ll want to focus your attention.

To know if your repair is successful, listen closely to the compressor. When you hear it turn on and operate typically, that means the start relay is working correctly.

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Using The LG Fridge’s Test Button

Another way of testing your fridge is to run its automatic test feature. You can do so by pressing the test button located on its main control board. 

When you press that button, the fridge will conduct automatic tests and show error codes on display (if there are any problems).

Trying to press the button on the main control board while the fridge is turned on can be risky. So, only perform this test if you’re confident that you can do it safely.

Reader Comments (7)

  1. Mine died about 2 months ago about the same time as yours. I replaced one relay that sits in the white cover. Cant find the black relay it talks about. Still get a fault 22. I hear there is a class action lawsuit for the compressor. Any luck finding the black relay? Do they not all have this?

  2. My LG LMXC23796s stopped cooling and the refrigerator showed error code 22 when I ran selfcheck. When I went to locate the Compressor relay I could not find it where all of the videos showed it (under the plastic cover on the side of the compressor). The only component under the plastic cover on the side of the compressor is the compressor overload protector. Does this model have a Compressor relay and where is it? If this model does not have a Compressor relay what is error code 22 telling me?

  3. looks like our refrigerators died at about the same time. I have the 22 code also. I have read somewhere it could be a thermistor. I haven’t located it yet. Good Luck.

    • Same thing happened to me guys, #LMXC23746S/00, not cooling anymore, stopped about 2/1 as well…. this is super fishy if all 3 of us have the same issue with in like a week. Did you have any luck? I ordered and replaced the compressor relay and I am still getting the Error 22. Feels like LG planned this into the fridge design

      • Hi!
        I just find out what was the issue with 22 code after new compressor installation.

        Had same issue and I just use fluke meter to verify if power get to compressor (good) so board is not the problem,so with the meter checking compressor terminals, guess what?
        Even LG technical support staff don’t know the compressor terminal on new ones are inverted (originally was top and bottom right) the correct connection is the bottoms ones and BANG!

        IT’S ALIVE!

        This compressors use DC voltage,so just 2 cables get connected to compressor
        Like I said!
        I don’t know the freaking reason is inverted at the new compressor (factory lacks of QC I guess.

        Use ohms,and you will see the terminal are the bottom one(I get like 3 different compressors from LG because after new compressor showed the 22 code again and again,, but problem solved for me (I have 3 more compressors because technical support don’t know that inverted terminal issue I found.

        Good luck!

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