5 Reasons Why Your Samsung Washer Not Spinning

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If you experiencing an issue with your Samsung washer which is not spinning, then this article can help you to determine possible solutions for your washing machine.

We will describe 5 most common reasons why washer is not spinning or why won’t finish the spin cycle and how to fix it.

There are two types of washing machines: top-load washer and front-load washer.

Each type of washing machine has its own problem related with no spin.

list of “Why Samsung machine Is not spinning” and possible solutions

Suspension Worn Out

If your top loading Samsung washing machine getting  UE, UL or dC error code, it means there is an issue with the “Unbalanced Load” and the washer drum unable to spin.

This is sometimes caused when you have a large load in your washer that exceeds the limit.

But the most common issue, when suspension, which holds the drum, needs some adjustments and maybe replacement.

The problem with suspension springs which can not absorb excessive vibration to stabilize the washing machine drum.

Shock Absorbers (Front Loading Machine Only)

There are 4 shock absorbers that hold the plastic drum and compensate all vibrations coming from the drum during the spin cycle.

Depends on how often washing machine been used, these shock absorbers can worn out and just lost their efficiency.

It easy to check, if they are worn out or not, by pushing down drum by hand.

The drum should set the initial position, once you release it, right away, without bouncing up and down.

When Samsung washer shakes during the spin cycle, due to worn shock absorbers, it will trigger vibration sensor.

After that, the washer will try to distribute load inside the drum and try to spin again.

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Drum Nut Loose

Top load washer drum has a nut at the bottom, which keeps the drum in place.

But when it got loose for some reason, your drum will be wobbling to the sides and especially when the washer goes to spin cycle.

Make sure it’s tight enough to prevent wobbling.

Drain pump Failed

When drain pump clogged or jammed, it’s unable to drain the water completely.

In this case, washer will not go to the spin cycle. It will try to spin, but eventually, it will stop and error code will show up on the display.

Broken plastic bracket

Next one is the most common Samsung front-loading Washer VRT problem and what causing washer gets stuck on spin cycle

There is a bracket on the backside of the front-loading Samsung washer, which holds the harness to the drum.

When it gets loose or broken, it will trigger a vibration sensor causing machine jump from 6min left to 19min again or something like that. other words washer will be stuck on the spin cycle.

Time on the spin cycle will jump back and forth for a long time and eventually washer will stop, but your clothes will be still soaking wet.

You can fix it by a zip-tying bracket to the drum as it shown on the picture below.

Samsung washer

Faulty door lock

Most of the Samsung washers has door lock with feedback, its a tiny switch inside the door lock.

When the door is physically closed, this switch is closed as well, providing feedback to the control board.

But when the door is closed and feedback switch not physically closed, then control board see that something happened and not letting washer go to the spin cycle.

It will actually try to spin again and again, but eventually, it will stop completely, showing error code on the display.

So, in this case, you just need a new door lock for your washing machine.

Reader Comments (218)

  1. Hi Eugene i have a Samsung wobble washer, just recently it stopped working properly.I am able to set the functions required and the water will fill the machine and drain but the drum does not turn to wash,rinse or spin.It only makes the sound as if its washing or rinsing or spinning.

  2. My front loader starts cycle, water drains and it puts water into the detergent dispenser but then cycle doesn’t progress.
    It will occasionally work if I manually rotate the drum and restart.
    What’s wrong with it please?

  3. i have samsung wash ,I recently replaced the brushs of the motor and since then the machine has not been squeezing. The machine starts spinning fast and then stops spinning and thren tries again and stays stuck at 9 minutes to end

  4. Awesome advise, thanks for posting all the suggestions, I have a SAMSUNG STEAM FRONT WASHER, that has issues when washing heavy towels. All other loads work properly, but when the towels are washing, it appears that the spin cycle does not work.

    • Its not easy to figure what exactly the issue in your case. Maybe shock absorbers, maybe vibration sensor, etc. Washer not spinning properly due to unbalanced condition

  5. Hey Eugene. I read every single comment here and I love how helpful you are. Amazing.
    I have a Samsung front load WF45K6200AZ/A2. I’m fairly good at fixing things usually and have 2 models of the same washer. I cant seem to get the washer to go into spin cycle though. The back bracket was broken so I zip tied it back on. Before I did this the drum was agitating unnaturally. The machine drains well, the water pressure switch appears to be good… the motor works because it rinses back and forth with water in the drum. I’ve replaced the main back control board, the front control board… any suggestions. Fairly stumped.

    • Hi Jake, did you check continuity of motor and hall sensor wires while moving them up and down? maybe one of the wires was broken inside. If those wires ok, I recommend giving it a try by replacing the motor control unit ( located on the left side) There 2 of them in the same white box. left one its motor control unit and on the right is the main control board. I assuming you replaced the main control board on the right.

  6. Good Day, i have a WA75H4200SW – the machine stuck in spin cycle and all other buttons does not work, numbers 3 and 8 appears on the display.

  7. Hello, I have a Front load Samsung P801 apartment size washer.

    It is not spining, the motor is turning and water is filling everything works it doesn’t seem to be engaging from where the wheel attaches to the drum.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Eugene,
    I would really appreciate your help. I have just been given WA80G5DIP 8kg Eco Storm Washer. It runs through wash and rinse cycles perfectly. The spin cycle light doesn’t come on and obviously it doesn’t spin. Please help!!! I can’t hand wash and wring out clothes anymore ☹️

  9. I have a front loading washer, only 3 years old that won’t get through a spin cycle. It seems louder than it used to be when it does start spinning, it just hits 19 minutes for cycle and eventually fails with a UB error. This is the washer and it’s sound: https://youtu.be/XTZSUrkSnZE

    • Turn washer off from the power and try to turn drum by hand. Will it be making the same noise? If yes, then there is a problem with the drum bearings. At least this is what I think. Also, you can pull washer out, remove back cover, remove rotor and check bearings seal. Do you see brown color stains? if yes, drum seal has a leak

  10. Eugene. Thank you. You’re awesome.

    I’ve been dancing with my wf45h6300aw/a2 all day. It wasn’t spinning. I found large coins that wouldn’t get through the hose into the “coin trap.” I took the front off and removed coins, but still not working.

    I’m getting error 8E. In diagnostic mode, I’m able to spin up to 1000, but I wasn’t able to enter any kind of test cycle.

    The plastic harness piece on the back doesn’t seem broken. There aren’t holes for me to zip tie as per your picture, I put a piece of rigid styrofoam between the plastic and the metal behind it, and zipped that onto the plastic.

    My thought are either wiring or the Mems sensor. I have a multimode tester, but I don’t know how to use it in this case. I found “sort of” instructions under “Internal Failure of Mems.” But i don’t really understand where i’m poking, is the display PCB disconnected and then I’m touching into the 6port that runs to the main board?

    I really don’t want to buy a new vibration sensor if it’s not the problem.

    Thanks so much!

    • In order to check wires from the motor to the control board, you need to set multimeter to Ohms. Then connect one probe to the motor side and another side to the board side. Then try to move wires up and down, left and right. Sometimes when you checking continuity, not always you can get a correct readings, you need to move wires to make sure none of them is broken.

      • Hi Eugene! I have a Samsung top loader wobble technology washer. When I switch the machine on, the drum starts rotating stuck in washer mode one direction. What can the problem be, thank you. Nino

  11. Eugene, I have a wa45m7050aw/a4 it’s a Samsung washer too load, the cycle won’t start and makes a loud noise, it has a lot of water in it and won’t drain, doesn’t show an error code. Any thoughts?

      • Thank You for your reply, I appreciate the feed back.
        I took some water out and selected the self clean option. The process started, it was spinning, and it started ro fill up, eventually when it got to the part when it’s supposed to drain the water, a humming noise started and it didn’t drain. Turned it off, back on, tried just to do a spin/drain, but the same humming sound happened.

      • Something got stuck in the drain pump. Drain pump motor just humming, but not spinning and thus not draining

  12. Hey, Eugene. I have a Samsung top load washing machine. My problem is that it’s not spinning. It filled with water, so after dipping the water out. I was able to put it on self clean and it cycled until rinse and spin time. Need help

    • Dealing with the Samsung washer always tricky, rather call experienced technician to take a look. But, this is what you can check:
      1. Drain pump filter
      2. Make sure white plastic bracket is not broken (see post above)

      • I removed the back cover and notice a yellow wire broken and the black wire not connect to this little clear bracket. Is it a possibility that’s why washer is not draining

  13. I have a Samsung vrt around 12 years old. Stopped working mid cycle display showed ND code or not draining. Replaced drain pump, flushed drain hoses still not draining!! Sucked water out with shop vac washer goes into spin??

    • Depends on the model of your washer, i recommend you to suck all water first and then check black hoses which go from the drum to the drain pump. There is blockage 100%, as long as you already replaced drain pump and still not draining properly

  14. I have a samsung vrt washer. Everything works except the drum will not spin. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Thank you so much for this guide! I have been so frustrated with my washer for weeks now. It was the vibration sensor, stupid little plastic piece holding it in place broke, it needs to go on the wall of shame. I’m so grateful to you for your guide, fixing it myself with a screwdriver and some zip ties is so much better waiting a week and paying for a repairman.

  16. Brand new Samsung model WA50R5400A. I try to run the calibration and the drum won’t spin. I hear a hum and then nothing. Tried to run a cycle, I hear the same humming noise (this is the noise my old washer made whenever it was about to start calculating the load’s weight) then nothing happens. Drum won’t move.

  17. Hi there

    I have a top loader Samsung washing machine.
    When the cycle is done and it’s about to spin, the machine stops by 6min. So it does not spin at all. We have cleaned the washing machine and the drain pipe is fine.
    Please help.

  18. I have a Samsung WA50R5200AW top loading washer, which was purchased in the summer of 2019. Tonight the machine started stopping right before the spin cycle. For instance, if I run the normal cycle the washing machine turns on, the water comes and it does the wash perfectly fine, the water then drains out, and right before the spin cycle the machine makes a single beep and stops. It will say 16 minutes remaining and be stuck (it won’t spin at all). When I tap the start/pause button nothing happens and I can’t open the machine. I have to turn it off in order to open it. Do you know what is causing this? Is the door lock going bad or is it something else?

    Thank you.

  19. When the water finished inside I try to put the mashine on spinning but it turn a little beat and stop trying to drain water again it was on 10 minutes and back to 16 minutes and when I switched it off the on button off but the mashine is still on until I took the plug off


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