Samsung Washer Code Nd – Troubleshooting Guide

Your Samsung washing machine has a long list of error codes it uses to tell you it has a problem. When it shows you the Nd code, that means the machine is having a problem draining its used water out successfully.

The Nd error code on a Samsung washer is triggered when it experiences a no-drain condition. That means the washer has failed to drain water after trying for at least 15 minutes. This problem can be caused by a clogged drain filter or drain hose, as well as a faulty drain pump. Externally, the same issue can be triggered by a blockage in your household drain or standpipe.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into what the Nd error code means, its triggers, as well as the solutions you can use to fix the problem and clear the code.

What The Nd Code Means On A Samsung Washer

The Nd code on your front-loading Samsung washer means that the machine is experiencing a no-drain condition. In simpler terms, that means the washer has failed to drain water out despite trying for at least 15 minutes.

How Draining Happens

Draining is a critical part of your Samsung washer’s regular operation. The washer drains typically used water out one or more times throughout the wash program. Then, towards the end, when the spin cycle begins, the washer will drain one final time to remove all water from the drum.

Drained water will move to the bottom of the machine and through the drain pump. From there, it will pass the drain filter and hose on its way to your household’s standpipe and drain.

Accompanying Symptoms

When your Samsung washer experiences a no-drain condition, there are accompanying signs or symptoms to help you confirm the problem. For instance, there will be water leftover in the drum even when the cycle is over. That should not happen, and it’s a clear sign that the Nd error code is accurate.

Possible Causes And Solutions

Here are the most likely reasons triggering the Nd error code and what you can do to resolve them.

Clogged Drain Pump or Debris Filter

What It Is: As mentioned earlier, drained water will pass through several parts of your washing machine, including the drain filter (sometimes called the debris filter). This filter will trap lint, dirt, and especially foreign objects that fall from clothes pockets among your laundry.

How It Fails: Like any other filter, the drain filter will become increasingly saturated over time. As that happens, water flow through the filter will become restricted. If the drain filter is not cleaned and the buildup of lint, dirt and foreign objects continues, it will reach a point where no water can pass through at all.

At that point, your washing machine will fail to drain water out successfully, triggering the Nd error code.

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How To Fix: To resolve this issue, you must clean the drain filter. It is located on the front side of the washer, hidden behind a small panel. Open the panel and prepare pieces of cloth while keeping a small bucket nearby.

Drain any remaining water from your washer manually. Then, twist the drain filter counter-clockwise to remove it. Excess water will flow out when you do this, so take the filter out slowly.

Be sure to remove all dirt, lint, and foreign objects trapped in the filter before putting it back.

Backed Up Drain Hose

What It Is: The drain hose is how water exits the washer and flows into your household’s drain or standpipe. This component is a flexible hose that is connected directly to the back of your washing machine. The drain hose is detachable and can be removed without using any tools.

Source: Samsung Community

How It Fails: Unfortunately, the drain hose can also get backed up in many ways. For instance, the drain hose is likely clogged with dirt or foreign objects, preventing the smooth flow of water. Besides that, the hose might be kinked or pinched by a heavy object that has fallen onto it.

All of these possibilities will cause the drain hose to back up with water. When your Samsung washer senses this, it will trigger the Nd error code to appear on the machine’s display.

How To Fix: Fixing this problem will require you to clear out the drain hose. Firstly, detach the hose from the back of your washing machine. Next, keep a bucket nearby to capture any water that was trapped in that hose.

Next, take the hose somewhere to flush out any blockages. For example, you can do this with a garden hose to ensure that water enters and exits the hose at both ends without any obstructions.

When reattaching the hose, be sure that there are as few bends as possible. Doing this will prevent kinks and allow water to flow smoothly.

Stopped Up Drain and Standpipe

What It Is: Once the drain water makes its way out of the washer through the drain hose, it must flow to your household drainage system. Depending on how your home is built, the hose might be inserted into a standpipe behind the washing machine, creating a clear path for that water to flow.

How It Fails: When experiencing the Nd washer error code, it’s also likely that the problem isn’t in the washing machine at all. Instead, your household drainage might be blocked. The drain water will back up to the standpipe and the washer’s drain hose when that happens. 

Even though that blockage is external to the washer, it will still prevent the machine from draining. Therefore, the Nd error code will be triggered.

How To Fix: To fix this, you will need to clear the blockage in your household drain, including the standpipe where your drain hose is placed. You should be able to do this yourself, though a severe blockage will require the attention of a qualified plumber instead.

Faulty Drain Pump

What It Is: The drain pump is designed to drive water out of the washing machine when it drains. This pump will turn on one or more times during the wash cycle to ultimately drive water out through the drain hose.

How It Fails: Assuming you’ve ruled out all of the other possibilities above, your drain pump has likely failed. That could happen due to general wear and tear or because a foreign object has damaged its impeller.

How To Fix: A faulty drain pump will need to be replaced. This repair can be done by accessing the bottom of the washer. Once the access panel is removed, you will need to unthread the pump’s mounting screws, detach the electrical connectors, and remove the water hose connections. Then, you will insert a replacement and reconnect it the same way around.

How To Clear The Nd Error Code

To clear the Nd error code from your Samsung washer, you must first address the root cause of the problem. That means you must troubleshoot the problem using the steps described above until the problem is solved.

Once that is done, you can clear the Nd error code by resetting your Samsung washer following the steps below.

How To Reset A Samsung Washer

To reset your Samsung washing machine, follow these steps:

  • First, start by disconnecting the washer from its power supply. That means removing the plug from the socket or switching off the dedicated circuit breaker.
  • Next, leave the machine by itself for one to five minutes. This time is required to let the machine discharge any electrical power being retained.
  • Finally, switch the machine’s power back on.

Performing a reset will clear any error codes on your Samsung washer. First, however, you must resolve the root cause of the problem, or else the code will be triggered again very soon.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode

Samsung washing machines have a diagnostic mode that you can use to check any active error codes, including the Nd error code. The diagnostic mode is mainly used by technicians to troubleshoot your washer. However, you can also use it yourself for the same purpose.

To enter the diagnostic mode on your Samsung washer, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, turn the washer on. Then, press and hold the Soil Level, and Delay Start buttons simultaneously.
  • Keep doing this until the display shows all zeros and plays a chime.
  • Next, turn the dial to scroll through all active error codes. When you see the alphabet ‘D’, that means you’ve reached the end, and there are no more codes to display.
  • Note: if you scroll through and do not see any error codes, that means your Samsung washer is free from any problems.

How To Test A Samsung Washer After Fixing It

The most effective way to test your Samsung washer after a repair is to run a complete wash program from start to finish. Doing so will activate all of the machine’s functions and components to see if they work as they should.

This approach can be quite time consuming, especially if you’re troubleshooting the Nd error code, as draining only happens towards the end of the wash program. 

To save time, choose the shortest wash program available, such as the Rinse + Spin program. Wash programs such as this one are much shorter and will allow you to see if the drain problem or the Nd error code appears once more. Protection Status