How To Fix LG Dishwasher FE Error?

Error codes on an LG dishwasher can be annoying, but they’re there for a good reason. When you see the letters FE ayed, that means you’ve got a problem that needs to be solved.

LG dishwashers will show the FE error code when there’s a Fill Problem, while activating its pump to drain the excess water. More specifically, the code is triggered when there’s too much water inside the appliance. That happens when the float assembly is dirty, when the water inlet valve won’t stop letting water in, or when the main control board is malfunctioning. 

The problems triggering the FE code will prevent you from using the dishwasher entirely. So, this guide will show you how to fix it quickly.

What Does The FE Error Code Mean On An LG Dishwasher?

The FE error that you see on your LG dishwasher refers to a Fill Error. More specifically, this code gets triggered when the appliance senses too much water inside of it.

While the FE error code gets triggered, the dishwasher will also activate its drain pump to remove excess water through the drain.

The appliance will fill itself with water at the start of each dishwashing cycle. However, dishwashers aren’t meant to fill the entire compartment with water.

Instead, it only needs to fill a preset amount to wash the kitchenware you load into the machine. If the water exceeds that amount for any reason, the FE code will appear.

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How Do You Fix An LG Dishwasher Showing The FE Error Code?

When troubleshooting and fixing your dishwasher’s FE error code, it’s best to take it one step at a time. First, start with the causes that are easier to rule out before troubleshooting more complex parts.

Here are the causes triggering your FE error code and how you can fix each one, starting with the easiest:

Reset Required

About this: When troubleshooting FE or other error codes on your LG dishwasher, remember that glitches could trigger the codes. In other words, your dishwasher may be working perfectly fine, but a glitch or minor error is causing it to show the FE error code mistakenly.

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You can rule this out within minutes by resetting your dishwasher.

How to fix it: You can clear many errors by resetting your LG dishwasher. Firstly, remove its plug from the wall socket or shut off the circuit breaker. That way, no electricity will enter the appliance, and it can reset itself automatically.

Leave the dishwasher that way for a minute before powering it up again. When you do, the FE error should be gone. If that doesn’t help, proceed to the next steps below.

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Dirty Float Assembly

About this: The float assembly is how your dishwasher keeps track of the water levels inside. It works exactly as the name suggests: a float inside the assembly will rise along with the water level in the dishwasher.

Once there’s enough water to run a wash cycle, the float will push an actuator that signals the dishwasher to stop filling.

How it triggers the FE code: Remember: the same water that fills your dishwasher will also fill the float assembly. That means anything dirty in the water can get stuck in the assembly and prevent the float from moving up and down as it should.

That dirt is enough to cause the float assembly to malfunction. Soon after that, the machine will overflow with water and trigger the FE error code.

How to fix it: Thankfully, you can fix this problem without buying any new parts. Instead, you’ll have to remove the float assembly from behind the dishwasher’s kickplate.

Then, you can take it to the kitchen sink and clean it thoroughly. The float can function correctly when you’ve removed any debris or impurity buildups inside.

After reinstalling the assembly, the dishwasher can sense its water levels accurately and stop without triggering the FE error code.

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Water Inlet Valve That Won’t Close

About this: This component is another crucial one in your dishwasher’s operations. Its purpose is to open and close to control all water flow into the machine. As such, it ensures that the dishwasher has enough water to do its job while also preventing any overflowing.

How it triggers the FE code: When the water inlet valve keeps filling the dishwasher even when it’s been signalled to stop, that’s enough to trigger the FE error code. Typically, that will happen when the valve is stuck in the open position.

A foreign object stuck in the valve can cause it to stay in the open position, and also rust or impurity buildups around the valve.

How to fix it: Despite this problem, some valves can be saved. That’s why you’ll want to inspect the valve closely to remove any foreign objects or impurities that stop it from closing.

However, if the water inlet valve still won’t work correctly, your dishwasher will need a new one to continue working.

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Problematic Main Control Board

About this: The printed circuit board, also called the main control board, works as your LG dishwasher’s brain. It coordinates all its different functions to ensure that your kitchenware gets clean by the end of each wash cycle.

The main control board is concealed in a separate compartment to protect it from heat and water.

How it triggers the FE code: Once you rule out all the other possible causes in this guide, you have to troubleshoot the main control board next. Unfortunately, any problems at this board will cause the dishwasher to behave in unusual ways, including displaying the FE error code despite there being no problem.

The main control board likely experienced electrical damage from power surges or a short circuit. Meanwhile, the older that board is, the more likely it’s just worn out.

How to fix it: The most practical solution here is to switch the board out with a new one. That can be a pricey solution, which is why you’ll want to inspect the control board for clear signs of damage. You’ll often see burn marks on the board or sense burn smells coming from it.

Once you’re absolutely sure the board is the root cause, you can purchase a replacement and replace the one you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more quick bits of info to help you understand your machine better:

Do LG Dishwashers Fill Up Completely With Water?

No, your LG dishwasher doesn’t fill up entirely with water. It’s only meant to fill to a preset level at the bottom of the compartment. The FE error code and drain pump will be activated when the water exceeds that amount.

Why Is There Standing Water In The Bottom Of My Dishwasher?

You’ll find standing water in the bottom of your LG dishwasher if there’s a drain problem. The drain pump could be faulty, or there might be a clog in your household plumbing where the water is supposed to go.

Do LG Dishwashers Reuse The Same Water?

LG dishwashers will recycle part of the same water inside. That’s part of its environmentally-friendly design that prevents water wastage. However, that recycled water is filtered before it’s reused, so you don’t have to worry about it dirtying your dishes.

How Do You Drain An LG Dishwasher Mid-Cycle?

You can force your dishwasher to stop and drain mid-cycle by choosing the Cancel ; Drain option on its panel. If your model doesn’t have that button, check the user manual to know which two buttons you’ll have to press instead.

How Do I Test My Dishwasher Control Board?

You can test your dishwasher’s control board with a visual inspection and by using a multimeter. The visual inspection will help you find burn marks and other signs of damage. Meanwhile, the multimeter will show you if the board still has electrical continuity.

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