LG Refrigerator Not Cooling Or Freezing? 6 Things To Check + Service Manual

“Why is my LG Refrigerator not cooling or freezing?” Whether it’s a compressor, thermal fuse, heating element, or other part, we’ll show you how to find the culprit and fix the problem. Your fridge is the largest and most important of all the appliances in your kitchen. Keeping food fresh is not something you have time to wait for!

Most of the time, quality refrigerators last for years without even a thought. Unfortunately, there will come a time when something goes wrong… and you notice that the interior temperature is not staying where it is supposed to.

Below are some common causes of why an LG refrigerator is not cooling.

LG Refrigerator Not Cooling Or Freezing

Failed Inverter Linear Compressor

If your LG refrigerator is not cooling in both compartments, this cooling problem is common for double door (French door) refrigerators, and in roughly 90% of cases, is related to a failed inverter linear compressor. In the remainder of cases, it’s typically due to a failed start relay. If the freezer is still cold but the fridge section is warming up, this problem in 80% of cases is caused by restricted airflow, due to burnt defrost thermal fuse, defrost heating element, or failed evaporator fan.

This new generation of linear compressors on LG refrigerators didn’t prove themself as reliable. They fail quite often.

So, if you have a refrigerator not cooling at all in both the freezer and fridge compartment, then you need to pull out the fridge from its place, remove the back lower panel and listen, to determine whether the compressor is running or not.

If you hear the compressor is running, but not cooling, then you have a failed compressor. In other words, it’s not pumping refrigerant in the sealed system in order to cool down the refrigerator.

But the good thing is, most of these LG compressors have 10 years warranty. So check your warranty first and then call LG Customer Service 1-888-542-2623 for help.

LG refrigerator with linear compressor

Compressor Start relay failed (If Not Linear Compressor)

In an LG refrigerator, the start relay is a very important part of the cooling system.

It works in conjunction with the compressor unit of the refrigerator and if it is not working properly or not working at all it will prevent the compressor unit from working properly or not at all.

You will need to gain access to the bottom part of the refrigerator by opening the back access panels.

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LG Refrigerator not cooling or freezing Start Relay

The first thing is you need to do is pull out the refrigerator so that you can unplug it from the outlet and disconnect the water line if attached.

Move the refrigerator to a position that will allow you to open the back access panels.

The start relay will be at the bottom of the unit near the compressor, using a multimeter you need to test the relay for continuity between the start and run terminals if you don’t have continuity you will need to replace the relay.

Contact LG to find out about getting a new start relay . After getting the new part, replace it and button everything back up and plug the unit in and reconnect the water line if it was disconnected.

Check to see if the compressor is running normally.

LG Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Enough But Freezer Is Working

Dirty condenser coils

The most important part of the refrigerator’s cooling system is the condenser coils.

The condenser is where the refrigerant is contained and the coolant is circulated inside the coils.

The air inside the refrigerator flows across the condenser coils and removes the heat.

So, if you notice that the temperature inside the refrigerator is not maintaining the temperature that you selected, it is possible that there is something wrong with the condenser unit or maybe the coils are dirty.

The condenser unit is located at the bottom of the refrigerator and you will need to access it from the back of the unit.

Be sure to unplug the unit from the wall and disconnect the water line if you need to move it too far.

After inspecting the condenser unit and it turns out that coils are in fact dirty, you can simply remove any debris using a stiff brush, compressed air, for really caked-on dirt you can use soapy water along with the brush.

If you use water be sure that everything dries before testing it out.

Condenser fan motor not working

The key to the LG refrigerator cooling system is the circulation of cool air.

A big part of that is the condenser fan which moves the air across the condenser coils which cools the air.

If you suspect that airflow is being reduced or non-existent, the possibility is the fan blades are obstructed or the fan motor is faulty.

Always check to be sure that the power is off before you work on anything that uses power.

First, check to be sure that the fan is turning freely and free of any debris. If everything looks good you should test the motor for continuity with a multimeter.

If you determine that the motor windings are the problem you will need to contact LG and get a replacement motor.

After getting the new part to do the repairs, remove the old fan motor and then install the new fan motor.

When you have the repairs done, close up all covers and reconnect the water line if necessary, plug the power cord back in and move the refrigerator back in place.

Give the unit time to start the cooling process and check to see if it cooled down to the proper setting.

Evaporator fan motor not working

The evaporator fan circulates the air across the cooling coils and into the freezer and refrigerator sections of the refrigerator.

In most refrigerators, there is only a single evaporator system and it is located behind the freezer section.

If the air is not circulating properly it will not keep either of the sections cool enough.

Always check the fan to be sure that it is spinning freely and not bound up with debris.

If the fan will not turn you are likely dealing with a bad evaporator fan motor.

You can test the motor for bad internal windings using a multimeter and check for continuity.

You there is an indication that the windings are the problem you will need to contact LG and get a new evaporator fan motor.

If you need to replace the fan motor be sure that you unplugged the power cord and disconnect the water line if necessary.

Gain access to the back of the refrigerator to get at the evaporator motor.

Disconnect the power leads for the motor and remove the mounting bolts that are holding the motor in place.

Take out the old motor and put the new one in place and button everything back up and plug the unit in.

Temperature control thermostat not working

The thermostat is a big part of the electrical system within the LG refrigerator and it controls that flow of power to the motors (Evaporator fan, condenser fan, and compressor) that are all part of the cooling system.

If it is not working properly one or more parts of the cooling system will not function.

If you suspect the temperature control thermostat is the problem you will need to gain access to the back of the unit.

The thermostat will be located at the bottom of the unit and will be easy to find. A quick way to check it for operation is to turn the knob and if it clicks the thermostat it likely working.

However, to be sure you will want to test it for continuity as you turn the knob.

If the thermostat is bad, you should contact LG and order a replacement part for your model refrigerator.

Once you get the replacement part installed and button everything back up and reconnect the water line (if you disconnected it) and plug the unit back in and test it out.


LG Refrigerator Not Cooling And No Error Code

If your refrigerator has no error codes but at the same time is not cooling, that means the main control board can not detect problems using internal sensors. This is one of the common problems with LG Linear Compressors. It seems like its running but not producing any cold.

How Do I Know If LG Refrigerator Compressor Is Bad?

If you have your compressor running (you can tell by listening to the compressor), but not cooling at all, this is the first symptom that the compressor is failed. 

Why LG Refrigerator Is Not Cooling After Power Outage?

One of the reasons why the refrigerator stopped cooling after power outage is the main control board failure caused by voltage spikes. You can try to reset power by flipping breaker, but if it will not solve the cooling problem, than the control board is malfunction and you need to call for repair.

Is There A RESET Button On A LG Refrigerator?

In order to reset LG refrigerator, you need to turn power OFF for 2 minutes. This procedure will reset the main control board/motherboard.

If the first recommendation above will not help, likely LG refrigerator control board comes with a TEST button on the back of the fridge. Please refer service manual above to perform this procedure or watch the video below.

If you have LG Instaview Refrigerator, you can perform Smart Diagnosis Test as well.

LG Refrigerator Service Manual

Is There A Recall On LG Refrigerators or Lawsuit Against LG ?

There is a recall on LG refrigerators with linear compressor failure that started on September 23, 2020 for refrigerators purchased between 2014 and 2017. If you have No-Cooling event on your fridge, you can contact LG Fridge Settlement at https://www.lgfridgesettlement.com/

LG Refrigerator problems (Mostly Affected Models)

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Reader Comments (129)

  1. Hello, Eugene. I have a LG refrigerator LMWS27626S. There are two issues and not sure are related. First, the refrigerator cools and freezes to proper temperatures, however, it seems to run for long periods of time—many hours without stopping. Second, the ice maker does not produce ice. Water comes into try and it freezes, but does not drop into or full the bucket. When I push the reset or test button, the ice tray rotates and drops ice, but does not cycle on its own.

    I sent a letter to the President of LG, but doubtful to ever get a response.

    Can you give me advice and guidance?

    Gordon Spaulding

  2. Hi Eugene, we purchased a new LG LMWS27626S from costco on 10/20/21 and after 48hrs being plugged in the freezer was ok at -5deg but the fridge would only cool down 42.3deg. Got a replacement delivered today, 12/15/21 it has been plugged in for 7hrs and freezer is ok at -7deg but fridge still struggles to cool down. It finally got to 38.3 but then back up top 40.2. Have loaded freezer compartment with 2-20lb bags of ice, 2 frozen ice jugs and some frozen food, thinking that should help keep temps low. But fridge compartment is still empty and temp still not much below the safe temp of 40deg. It seems that if we go to load the fridge it will take a very long time to recover back to a safe temp. Can I get an electrical schematic for this model from somewhere? I am an electronic tech, but having problems locating a schematic.

    • Hi Joe, i dont know why it happened twice with a new fridge. Wondering, where in the compartment you are measuring temp? On the middle, back, front
      I only have this service manual

  3. Hello Eugene,
    I have a LMXS30776S that is not cooling. The compressor and fan run, compressor recently replaced. I ran a diagnostic test, and it gave me an error code 22. I replaced the compressor relay and still receiving the same code. Could error code be something else?

  4. LFX31925ST problems started with erratic fan noises and then we rocked it and it sounds like a plastic ball is loose in there somewhere. Took it apart about a month ago and cleaned y and all was well until the other night the freezer stopped working but fridge works fine. Circa 2015, I guess that’s what you get from buying LG and should LB for Living Bad. New Samsung replacement coming today

  5. I had an LG fridge that is cooling, but once it reaches set temps (0f and 36f) it stops cooling and then doesn’t turn back on until I unplug it and then it runs constantly till it reaches 0 and 36 again and turns off.



  6. LG lsfx30706s

    Stopped cooking both frig and freezer. Motor still running. It’s 3.5 years old. Very expensive model. Repair guy called and won’t even come out. Says compressor bad. Says these are a piece of junk. Please advise. It was very expensive

  7. Hi,

    I have a LG GWL227YSQA fridge/freezer, it stopped cooling 2 days ago, i’ve taken the back off and the fan is running ok, however the compressor is really hot to touch, could that be the fault? Thanks

  8. LG French Door refrigerator, 2016 vintage. Refrigerator only cools to 50 deg regardless of setting. Freezer about 25. Not dispensing ice, though it makes ice dispensed via test button. Evaporator coils freeze up about once a week, evaporator fan is running. Gaskets seem fine. Condensor coils clean. I can’t get anyone out to service. What parts do I replace?

  9. Hello, I have a lg refrigerator lfx28968st. The fridge portion seems to be working fine but the items in the freezer are starting to thaw. What would cause only half of the fridge to stop working?

    • You need to know what is the exact temp in the fridge and freezer sections. It may just seem that fridge is working. Because fridge section temp relies on the freezer temp.

    • That is happening to mine. I have the LFXS29626W model. I have thermometers in both freezer and fridge. My fridge seems to be keeping a temp right around 36 (it is set to that) but the drawer freezer is at 14 when it is set to 0. Did you find anything out?

  10. Hello Eugene, we just purchased LG Refrigerator LFXS26973S. 45 days later it stopped cooling in both fridge and freezer. (Everthing went ward and contents of freezer melted) We were able to max the temperature controls and get cold again, but it’s not right. Service came out and was advised to “Upgrade Board With Jig If That Doesn’t Work Change Out Compressor Evaps And Filter Drier”. Am I basically going to be getting a refurbished refrigerator when I paid full price? I feel like this is a red flag that I’ve got a lemon? Should I push for a replacement (service man recommended… said it was bad)?

    • I think so… If they will be willing to deliver you a new fridge, get it. But, if they have a model without a linear compressor, rather get model with a normal compressor. These linear compressors fail so often.. There was a class lawsuit in US against LG for this particular reason.

    • Change out compressor evap coils and all that.. you don’t change out evap coils you clean the EVAP coils. You make sure that the electric fan motor is spinning the fan pushing air over the coils. Put your hand on the compressor when it’s running and you will feel it it should feel cold on the line going out to the evaporator coil. If the compressor isn’t running it’s probably a bad start relay compressors usually only fail due to lack of lubricant but it’s a sealed factory unit so scratch that (it should last the life of the fridge, if it doesn’t that should be under warranty). Check fuses, check continuity or ohms and all relays or sensors, make sure electric motors ie compressor condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor r all operating… That repair technicians trying to sell you a good bullshit story.

    • Yeh, I am reading a ton of them do this. Mine is doing the same thing! Fridge stays between 40-50 or higher and freezer 15 degrees or above. Frustrating!
      I have to wait 25 days for a tech. to come out!

  11. Hi,
    The freezer in my lg inverter is working fine but the left side of the refrigerator is not cooling. Also, the door alarm keeps going off even though the refrigerator door is closed. Any advice? Thanks

    • If door is open I’m pretty sure the fan will turn off. I say replace or jump door switch and see if that helps. Also if not working evap coil is most likely frozen

  12. I have an lg lfx25976st/00 and there is a code 22 but I don’t have a relay on the compressor. I replace the mainboard and also the PCB board but still the code still there. I even replaced both capacitors. I clean all the dust-out and take everything apart and everything works fine even the fans. I noticed the air from the duct is very weak. Maybe that is the problem because everything is not frozen at all. The compressor was replaced about four years ago. Maybe time for a new refrigerator. I have had a GE refrigerator for over 20 years and still works better than the new ones. Thanks for your help. joe

  13. Hey Eugene,
    I have a LG refrigerator model #LDCS24223S… It just recently started not freezing at all and now the refrigerator wont get cool enough. I checked the condenser and the fan and both seem to be functioning normal. I cleaned the fan and coils really good and also ran through the test functions on the Main PCB board. Everything seems to be functioning fine when going through the tests. One thing I have noticed is when I tested the evaporator fan it worked fine. But when running normal it doesnt seem to be blowing in either the refrigerator or the freezer. What do you think could be the cause of this?

    • A compressor is running? If yes, but there is no cold. Compressor failed. But if compressor is not running: 1. Start relay failed (depends on the model) 2. Invertor board failed

      • The compressor is running on my LG ldcs24223s refrigerator but both fridge and freezer still dont seem to be cold enough. Whereb would you start when trying to trouble shoot next?

      • First, check if you have frost build-up on or behind the back panel in the freezer section (evaporator coils)
        IF coils are frost-free and there is no cold, compressor failed

  14. i have a three old LG ref- 27466s, not cooling. ref and freezer. does it have a fan in the back where the compressor is.

    • I dont know.. Pull the fridge out and you will see it.
      BTW.. model number you provided is not full

  15. Hi Eugene,

    I have a LG GB-450UWLX and the fridge section stays at a steady 4 degrees celcius but the freezer continually fluctuates between -1 and -15 (that i have recorded using sensors).

    We’ve cleaned the intakes and coils and changed the seals with no success. Any thoughts on what else could be causing the problem?

    • -1 or -15C not enough for freezer temperature. But you can check: evaporator fan and freezer temperature sensor. These two most important in temperature regulation.

  16. Model lfxs24663s. Both fridge and freezer do not cool. Appears to run. Fan behind lower rear panel is spinning freely. Coil is clean and free of dust/debris. Started happening after turning on Ice Plus. That feature has always worked but this time it didn’t kick in and gradually interior temps dropped over 12 hours. Inside fans are not spinning. Ideas?

  17. My LG refrigerator has stopped cooling for the second time in 2 months. It’s less than 2 years old. By the time the repairmen came out the last time, both freezer and refrigerator were working again so they said there was nothing they could do. It will be another week and a half before they come this time, and the frige/freezer have both started gradually cooling again. My guess is by the time they come it will be working again. Any suggestions on what they should look at?

    • Janice, we’re you able to solve your refrigerator problem? We seem to be having a similar situation with ours. Yesterday it was making noises, then stopped cooling. The noise finally stopped, and started to cool again. Repairman is scheduled to come out Thursday, and I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen to us.

  18. Hi Eugene, I have a LG model LTCS20020W the fridge is not cooling enough. The freezer works fine. I hope you can help me. Thanks

      • I have a similar situation. I find ice all over the rear panel, I take it out, and there are blocks of ice on the back of the pane itself. The freeEr also stops making ice. These blocks of ice are forming and not allowing cold air to travel to ice maker. I’m also getting I’ve build up all around freezer drawer fronts, and I replaced all the gaskets but nothing.

    • I bought mine today, freezer is cooling fine, does the refrigerator temperature control unit is there a fan in this ( center top of fresh food ) I can’t feel it running, maybe with the door closed only?

  19. I have a LG sigle door fridge a semi-defrost. Is possible that there is a leak inside of it when it is not freezing anymore? i can still hear a sound like water inside of it.

  20. I have a LG Lrbn20512ww refrigerator. My wife cleaned it when it was running. After that, freezer worked but fridge was warm. Evap fan was running OK. Checked The evap and it was frosted. Manually defrosted. Plug it back in. It works. Several hours later, stopped running. Open the door and Control display panel shows fridge level lids are off and cannot changeable and the freezer level indicator lights 5, 6 and 7 are staying lid. And comp is not running. Unplugged it and plugged it back on. It starts running OK. This happens again in several hours or so!?

      • Hi Dave and Eugene,
        I have the exact same issue. Comp, fans, everything is working, defrost done but after some hours everything shuts down except the freezer and I have the same error code (freezer lights 5, 6 and 7 on). Only way to restart is unplugging and back on. I couldn’t find anywhere what this error code could be (LG fridge model LFC23760ST/03). Do you have any idea?

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