How To Fix LG Dishwasher bE Code?

Error codes on an LG dishwasher tell you when there’s a problem. Thankfully, the codes on these machines aren’t too difficult to understand.

The bE error code on an LG dishwasher is triggered by improper detergent use or a dishwasher that’s not level. Using the wrong detergent leads to excess sudsing, causing parts like the vent to become filled with soap foam. A dishwasher that’s not level will do the same, causing water to flow to parts where it doesn’t belong, potentially damaging components.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the bE error code on LG dishwashers and how to fix it.

What Does The bE Error Code Mean On An LG Dishwasher?

The bE error code will appear on your LG dishwasher due to improper detergent use or if the dishwasher is not level.

The code is triggered when it senses water or suds in dangerous places (for the machine) due to the appliance being imbalanced or when the wrong kind of dishwashing detergent is used.

The silver lining is that the bE error code is unlikely to be caused by a failure in any of the dishwasher’s components. So, you can fix it yourself without having to call or pay a technician to resolve it for you.

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How Do You Fix The bE Error Code On An LG Dishwasher?

Here are the most likely reasons the bE error code is triggered on your LG dishwasher and how you can fix it yourself:

Glitch Or Other Error

About this: When troubleshooting an error code on your LG dishwasher, you must remember that it could be caused by a glitch or some minor error.

These errors occur in the appliance’s electronic components without a specific reason or source. However, they can be responsible for any unusual behaviors from the dishwasher, including displaying error codes.

Exploring this as the first possible reason behind the bE error code could save you a lot of time and effort in troubleshooting.

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What’s happening: As you read above, there’s always a tiny chance that you see the bE error code simply because the appliance is experiencing an electronic glitch.

The root cause of such a glitch is challenging to pinpoint. For instance, they could happen after a power supply disruption.

How to fix it: When you first see the bE error code on your LG dishwasher, start the troubleshooting process by assuming it’s a glitch. Then, reset the dishwasher to restart itself over fresh, hopefully clearing that glitch.

To do that, disconnect the dishwasher’s power cord. You can also shut off its circuit breaker if it’s hardwired to your electrical system.

Leave the dishwasher that way for at least one minute, then turn it back on. That allows the appliance to restart normally without the glitches affecting it earlier.

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Incorrect Detergent Use

About this: Once you rule out the possibility of a glitch, the next thing to consider is the detergent used in the dishwasher. Dishwashing detergent is not the same as any other washing liquids or powders, whether for washing dishes, clothes, or anything else.

Instead, you must only use detergents that are designed for use in dishwashers. Those products will help to clean your kitchenware in the machine without producing excess suds.

What’s happening: Another likely reason you see the bE error code on an LG dishwasher is due to incorrect detergent use.

Using any other soap or detergent not designed for dishwashers will lead to excess sudsing. That means the machine will produce too many bubbles or soap foam as it washes your plates and other items.

The excess suds will cause problems for the dishwasher by flowing to places it doesn’t belong, such as the vents or even leaking through the door. 

How to fix it: Firstly, stop using the incorrect detergent or soap immediately. Then, run the dishwasher for a complete cycle without any items inside. That will wash away any excess suds and traces of the incorrect detergent.

If that cycle is not enough to remove all excess suds from your dishwasher, you can try to use milk instead. Milk will give those suds something to bind to, making them much easier for the dishwasher to drain during its normal cycle.

Lastly, switch to using only dishwasher-safe detergents in the future, whether they come in powder, liquid, or other forms. 

If unsure, refer to the user manual to find the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding detergent use.

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Dishwasher Is Not Level

About this: Your LG dishwasher must be perfectly level to function according to its design. When the machine is level, the water can flow into the compartment before being circulated and eventually drained.

That is also true despite how the dishwasher has pumps for circulation and draining. When the machine is level, water will have no problems flowing to those pumps to be driven to where it’s needed.

What’s happening: When you’re sure that the detergent is not to blame, the next thing to consider is that the dishwasher isn’t completely level.

In other words, the appliance is tilted too much to one side or the other, preventing the water from circulating normally.

At the same time, the water might be collecting more on one side of the dishwasher, unable to flow normally and be drained as it should.

The dishwasher is not level because it’s on an uneven surface, or its leveling legs are not adjusted correctly.

How to fix it: Firstly, check to ensure that you’ve put your dishwasher on a perfectly flat floor. You can confirm this by using a spirit level that will show you precisely how level the surface might be.

Then, adjust the legs of the LG dishwasher as much as needed to ensure that the appliance is standing on that floor perfectly level.

The legs on the dishwasher are adjustable by turning their screws. So, you’ll need a screwdriver for this job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions to help you understand your LG dishwasher better:

How Do I Force-Drain My LG Dishwasher?

You can force your dishwasher to drain by pressing the Cancel ; Drain button. If your model doesn’t have that button, start a cycle and let it run for 45 seconds. When that time passes, power the unit off to force it to drain.

How Long Do LG Dishwashers Last?

You can expect your LG dishwasher to last anywhere from 10-15 years with regular cleaning and maintenance. However, as it approaches the final years of its life, it’ll likely experience more problems and errors like the bE error code and many others.

Can I Substitute Laundry Detergent For Dishwasher Detergent?

No, you cannot substitute laundry detergent for dishwasher detergent. Firstly, laundry detergent is designed to remove stains from fabrics, not the kitchenware you place in your dishwasher. Second, laundry detergent produces too many suds for a dishwasher, leading to leaking and other problems with your machine.

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What Happens If My Dishwasher Isn’t Level?

When your dishwasher isn’t level, water will collect in parts where it doesn’t belong. That water can end up in vents, damage electronic components, and even damage gaskets meant to prevent leaks.

Do Dishwashers Really Need Cleaning?

Yes, you must clean your dishwasher occasionally. That’s because soap scum, food bits, and other nasty things can build up inside the machine’s compartment. If you don’t clean those away, it can lead to bacteria growth and horrible odors.

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