How To Fix LE Error Code LG Dishwasher? 2 common causes

If you’re seeing an LE error code on LG dishwasher, this is the error code indicating that the control isn’t sensing the motor in the dishwasher.

Depending on the dishwasher model, some steps may vary in repair, but these are some suggestions to get rid of the error.

Preparing the Dishwasher for Discovering the LE Error Code

In order to find out which of the two issues is causing your LG dishwasher error code LE, you’ll first want to access the front panel and wiring of the dishwasher.

You’ll do this by removing the screws which hold the front panel (the front cover) of the dishwasher in place.

You’ll remove all screws except for the two around the door latch on the dishwasher. This will expose the front wiring inside the dishwasher.

le error codeLG dishwasher

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Common Reasons for LG Dishwasher Error Code LE

There are two common reasons that you might experience this LE error code on an LG dishwasher.

The first issue is the wire loom will get caught up in the sound dampening material (insulation), which helps reduce the noise levels while your dishwasher is operating a full cycle.

The soft insulation material can trap the wires in place, and this can cause some of the wires to break over time.

The second common reason you’ll see LG dishwasher error code LE on your dishwasher is that the sump assembly is no longer operating properly.

If this was the problem, you’d have to replace the entire sump assembly, in order to eliminate the error code, and to ensure your dishwasher will operate on all different settings.

Wire Loom Jam Solution to Prevent Breakage/Jamming in the Sound Insulation Board

If the reason that your dishwasher error code is caused by the wire loom getting caught in the soft insulation material, a simple fix for this problem is to place a soft, teflon material in between the wire loom and the insulation panel.

This will prevent the wire loom for getting caught, and help to prevent it from breaking in the future (which will avoid any replacement costs for new wiring).

Possible Indicators of a Bad Sump Assembly

If the issue is a bad sump assembly, you’ll begin by

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  • Trying to run a wash cycle in your dishwasher.
  • If you hear it trying to run, but the dishwasher isn’t operating, this is likely an indication that it is a bad/stuck Vario Motor.
  • This will trigger the LE error code, since the control isn’t sensing the motor moving (it’s stuck).

You’ll hear the dishwasher beep when it attempts to drain the water, and you’ll see the LE error code.

If this is what’s causing the error code, the only solution is to replace the sump assembly parts.

Sump Assembly Replacement

In replacing the sump assembly, you’ll initially remove the dishwasher from its housing under the counters.

To get to the sump assembly you remove the panel from the back of the dishwasher, and various plumbing connections around it.

The sump assembly will be installed in reverse order (reverse from how it was removed from the dishwasher).

You’ll lay the dishwasher on its side, take off the screws and bottom plate. You’ll then

  • Disconnect electrical connections
  • Undo the vario motor, motor switch, steam generator, and other water valve lines from the sump assembly
  • You’ll remove all ground wires and wire holding clamps
  • With a pair of pliers, you’ll remove the spring compression clamps
  • Unscrew the holding clamps and press the tabs in on the sump assembly in order to remove it

This will allow you to remove the sump assembly, and replace it with a new sump assembly part.

Although it does not require various specialized tools or equipment to remove the sump assembly, you will have to undo the plumbing lines.

So, if you have no experience in this area at all, or if you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself, it might be a good idea to hire a licensed LG technician to do the work for you instead.

Once the sump assembly is replaced, you might also choose to add a teflon panel between the wire loom and insulation board, to prevent that issue from occurring in the future.

It is a precautionary measure which will take a few extra minutes to complete, but it will prevent the LG dishwasher error code LE from popping up in the future.

Reader Comments (2)

  1. Hello, we recently got a LG inverter direct drive dishwasher it’s a 2020 model. It was doing fine up until a couple days ago, it started throwing a LE code whenever we tried to start it. It will start to drain and act like it wants to run but then beeps and says LE. We’ve taken off the control panel and the wires are all protected and look fine. If it drains is the sump bad or is it just the motor? Or does the whole sump assembly need to be replaced? Also, is there two motors or just one? We’re not mechanics by no means, and if it’s a simple fix I’d like to know how to do it myself. I’ve watched your video on how to do the sump but would love to know your thoughts on it! Thanks.

    • There is one drain pump motor and one circulation/wash motor. I am sorry, but I have to say, If you unable to figure this problem out with basic troubleshooting, rather call technician with proper tools and troubleshooting skills to figure this out.


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