Is Your Dryer Making loud Noise? 9 Ways to Fix it

Is your Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag or any other dryer making loud noises that it never made before?

The noises can range from grinding to screeching, rattling, thumping, and even rumbling.

There are different reasons this can be happening.

It may be something as simple as a solid object fell out of a pocket and is rolling around the drum.

However, most of the time it’s something more serious.

The following information will explain what the possible causes are and how to fix them.

If The Dryer Is Making A Loud Grinding Noise

When your dryer is making a loud grinding noise you’ll want to check these 4 parts:

Rollers Worn Out

The rollers are small wheels that are usually metal and attached to the outside of the drum.

They help the drum spin. When the rollers begin to wear it can create a grinding noise every time the drum turns.

worn rollers dryer making loud noise

If this is the case you’ll need to change the worn rollers and your dryer should get quiet again.

These parts are sold as a set, so replacing all of them at the same time ensures they get an even amount of wear and your problem won’t occur again anytime soon.

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Drum Belt Loose (Dryer making Loud Noise)

The drum has a long, thin rubber belt in the center.

This belt is meant to support the drum and helps it spin to keep the clothes moving.

When the belt slips from its original position you will hear a grinding noise as it tries to stay in place while the drum spins.

The belt will need to be replaced before the noise will go away.

Drum Glides Worn Out

Along with rollers, there is also a set of gliders on the outer portion of the drum.

These gliders act as a protective measure so the rim doesn’t make contact with the dryer’s cabinet during use.

They are usually only a thin seal made from plastic or nylon, depending on the type of dryer you have.

Normal use and time will cause the gliders to wear down, and this can cause grinding noises while the machine is in use.

You will need to replace the gliders as a pair to ensure even wear on both sides.

Idler Pulley or Tension Roller (most common issue)

The idler pulley or tensioner makes sure the belt remains firmly in position on the drum.

The belt is placed over the pulley, which is connected to a wheel and a spring.

When the wheel begins to malfunction it can cause you to hear grinding noises.

If the tensioner is bad it will need to be replaced.

Keep in mind that while you’re replacing this part it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the belt as well.

This will prevent either of these parts being an issue in the near future. No more dryer making noise!

Is Your Dryer Making A Loud Screeching Noise?

If your dryer is making a loud screeching noise it may be due to several things.

The first few things we discussed above.

Check out our sections on rollers, gliders, and the tensioner.

All of these parts can also cause a screeching noise when they are bad.

However, there’s one more part that you should check when a loud screech is audible.

Rear Drum Bearing Worn Out

A drum bearing that’s worn can create a squeal or squeak as it spins.

The bearing resembles a large bolt that goes through the backside of the drum.

This repair can be a little complicated as you must release the drum belt, remove the drum, and unloosen the element housing from the dryer’s rear wall so you can access the housing for the bearing.

Is Your Dryer Making A Loud Rattling Noise?

When your dryer makes a rattling noise it could be one of a few parts.

Here are the main ones you’ll want to check.

Blower Fan Blades Off-Balance

The blower fan blade is connected to the drive motor shaft.

When this blade spins it helps circulate the air around in the dryer.

When the blower fan blade becomes damaged it will create a rattling or banging noise.

If this is the issue you will need to replace the part.

Defective Motor (Dryer making noise)

All electric and gas dryers are run by a motor that turns the drum and the blower.

While defective motors can produce a wide array of sounds, a rattling or humming noises are very common.

The motor can create this noise due to a loose pulley or an even more high-pitched sound when a bushing or bearing is bad.

A humming noise is generally from a bad switch or winding within the motor.

Either way, it’s best to replace the motor and not have to deal with it in the future.

Lifters Or Baffles

These parts are found inside the dryer’s drum and are required to help the clothes tumble in the dryer.

If these parts become loose you may begin to hear noises before they break off eventually.

Is Your Dryer Making A Loud Thumping Sound?

When it comes to a thumping sound there are a few possibilities.

After you’ve checked the drum to ensure your clothes are not balled up and creating the sound you’ll need to check a few parts.

The common parts that cause this issue have already been discussed in detail above.

However, the most likely cause for this sound is a worn roller or bad support.

The other parts you’ll want to check are the bearing and the belt.

Is Your Dryer Making A Loud Rumbling Noise?

A loud rumbling noise could be caused by a bad drive belt or worn rollers.

Yet, it can also be caused by the drum roller axle.

Drum Roller Axle

Overtime the drum roller axles can become worn out.

When this occurs people commonly complain of a loud rumbling noise.

If you want to check your drum roller axles, you’ll need to remove the drive belt from the drum and try turning it by hand.

If you notice the drum doesn’t spin freely you’ll first want to look at the support rollers.

When the rollers spin without a wobble, it’s a good indication that the axles are fine.

However, when the rollers wobble and don’t spin as they should it’s a sign the axles and rollers need to be replaced.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a dryer only has so many moving parts inside.

Yet, when one of these parts go bad it can create a myriad of obnoxious sounds.

Do you know of another part that causes a dryer to make noise when it goes bad?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Reader Comments (2)

  1. GE GFD85ESPN0DG; Connection between fan and motor shaft worn out; I replaced both the motor and the fan, which now has a locking nut installed. Tested the assembly, and the machine is making a loud whirring noise. I removed the fan, fired it up, and the noise is gone. Either the new motor is bad, or the fan is out of balance, and wobbling on the motor shaft, or I’m missing a connection part, but see nothing else to install. Any ideals?

    • Hard to tell without hearing the noise, but it sounds like the fan might be defective. Have you reinstalled it and tried it again? Possibly could have been something touching the blades? Perhaps it wasn’t secured completely or positioned correctly?


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