Samsung Washer error code 4E- how to reset? 7 easy steps

Error code 4E for your Samsung Washing machine, either the front-loaded or top load washer, could be caused by several different things. Follow this guide to determine what is the underlying cause of your machine not filling with water. 

Error code 4E (or nF) correlates to an issue in the water supply for your washing machine. The error stands for “water not filling” the machine, or an issue that is preventing the machine from receiving water.

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What to Do When You Get the error code 4E or nF error

Step 1: Shut down power to the Machine

The first thing you should do when you receive the 4E error code is to turn off the machine itself. Unplug the machine from the wall and wait several minutes before plugging it back in again. You should power down the machine for two reasons:

  1. The first reason is to avoid the machine starting suddenly and causing injury.

2. The second reason is glitching. Samsung machines –especially the newer models – are known to glitch electronically, leaving you with error codes, even if there is no real problem with the machine.

You can solve this glitch by shutting the machine down and turning it on again after a few minutes.

This should eliminate the error code 4E (or NF) that you have on the machine. This should always be your first course of action when faced with an error code on most any appliance.

But if that does not help, you can then move to step 2.

Step 2: Check Water Supply Valves

Once you unplug your machine, you can begin inspecting its many components without fear of injury/damage.

First, check that the supply valves are fully open. Your water supply valves should be all the way open to provide the washing machine with ample water. The valves will be parallel to the hoses when fully open.

If you see that the valves are not fully open, then turn them clockwise until they can no longer turn. You can turn on the washer and start a short load to see if the error code 4E reappears.

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If the water supply valves are fully open and the error code still appears, move to step 3.

Inlet valves issue samsung washer 4e nf

Step 3: Make Sure You Supply Water into Both Entry Points

Behind your machine, you may have seen two entry points, one for hot and the other for cold.

Now, even if you do not want to use hot or cold water, you will still need to supply water through both entry points. You may be providing enough water for Samsung washer through a single entry point, but the error code still won’t clear because both entry points need water.

If you are already providing water through two entry points, but the error code is still there, move to step 4.

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Step 4: Check for Bent Supply Pipes

After checking for adequate water supply, you should check if the hoses/pipes at the back are bent, kinked, or even crimped. You may have pushed the machine too close to the wall, and that is causing the pipes to bend or kink.

Pull the machine away from the wall and examine it from behind to inspect any issues. If they are, try to straighten them out with your hand. Look for leaks or other indicators that water flow is not adequate.

If the pipes are too short, try to get longer ones, as they will most likely not bend in a way that could choke the machine.

Replacement water supply hoses are easily available at hardware stores and online retailers such as Amazon. They start at around $15 and can be ordered in various lengths. Click here for replacement hoses.

Note: we may receive a small commission from your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

But, if the hoses are fine and you are still getting a 4E error code, move to step 5.

Step 5: Ensure That Nothing Is Clogging the Water Supply Hose from the Inside

If the water supply hose is not bending, it doesn’t mean that they are in the clear. In addition to bending, you will have to check the hose for clogs.

First, remove the water supply hose from both ends and run water through it in the sink to check for blockage. This is unlikely, but could be a problem if there is a manufacturer defect with the hose(s).

When removing the hoses, you will have to be careful of small mesh balls present between the hose and the washing machine inlet.

If the mesh balls are dirty, clean them as they may be the reason why water is not making its way into the machine properly. But if the hoses are clear as well as the mesh balls, move to step 6.

Step 6: Check the Water Inlets (error code 4E)

If everything in your Samsung washing machine is looking right so far, the next thing that you will have to check is the water inlets themselves.

Check inside the water inlets to see if something is clogging them with the help of a flashlight. If you’re lucky, you might have just struck gold and found the reason for the error.

But if you are not so lucky and the error is still showing, you may want to move to step 7.

4e or nf error code Samsung washer

Step 7: Water Inlets Clogged Internally

The final and most probable issue that you may have is that the water inlets may be clogged internally.

Seeing how you have checked nearly every other possibility, it is also the most likely. For this, you will have to open your washing machine and will have to take a look at the inside.

Depending on the model of your washing machine, you may be able to access the wiring from the front or back of the machine. 

First, check if the wiring harness is connected to the inlet. Next, you will have to check if the solenoid inside your valve(s) is faulty.

If it is, then you can replace them and close the machine. Of course, if you do not want to go through the intricacies of that process, you can always hire a professional technician to help.

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Reader Comments (47)

  1. Mine was doing the same took off the back and found the hose for the detergent off and just running out I put it back on and seems to be working

  2. Hello. I had an appliance guy come to fix my Samsung front load washer and he said it was the cold valve that was bad. I had been getting a NF code. He replaced the valve and it didn’t work. However I tried the hot/cold setting and it is the only cycle that works. Not sure why the others still give me a NF still . I watched your video where you took the one piece out and put it back in that was green and white. Is that what he replaced? Any ideas why the one cycle works and not the other ones. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi!
    I have the model WA80F5G4
    It doesn’t stop filling water even it’s in low water mode, then runs water everywhere and shows 4E error code. I already unplugged and wait to plug in again etc but it doesn’t solve the problem. do you what I can do?
    Help please

  4. Hello,

    I have galvanized piping in an older house so my water supply going into my Samsung washer is steady but slow. Takes about 30 minutes to fill up the drum. So the E4 code comes on because it isn’t filling quickly enough.
    Is there anyway that I can by pass this and still use the washer?!
    Like I said the supply is continuous just slow.
    What should I do?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    I have a Samsung frontt load washing machine. Model: WF1702WSW.

    It takes the water inside, it takes the detergents, and drains out the water without washing the clothes and displays 4E error.


  6. Hi Eugene

    I bought a brand new TL 7kg Samsung washing machine. Just started trying it and I get 4E error. Water flows into the machine fine.
    What do I do??

    • If its a new machine and already getting 4E error code, other than checking to make sure cold and hot water is ON I cant recommend you to check

      • Mine does the same thing. In the middle of the washing cycle it starts the 4E code and starts draining and will not turn off unless I unplug it. There is plenty of water as it is washing! If it’s a glitch the manufacturer needs to fix it. I bought it at Lowe’s about 6 years ago and it’s done it the whole time. I should have returned it. I’ve been careful not to choose Samsung products now, sad because I always thought they were top of the line!! If it’s new return it.

  7. I have model number WA45H7000AWIA2. The water was flowing fine into mine ,there was no blockages. It filled And then the error code popped up and the water cycled out of the drum and drained, it did not wash the clothes. I took off the back large panel with four screws, (and the same as is mentioned above by a commoner named Jim) There’s a small clear plastic tube that comes down about half way on the left and it plugs into the side of the plastic drum and is held on with a hose clamp. In my case that tube was disconnected from the drum. I simply reconnected it and made sure the hose clamp was secure. I ran the washer and it worked perfectly. Just hoping to help some other people. I suspect some of the people that replaced the large valve on top may only have had a disconnected tube from the sensor.

  8. I’m getting the 4e code when I utilize the hot water. The washer runs fine when using only cold water. I’ve replaced the water inlet, mainly because the threading on the old one had deteriorated on the hot water side. I verified that the hot water runs out of the pipe when it was disconnected. Any suggestions?

  9. My Samsung Washer/Dryer will not start on some programme after if comes up with an error message 4e, if you restart on a different programme it may fully wash and again it may not complete the cycle. I have checked the pipes and all are normally ok.

    It will wash on some of the other programmes i.e daily wash or on a 15 min wash. Could this this be the PCB.

    • I doubt it, that it can be control board failure. You need to run diagnostic mode to check every component, to make sure its working properly

  10. I have a Samsung DC81-01057N I was getting a 4E error code machine.
    I was getting water in, it would fill and Then Start to drain I got the error code Again.I replaced the water inlet bank. It fills but i’m still getting the 4E code . Is there a way to reset the codes or is there other issues

  11. no water is entering the machine at all, after a few minutes 4e error code pops up. i’ve checked water supply and pressure everything is normal the water supply hose is normal and the hose filter is clean. i dont know what to do now help please

  12. Hi…so I’m getting the 4E code, the valves are all open, unlike the others my machine is filling but also pouring water all over the floor. Each time I try something else to fix it I’m getting another flood. HELP PLEASE!!

    • Inlet valve is leaking. You need to remove top cover to reach them and replace it. Or something else… it just require some troubleshooting

      • Hi…I took the cover off and replaced the whole inlet valve component, over a hundred dollars and…no luck. Still flooding the floor with a 4E code. Any other ideas before I call a repairman?

        I appreciate your help, truly.


      • You need to open top cover and run the washer to see where it’s leaking from. Without it, you will be only guessing

      • check small clear plastic hose that attaches to lower left rear outer tub. You will have to remove big metal cover on back of washer, four phillips screws. I just fixed one with same exact problem, the small hose, which goes to the water level pressure switch, had coce off at tub allowing water to run out and not registering water coming in.

    • I’m having this problem too. It seems the pressure control switch is working. I’ve pulled the machine down as far as I can go and checked all the hoses I can, but found no blockages.

      I’ve got water flowing in just fine, and draining just fine too.

      I’m about to remove the plug from the control board and reconnect to see if that resolves the issue.

      Update: unplugged and plugged back into control board but no improvement.

      Any chance of any other advice please?

      • 1.Check pressure switch wires for continuity, from the control board to the switch.
        2.Replace pressure switch, to see if it will make any difference

  13. Hi there! First and foremost, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you for taking the time to write this blog. You’re time spent has helped, what I can only imagine, so many of us rebellious do it on our own peeps. I know I heavily rely on people such as yourself. So, thank you so very kindly and please do speak up if there’s any way that we could repay you at all.
    So…. my situation is this, it starts off with me being one cheap a** S.O.B. & relying heavily on finding stuff the free craigslist site. Which is where this washer came from. The previous owners needed a new drain pump but in replacing it broke the housing to hold the pump on. He searched and was unable to find the housing & his wife got impatient and bought another one. Here’s where we’re came in. I rigged up some metal banding around the pump and it worked great, but I could hear it rattling underneath there when it was spinning. Next thing I know im smelling electrical, I immediately shut to production and got back underneath it. I found that the wiring looked like it had been just somewhat ripped partially out of the clips that fit over the metal prongs going to the drain pump. Note that they did not look melted. So I took the clips apart, uncrimped the connectors and rewired the connectors and reassembled them and put them back on the drain pump. I adjusted my bracing, reattached everything and set it all back. I turned it on and it starts for about 5 minutes and them I get the nf code. Nothing is crimped, the drain hose is secure in the drain tube, as far as I cam tell the hose coming off the pump is not clogged and we checked the wire mesh on the hoses, & the water pressure is fine. Any thoughts to further my endeavors??

    • Hi Misty, as i know NF error code not related with drain pump . NF means no fill , if water coming in to the washer but you still getting NF code, for me it sounds like an issue with water pressure switch. Also try to blow out black hose connected to the switch, to make sure its not clogged, otherwise pressure switch not able to see how much water in the drum

  14. I am getting the 4E error code on my Samsung front load. There is no problem with water supply it fills fine. I still checked all the lines however and no clogs. Here is what happens I go to run the washer, it begins to fill, it continues to fill and fill and then I get the 4E error code and the washer promptly drains all of the water from the machine. I check the hose to the water level switch and it is clear I was able to blow through it easy enough into the washer and heard the water in the washer bubbling. I figured it was the switch as what else at this point could it be. I ordered a replacement and it arrived today and I installed it however It is still doing the same exact thing. I am at a loss I do not know what to check next.

    • Check continuity of the wires from the pressure switch to the control board. Also, remove the pressure switch connector from the control board and put it back. Seems like control board not able to see how much water getting in. As long as you said you already checked everything.

  15. My Samsung VRT did a load of laundry perfectly, then next load 4E error code popped up. Machine had plenty of water. Water appears to be going in, we checked the hoses and the filters. Filters actually broke while removing them. Still getting the code with ample water flow.

  16. Samsung washer getting 4e code. It fills, the drum turns for about 5 minutes, then shuts off and 4e code pops up. Everything is clear as far as I can tell.

    • Can be the water pressure switch hose clogged. Remove the black hose attached to it and blow it through. If it will not help, replace water pressure switch.

    • Hello,
      I am having the same issue as the previous persons. I changed both the inlet valve and the pressure sensor and I am getting the same 4e code. Please help

  17. My Samsung washer is filling properly, but then getting nF code and stopping the cycle. Any idea why? Happens on both hot and clod cycles.

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