5 Most common Lg Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems

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Your LG refrigerator ice maker was working, but now is not making ice? In this article, we will show you the most common LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems and how to test ice maker.

The most common LG refrigerator Ice Maker problems caused by temperature fluctuations (in the ice maker compartment), a faulty water inlet valve, a broken ice maker, a malfunctioned control board, or a faulty ice maker fan in the freezer section.

Let’s start with a simple diagnostic test you can run that may provide some insight on what that problem could be.

Please see Updates at the end of this post ” How To Troubleshoot Optical Sensors On The Ice Maker?”

Lg Refrigerator Ice Maker Troubleshooting

To run the ice maker test mode, first of all, pull the handle to open the ice room and remove the ice bucket.

Lg Refrigerator Ice bucket removing

There are two styles of LG refrigerator ice makers. On this first model, this is the power button.

Make sure it is turned on. The test button is underneath.

Here in the ice room put the towel to catch water or ice that may fall when you run the test mode.

Lg Refrigerator Ice room

Press and hold the button for about 3 seconds and the ice maker will begin to turn. If water or ice were to fall from the tray, the towel is there to catch it. The tray only holds about 4 or 5 oz of water.

Here’s a another style of ice maker on this model. There’s no power switch and no tray. Even though there’s no tray you should still place a towel below the ice maker before running the tests.

Lg refrigerator New ice maker

On this type of ice maker, there is a tiny hole on the left side. This is a Test Button. So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn.

For the first 2 hours, the refrigerator has been plugged in, the ice maker test can only be run once. If you wish to run the test mode a second time, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds to reset the ice maker.

Why Lg Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Filling With Water

1.Water Filter – If during the test mode your ice maker didn’t fill with water, then check your water filter.

Without filter or when the filter installed not properly in the filter housing, water will not flow to the ice maker and water dispenser.

You just need slide filter into the housing, PUSH and TWIST to lock it.

If you recently changed the water filter and you noticed the ice maker started to leak, the problem can be with water pressure.

With a new filter, water will flow more freely and when it reached ice maker it may create a splash.

Some amount of water will leak in the ice maker compartment to the very bottom and eventually will be on the floor.

If you have ball-type water tap behind the fridge, try to decrease incoming water pressure to the fridge by turning at 45 or less degrees. You need to play with it, to reach reasonable water pressure.

To do this adjustment, turn water tap to 45 degrees and let somebody will push water dispenser using big cup or something like that.

This way you will be able to decrease water pressure to desirable level.

Another problem can be when the ice maker leaking, its when ice maker dumping ice in the bucket, some ice cubes might stuck in the tray.

And when fresh water will fill ice maker, it actually will overfill and some amount of water will spill over the tray.

In this case, pull the ice maker out and clean inner side of the tray from the calcium build up.

2. Inlet ValveWhen the water inlet valve failed, you will not have water as well. In order to check the inlet valve, you just need Multimeter.

But keep in mind, that LG fridges have 2 inlet valves. Main valve on the back of the fridge, secondary(for the ice maker) in the left door.

You need to check them both. Secondary valve getting water from the main valve. But from my experience, secondary valve causing most of the problem with the ice maker.

3. Water Hose – Behind your LG fridge there is a water hose connected to the inlet valve. If the water hose is kinked, it will restrict water flow to the inlet valve.

4. Ice Maker – If ice maker failed to perform diagnostic test and you not able to run it, then most likely ice maker motor failed.

5. Control board – Every LG refrigerator has a control board. If the control board not sending power to the ice maker or one of the relays on the control board failed, then the ice maker will not run.

Important: If all components mentioned above in the article are ok and ice maker working ONLY when you press RESET button (ice maker should make a full turn and not making ice in automatic after that), then there is a problem with the main control board or optical sensors on the ice maker.

Make sure the control board will fit with your model of the fridge !!!

why Is Ice maker not producing ice?

One of the reasons is malfunctioned ice maker fan, which is located in the freezer compartment.

This fan blows cold air into ice maker compartment and freezes up water.

If the temp in the ice maker compartment will be high than -12C, ice will not be produced.

In order to check if this fan is working, you need to apply a magnet to simulate a closed door ( see top side of the door where the magnet is located)

If you feel cold air coming out from the vents, fan is good.

This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans.

Ice maker fan part# ADJ72911303

What should my LG freezer be set at to produce ice?

-2°F or -20°C is the recommended temperature setting for normal ice production. In order to adjust the temperature: Press the FREEZER button to cycle through the range of available settings and set it to the desired temperature.

How to Reset LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

In order to reset ice maker, unplug your refrigerator or turn breaker OFF for at least 30 sec. This procedure will reset the ice maker.

What Does Ice Plus Mean On My LG Refrigerator?

When all the ice in the LG refrigerator is used, it will take 2 hours to produce the next bunch of ice cubs. Some LG models are equipped with an “Ice Plus” feature. This feature just speeds up the freezing process and allows it to produce ice cubes 2 times faster.

How long does it take for LG fridge to make ice?

It depends. If you just bought and installed LG refrigerator then it may take about 24 hours. But if your refrigerator works more than 24 hours, in this case, every 2-3 hours ice maker will produce new ice cubes.

UPDATE: This is how ice maker works when releasing ice cubes and it’s normal to twist ice tray. For those who didn’t know that, it seems like the right side of the ice tray been jammed.

Update: How To Test Optical Sensor on The LG Ice Maker?

Optical sensor malfunctioning, one of the reasons why your ice maker may complete Harvest Cycle, but not working in Automatic Mode.

The first thing you need to do is to check optical sensors:

  1. Remove Ice Bin from the compartment
  2. Close the left door
  3. Wait for 3 minutes
  4. Freezer Door stays open
  5. Push Refrigerator button and Lock button at the same time

If ETY is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is normal.

If FULL is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal.

When it shows FULL with empty ice bin, something wrong with these sensors. As long as they are part of the ice maker, one of the options is to replace ice maker and see if it will solve the problem.

You can get a new ice maker on the link below

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LG Fridge Service Manual

Ice Maker Troubleshooting starts from page 106

Reader Comments (581)

  1. I have a Elite Kenmore 79572053110 model fridge. The ice maker does not Dump ice in the bin. I have recently changed the filter and replaced the whole Ice Maker twice. The problem still persists. Please help.

  2. Our ice maker is in the bottom freezer compartment; not a door dispensed type. The ice maker quit running and we realized the ice was frozen solid in the ice maker; we could feel any of the blades, etc.. We emptied the bin, and poured hot water into the filling area until all of the ice floated up and into pieces. The ejector blades were positioned near the front of the ice maker and easy to move so we let it fill, dumped the extra water into the bin and it works!

  3. My ice maker is in the door of my refrigerator. A few years ago, it started making ice less often than normally and eventually quit. When this happened, I tried the reset button and kept turning the power on and off. Now it does nothing. The tray does not move at all. Is this an electrical problem or should I just get a whole new ice maker?

  4. I’ve replaced my icemaker and still have the same issue. Ice doesn’t fill up. Some ice fills up on the right side only. Also difficult to remove ice-bin, feels like its going to break. I wipe the optical sensors and reset the ice maker to no avail.
    Since I already replace the ice-maker assembly, should I try replacing the control board?

  5. I have a 1 yr old LG LFCC22426S with a bottom drawl freezer w ice maker. I replaced the water filter thats in the fridge and I stopped getting ice. I turn the ice maker on/off, hit the reset (it fully turns and empty). I did not move the fridge to kink the water cord in the back. What could be wrong?

  6. I have a LG model number LFCS27596S which is 6 months old and time to replace filter for ice maker. After replacing filter with factory filter, it stopped producing ice. I tried unplugging the fridge and waiting a minute but still no ice. Help?

  7. I have a LMXC23746D. The ice keeps clumping together on the right side of the ice bin and will not dispense unless we stick a wooden spoon down into the container and break it up. Sometimes we also need to put spoon handle up the dispenser opening to unclog the ice and ice debris that is stuck. This is a constant requirement to get any ice to dispense. Also, the ice bin will not come out. I feel that it would break if we pulled it hard enough to get it out.

    • 1. Air leak somewhere, allowing warm air to get in
      2. Temperature fluctuations
      3. Icemaker filler tube spilling water on the filling cycle

      • So, how would I go about fixing this, if it was water spilling?
        And why can I not get the bin to release and come out of the door, even if the icemaker bin is empty?

    • I have similar problem. Had LG authorized repair company replace compressor on refrigerator and everything is working (cooling) good except ice maker. Water supply is good and unit cycles, but instead of cubes it is producing frozen chunks with some cold water deposited in bottom of ice bin.

  8. A few months ago the ice maker in the door began to jam, like the ice was melting a little before dispensing. I turned it off and began just using the ice dispenser in the freezer. This weekend the ice in the freezer started coming out in blocks of ice cubes. I can see that they cubes tried to form but didn’t fully separate. It also looks like they’ve melted a little.

  9. Ice maker makes ice but will not dump ice. I have to push reset button to get it to dump the ice. I’ve tried temp set to 0, and also -2 same thing happens. I can get water from the door.

    • I have the similar problem – ice in the tray but doesn’t come out of it own into the bin – manual reset button dumps the ice. Water from the door is fine.

    • Same. Tested the icemaker full sensor. Shows empty correctly. Have freezer temp set below -2. Test button works fine, drops ice, fills water. Freezer door sensor must be working because icemaker full sensor test only works when freezer door open.

      Maybe this is a temperature sensor issue?

    • I have had a similar problem with my ice maker for a few years. One thing that has worked for me has been using a hair dryer and blowing warm air on the ice maker motor for 5 minutes. I have had to do this every few months in order for the motor to dump the ice automatically. I suspect the motor is faulty and I will need to replace the entire icemaker assembly.

  10. lg lrfds3006s french door. Ice maker in refrigerator door works fine. Ice maker in freezer will not dump ice. When I push the ice maker reset button, it will cycle through, ie: arm comes down, ice will drop into the bin and refill with water. It will just not dump ice without manually recycling it.

    • 1. Freezer door not fully closed
      2. Freezer Temperature not cold enough
      3. ice maker level arm set to OFF position

      • How do you set the arm “down”? The arm on my unit is tucked up under the ice maker. When I try to move it down, it snaps back up under the unit. And the ice maker specifically states not to “force the arm” into any position.

      • Seems like you have a different style of ice maker, that’s why its not working for you

  11. Thanks! I just received delivery on a LFXS26596S and the freezer ice maker was working and I had water to drink from the door but the door ice maker had no water. I powered it off and powered it back on, hit the test button and viola it filled the tray with ice. This helped!!!

  12. New LG frigde, LRMVC2306S model; its been 48 hours since installation, but ice formation is very minimal.
    installed on 6/8 at 4pm.
    6/9 – no ice cubes, bottom freezer did not freeze
    6/10 morning – ice cubes begin to form, bottom freezer is working.
    But i have only seen 10 ice cubes so far, even by 6/10 evening 5pm.
    How do i get ice cubes to form and fill ? I will definitely need more than 10 cubes at a time.
    I have not started using the craft ice feature.

  13. I have an LG model LFX25976SW that produces ice cubes but gets stuck making crushed ice when trying to dispense. The outside panel lets me select Ice Type ‘Crush’, but does not allow me to select ‘Cube’. When selecting ‘Crush’, the bright light displayed on the front panel illuminates brightly. When I select ‘Cube’, the ‘Crush’ indicator turns off, and the ‘Cube’ indicator is dimmed so low, one can barely see the selection.
    It seems that when selecting the Cube type, crushed ice is dispensed regardless..
    How can this be fixed? Please advise.

    • If you are not able to select ice type, then something wrong with the panel, I guess. And what you mean “gets stuck making crushed ice when trying to dispense”, does it make any sound or noise while trying to crush ice?

      • A grinding and crushing noise while the ice is supposed to be dispensed. Nothing comes out of the dispenser, but the ice is crushed into very small pieces, clogging the exit internally from the ice maker. Makes a real mess. Have to extract the ice maker from the frozen pieces and dislodge the blocked mess from within the internal chute where the grinding wheels are to crush the ice. I performed the ice maker tests as described in your blog. All with normal results.
        Most of the ice cubes in the ice maker tray were clumped/fused together.
        Thank you so much for your advice.

      • 1. Ice maker temperature fluctuations.
        2. Ice maker door chute has an air leak
        3. Ice maker is somehow overfilling or dripping water from the faulty inlet valve, and water getting into ice tray

  14. When the water flows into the ice maker it splashes over the side and drips into the bucket(containing ice cubes) which then freezes and makes the cubes stick together impairing the mechanism of the dispenser.
    How can I resolve this?

  15. Our ice maker will not fill with water.. We get water fine for the water dispenser. My husband has changed the entire ice maker, the inlet valve and the filter. It makes 1 tray fine after we unplug all the connectors and then reconnect them, then no water return. You can hear the water turn on during the test mode but none is dispensed. SO frustrating.

    • Dedicated Ice maker water valve located in the left door, not behind the fridge. is this what your husband replaced?

  16. Ice maker continues to dispense ice and will not shut off when container is removed. Had to lock wnit to stop flow.

  17. I have an LG model LFX25950SB frig, the ice maker only fills with enough water for 4 cubes at a time. The water dispenser flows fine. I have held the power button down to do the reset. The water flows into the icemaker, but only for approximately a second and a half. Help…


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