Why Samsung Washer Leaking From Bottom? 4 causes and how to fix

Samsung washer leaking from bottom? Four causes include issues with the drain hose, drain pump, filter or tub seal. Let’s explore each in detail and how to fix it.

Leaking is a telltale sign that there’s a problem with your Samsung washer. So, you’ll want to troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible to prevent any appliance downtime and damage to your flooring. This guide is specific to leaks coming from the bottom of the washer.

Your Samsung washing machine will leak from the bottom when there’s a loose or damaged drain hose, a worn-out tub seal, a damaged drain pump, or a debris filter that’s clogged or loose. Finding the leak source and resolving it quickly will minimize your washer’s downtime.

As you read this guide, you’ll learn which parts of your Samsung washing machine are affected, why they leak, and how you can fix them immediately.

Why Is Water Leaking From the Bottom Of My Samsung Washing Machine?

1. Loose Or Damaged Drain Hose

Samsung washer leaking from bottom

The affected part: When you find that your Samsung washing machine is leaking from the bottom, you should pay attention to the features on the lower half of the machine. One of the most important parts is the drain hose which allows water to flow from the drain pump out of the washing machine.

The drain hose is both an internal and external part. One end attaches to the drain pump inside your washer’s body, and the flexible drain hose leads out of the machine through its back.

If you notice that your Samsung washing machine leaks, particularly during the drain cycle, the drain hose is most likely the root cause.

What likely happened: A leak can occur when the drain hose is loose or has suffered damage.

Firstly, remember that one end of the drain hose connects to where the drain pump is. The hose is held in place with clamps to ensure a tight seal where both parts meet.

That seal is likely loose due to a mistake at the factory or from normal wear after several years. When that happens, water can leak and fall to the bottom of the washing machine.

Besides that, the flexible hose might have somehow suffered a tear or rip, which also causes the same problem.

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How to fix it: You can fix this by ensuring that the drain hose has a tight seal where it meets the drain pump. However, you’ll have to replace the hose if you find it has tears, rips, or any other damage.

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2. Worn-Out Tub Seal (samsung washer leaking from bottom)

The affected part: Your Samsung washing machine relies on several seals to ensure that water stays contained where it belongs. One of the most critical examples of those seals is the tub seal that you’ll find between the two halves of the outer tub.

You should troubleshoot this seal when you discover that your Samsung washer is leaking out onto the floor.

What likely happened: The tub seal will typically wear out as you use the Samsung washer over many years. However, it’s possible for some chemicals in your washing machine to damage the seal or wear it out faster.

Vinegar, which many people like to use as a household appliance cleaner, could cause tub seals and similar parts to wear out quicker than expected.

How to fix it: The only solution here is to replace the tub seal with a new one. But unfortunately, that process will require you to open the washer’s panels to remove the drum entirely. 

Doing that will give you access to the two halves of the outer tub. Then, you can remove the existing tub seal and fit the new one in.

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3. Damaged Drain Pump

The affected part: Next, you should also consider that the drain pump in your Samsung washing machine might be damaged. 

The drain pump is a centrifugal pump that’s located at the bottom of the machine, close to the middle. It turns on several times throughout a wash cycle to drive greywater out and allow the machine to fill itself with clean water.

What likely happened: Any water that fills your Samsung washing machine will eventually pass through the drain pump on its way out. The drain pump will drive water out through the debris filter and the drain hose.

However, if the drain pump has cracked, water will leak and fall directly onto the floor underneath the washer.

Those cracks can form for several reasons, such as if someone dropped the pump before installing it in the Samsung washing machine.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, there’s no saving a damaged drain pump. You can solve this issue by disconnecting the pump’s electrical connections and hoses. Then, install a new pump in its place, and you won’t have a leaking problem anymore.

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4. Debris Filter Clogged or Loose

The affected part: When your Samsung washer goes through a drain cycle, it’ll drive water out through the drain pump and eventually out the drain hose. However, that water will also pass through a debris filter known as a drain filter or coin trap.

The debris filter has a specific purpose: to trap any lint, dirt, or other debris and remove it from the outgoing water. Doing so will prevent clogs in the drain hose and your household plumbing.

You can find the debris filter on the front panel of your Samsung washing machine. It’s hidden behind a small door close to the bottom, sitting next to the emergency (or ‘auxiliary’) drain hose.

What likely happened: After several months or years in use, the debris filter will become clogged with impurities. That clog will prevent water from flowing through as it should.

Naturally, that drain water will flow through any available openings, such as worn-out gaskets and seals or loose hoses. As a result, the water will leak out onto the floor underneath your Samsung washing machine.

Besides that, water will also leak out if the debris filter is loose. After you clean the debris filter, that will happen if you do not screw it on correctly.

How to fix it: To solve this problem, start by removing the debris filter from your Samsung washing machine. Then, remove any debris trapped inside of it, and wash it thoroughly.

Before you screw the debris filter back into place, check that the space it goes into is clean. The filter will form a tight seal when you screw it in, preventing any leaks from happening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers that you’ll find helpful to troubleshoot your leaking Samsung washer.

How Do I Stop My Samsung Washer From Leaking?

To stop your Samsung washer from leaking, you must first find the root cause of the leak. First, check external parts like the debris filter and drain hose. Then, you’ll have to check its internal parts like the drain pump and tub seal. Troubleshooting the affected parts will stop the leak.

What To Do When Washing Machine Is Leaking?

As soon as you notice your Samsung washing machine leaking, you should stop the current wash cycle. A leaking washing machine can mess up your laundry room and can also be potentially damaging. So, you might want to drain as much water out of the machine before you troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

Is It Worth Fixing A Leaking Washing Machine?

Yes, it’s worth fixing your leaking Samsung washing machine. The only time it might not be worth it is if your washer is more than 10 years old. After that age, washing machines from Samsung and any other brand will start to wear out. As leaks become more frequent, buying a newer model might be worthwhile.

Why Would A Washing Machine Leak From Underneath?

A Samsung washing machine will leak from underneath if there’s a problem with one of its components. Typically, components related to its draining function (e.g. drain pump, drain filter, and drain hose) are the most likely causes. However, worn-out seals can also cause water to leak and flow underneath the washer.

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Can A Blocked Filter Cause A Washing Machine To Leak?

 Yes, a blocked filter can cause your Samsung washing machine to leak. As your washer drains itself, the water must flow through the filter. If the filter is not letting water through, the pressure will force water to escape. That includes leaking through small openings or worn-out seals.

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