Why Brother Printer Keeps Dropping Off The Wifi Network? – Troubleshooting Guide

Wifi printers by the brand Brother can connect to your home or office network seamlessly. But, unfortunately, you might find yourself with a printer that keeps dropping off the Wifi network without any explanation. Why does this happen?

Your Brother printer keeps dropping off the Wifi network because there’s Wifi signal interference or because the printer is out of the network’s range. You should begin your troubleshooting by rebooting the printer and router and checking that there are no power supply issues in either device.

This quick guide will help you troubleshoot your Brother printer’s Wifi problems. You’ll discover the likely issues it’s facing and how to fix them quickly.

Why Does My Brother Printer Keep Dropping Off The Wifi Network?

Typically, a Brother printer that connects to your Wifi network should have no problems maintaining that connection. So, repeatedly dropping or disconnecting from that network is a sign that there’s a problem requiring your attention.

Here are the most likely reasons your Brother printer keeps dropping off the Wifi network, why it happens, and how you can fix it.

Printer And Router Needs A Reboot

What It Is: A reboot is often called a ‘reset’. It allows your Brother printer or Wifi router to power down, clear its memory, and start over from scratch. In doing so, the device can start fresh, hopefully without problems that have been affecting it.  

How It Happens: Digital devices like printers and Wifi routers sometimes experience glitches or short-term errors. Unfortunately, these errors are challenging to identify and pinpoint, even with extensive troubleshooting. 

Yet, those errors can cause the connectivity problems that cause your Brother printer to keep dropping off the Wifi network.How To Fix It: The first troubleshooting step you should take with devices like your Brother printer or Wifi router is to perform a reboot or reset. You can do that through a process called ‘power cycling’.

Power cycling is pretty straightforward and only involves 3 steps:

  1. First, disconnect the printer and Wifi router from their power source.
  2. Leave them alone for at least 1 minute, so they can discharge any leftover power inside.
  3. Finally, reconnect the devices and allow them to power up normally.

Remember: the connectivity problem could be at the printer or the router. So be sure to reboot both.

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Unstable Power Supply

What It Is: Your Brother printer and Wifi router have power adapters that you connect to wall sockets. These adapters have a very clear purpose: to provide a stable power supply to their devices so they can function correctly.

How It Happens: After performing a reboot, you should quickly rule out any power supply issues with the Brother printer and your Wifi router. An unstable power supply could cause either device to power off intermittently, which you’ll see as the printer dropping off the Wifi network.

For example, the plug on either device might not be pushed firmly into the wall socket. Or, there could be a fault with the power adapter and its cable that prevents it from supplying power to the device normally.

Any problems above will cause power supply disruptions to the printer and Wifi router.How To Fix It: Firstly, push the printer and Wifi router’s plugs into their respective wall sockets firmly. Then, inspect the power supply cable and adapter for any faults or problems.

You’ll have to purchase a replacement if there’s a problem with the power supply cable or adapter.

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Wifi Signal Interference

What It Is: The Wifi network in your home or office consists of signals sent out by the Wifi router. These signals must reach your digital devices (like your Brother printer) to maintain a strong connection and allow them to stay connected to the network.

Unfortunately, most people have several devices and appliances (like TVs, microwave ovens, and so on) scattered throughout their homes. Those devices can sometimes interfere with the Wi-Fi signals meant to keep your Brother printer connected to the network.

How It Happens: Wifi signal interference typically happens when too many devices or appliances are placed closely around the Wifi router or the Brother printer. However, it can also occur if those items are in the path between the router and the printer.

For example, some of the radiation from microwave ovens can leak out and interfere with Wifi signals.

As a result, the Brother printer can’t receive a continuous Wifi signal, making it too challenging to stay on the Wifi network.

How To Fix It: You can prevent Wifi signal interference by being more mindful of where you place your devices and appliances.

For starters, don’t place too many wireless devices close to each other. Instead, space them out, so they do not interfere with each other’s signal. That will allow the Brother printer to stay connected.

Next, be mindful of where you place home appliances like your microwave. Your router and Brother printer should be nowhere near an appliance like that.

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Printer Is Out Of Wifi Range

What It Is: All Wifi networks have a limited range. That’s because Wifi routers can only transmit their signals within a set distance, especially indoors with walls or multiple floors.

Wifi routers on the 2.4 GHz band typically have a range of 150 feet indoors, while those on the 5 GHz band have a third of that range (i.e. about 50 feet). Obstacles in the way of that Wifi signal, like walls, windows, and heavy furniture, will reduce the total range.

Any device on the Wifi network must be within range of that signal to ensure a stable connection.

How It Happens: Your Brother printer drops off the Wifi network likely because it’s out of the Wifi signal’s range or at the very edge of how far the signal can reach.

As a result, there will be moments when the printer can successfully connect to the Wifi network. However, that’ll be an unreliable connection that keeps dropping continuously.How To Fix It: Solving this problem will require you to move the printer and router closer together as much as possible.

Besides that, you must also ensure that there are as few obstacles between the two devices as possible. For example, heavy and oversized items like furniture can reduce the Wifi signal range.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers that you might find helpful when troubleshooting your Brother printer and its Wifi connection:

What Is The Difference Between Wi-Fi And Wireless Printer?

Wifi Brother printers can connect to your Wifi router without any cables. On the other hand, wireless models can connect directly to your computer, laptop, or smartphone without going through a Wifi network.

Can All Printers Be Connected To Wi-Fi?

Only Brother printers with Wifi capabilities can connect to a Wifi network. Otherwise, they’ll have to connect directly to your computer using a USB cable.

Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wifi?

Your Brother printer won’t connect to Wifi if it’s too far from the Wifi router. So, you must ensure that the printer is within the Wifi network’s range.

Is It Better To Connect To 5 GHz Or 2.4 GHz?

You should connect your Brother printer to a 2.4 GHz Wifi network if you require more range. That’s because the 2.4 GHz band can reach up to 150 feet. However, suppose your Brother printer is close enough to the router, and you prefer better performance. In that case, you can connect to the 5 GHz band.

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How Do I Check My Wi-Fi Signal Strength?

You can check the Wifi signal strength in different parts of your home using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Access the Wifi settings on your device, and you’ll see details on the Wifi connection, including signal strength.

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