Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 39 E – Troubleshooting Guide

A malfunction of the ice maker or its components is the cause of a Samsung refrigerator error code 39 e. Several internal issues in the machine could make this error occur, and with a bit of work, they are can be fixed. So, what exactly could be causing this code to appear on the screen?

In general, an error code 39e on the Samsung refrigerator is caused by: 

  • Faulty ice maker 
  • Ice maker temp sensor 
  • Broken wires or loose connectors of the ice maker temp sensor

If the wire connector has become too wet or unprotected from the moisture, it can lose connection. The specifics of the issue could be a bit deeper, and you should check everything in the ice maker to be sure.

Error codes that come with several different fixes can be a headache, especially when dealing with a digital fridge. There are going to be several ways to get it back in working order, and you could have to do some research to get to the root of the problem.

Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn everything you need to know about Samsung’s refrigerator error code 39 e.

Error Code 39 E: Other possible causes

When you get an error code 39 e, there will be something wrong with the ice maker sensor. This code could signify that several other things are going wrong with the sensor or that a major component needs to be repaired, like the ice maker.

It’s much easier to concentrate on the fix than the flaw. Work to resolve the issue before panicking.

Some things that could cause the error code 39 e are:

  • Faulty Dispenser – Having a bad ice dispenser will bring up code 39 e. If the maker is frozen or bits of metal are jammed inside, the computer will send the code, and you will lose functionality in the machine until it is fixed. Repeatedly pressing the arm does not make it work. Only a thaw or replacement can fix it.
  • Lack of Water – Code 39 e could also mean that there has been a problem with the water flow to the maker. Often the piping used to take water from the source to the fridge could freeze or become kinked. Lack of water is an easy job, and almost anyone with some type of repair know-how can get it done.

Getting a code 39 e doesn’t necessarily mean you are in for a repair job. It is a simple code that is applied to several different malfunctions and is often a quick fix. Be sure to check all components before going in for the total replacement.

Error Code 39 E: How to Fix it

When you get the ice maker code, it can put a cramp in your day. You know how it goes: you’ve prepared a fantastic meal, all your friends and family are arriving, and the ice maker quits. But, don’t just stand there! Action is always the best policy. 

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Repairing the Dispenser Could be an Easy Fix

In essence, an ice dispenser is a mechanical arm that spins and uncovers a hole in the ice reservoir. Once the hole is exposed, the ice plops out of the chute and into the waiting glass. If you depress the lever and see error code 39 e, it means the arm isn’t functioning, and no ice will be distributed.

The steps to repair the error code 39 e are:

  1. DefrostDefrosting the ice maker is going to be your best bet for any issues. No matter how much innovation goes into fridge interior materials and plumbing, you can bet that getting the maker thawed out should fix any problems. It gets so cold inside the icebox that metal could freeze to plastic or vice versa. Frozen metal is never good for errors.
  2. Inspect – Once everything is free of ice and frost, you should go through and inspect the pieces. If they have been inside a cold environment for an extended period, they could have fractures or cracks that make arms not turn or water not flow into the machine correctly.
  3. Search – Once the fault is found, you should get in contact with Samsung. They will often replace the part, sometimes free of charge, or give you the information you need to get the part. If they don’t have the part, be ready to search with your computer, or physically, for whatever you need to get the job done.
  4. Replace – Now that you have the part that you need, it is time for installation. Make sure that you don’t scratch or break any of the plastic inside the fridge. Broken plastic will mean the machine doesn’t cool correctly, and you are opening yourself up for more problems down the road.

When you are complete, the machine should run without the error code and work like brand new. You should periodically check the pieces on the inside of the ice maker to ensure that you don’t have any issues with your parts or with freezing.

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Getting an error code 39 e isn’t the end of the world. Like most newer fridges, Samsung has a wealth of parts and accessories on-hand in case they malfunction.

The error codes are a way to warn you about things that could be happening inside the machine or let you know that there has been a catastrophic failure. Always heed an error code’s warning.

Repairing or replacing the problem on the inside of your Samsung refrigerator is going to be a simple job that you can handle yourself.

Be careful to preserve the functioning pieces and only concentrate on the things that are broken at present. Lean on the error codes to let you know when you should call in the big guns for support. 

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