How To Fix Frigidaire Refrigerator Vibrating Noise?

Frigidaire makes some of the most popular refrigerators on the market. They’re quite durable and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean they’re without fault – hums, vibrations, and other unwanted noises can make a Frigidaire refrigerator quite a nuisance. The good news is they’re quite easy to diagnose and repair.

To fix a Frigidaire refrigerator vibrating noise, tighten the drain pan, replace the evaporator fan, and level the refrigerator to stop it from rattling. Change the water filter and unclog the water line. Ensure the refrigerator isn’t too close to the wall to prevent vibrations.

Throughout this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step process to fix a Frigidaire refrigerator that vibrates and makes all sorts of noises. Enjoy!

1. Tighten the Drain Pan

Before working on your refrigerator, always turn it off and unplug it to prevent yourself from getting shocked (or damaging the refrigerator).

The drain pan sits under the refrigerator and collects excess condensation and moisture that drips out of the refrigerator. This pan is shallow and wide, which allows the moisture to evaporate before it’s time to empty the tray. In fact, most people don’t have to empty their Frigidaire drain pan. Nevertheless, a misaligned, overfilled, or dirty drain pan can vibrate the refrigerator.

Royal Appliance suggests tightening the drain pan to limit the vibrations. Before tightening the pan, check for signs of mold, clogs, and other issues. Cleaning the drain pan can prevent it from loosening down the road. You should also consider replacing the screws if they’re worn or stripped.

Follow this quick process:

  1. Remove the screws from the drain pan.
  2. Wash and scrub the drain pan with warm water, dish soap, and a soft sponge.
  3. Let the drip pan dry, then slide it into its compartment on the Frigidaire refrigerator.
  4. Add new like-for-like screws to secure the drain pan.

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2. Replace the Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan sits in the back of the refrigerator. Most Frigidaire refrigerators have compact fans that remove condensation and moisture from the appliance. Not only does this prevent mold buildup, but it also keeps your refrigerator nice and clean. When the fan wears out, it starts to grind and rattle against the back of the refrigerator.

So, how can you replace your Frigidaire’s evaporator fan? Try this method:

  1. Remove the back plate from the refrigerator.
  2. Disconnect the evaporator fan from the two connecting wires, then label them to know where they go on the new fan.
  3. Get a like-for-like evaporator fan directly from the manufacturer (third-party replacements can cause the refrigerator to overheat).
  4. Connect the retaining screws through the new evaporator fan, then attach the aforementioned wires.

The best way to know if the fan is going out is to gently hit the back of the freezer or refrigerator when the vibrations start. If the vibrations go away from the thump, the fan is wearing out. This happens because the fan’s motor bearings grind, but hitting the back of the refrigerator loosens the bearings momentarily.

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3. Level the Refrigerator

One of the main reasons Frigidaire refrigerators vibrate is when they’re unlevel. Your refrigerator shouldn’t be placed on an uneven floor. This will make the compressor work too hard. It can also put a lot of pressure on the evaporator fan, causing the bearings to wear out. Place a leveler tool on top of the refrigerator. In a pinch, you can also use a leveler tool app on the refrigerator.

The main reason Frigidaire refrigerators get unlevel is when they’re placed on weak floors. This process is much more common when the refrigerator sits in a kitchen over a basement with weak floor joists. Check the joists to ensure they’re not cracked or sinking the floor through the ground.

Place a ball on one side of the kitchen, then bump it gently. If it gains speed as it gets closer to the refrigerator, the floor likely needs to be repaired to ensure it is level. If the ball stops, then the refrigerator has a loose drain pan, or the underside needs to be tightened.

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4. Change the Water Filter

According to Service Care, a dirty water filter will make your Frigidaire refrigerator rattle and vibrate. These clogs happen when they remove minerals and other particles from the water supply. Always replace your refrigerator’s water supply as recommended by Frigidaire. This ensures your drinking water is clean and the refrigerator doesn’t make loud noises.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to replace a Frigidaire water filter. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the refrigerator and locate the water filter tube.
  2. Twist and remove the old water filter.
  3. Slide the new filter into the tube until it clicks.

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5. Clean the Water Inlet

A dirty water inlet will send mold into the drinking water supply. Furthermore, it will clog the filter more often and limit your refrigerator’s water flow. It can also cause your ice maker to click, rumble, and more.

Remove your refrigerator’s water line by accessing it through the back of the refrigerator. You’ll have to get a new water line if it’s kinked or cracked. If not, run warm, soapy water through the line numerous times until the clog is removed.

You can also use long pipe cleaners to clean the water inlet after removing it from the Frigidaire refrigerator.

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6. Make Sure the Refrigerator Is Positioned Properly

Your refrigerator shouldn’t be closer than one to 2 inches (5 cm) away from nearby walls, counters, and other obstacles. If your refrigerator touches anything, it’ll vibrate uncontrollably. Moving your refrigerator one inch in any direction can make a world of difference.

This suggestion also applies to keeping items on top of the refrigerator. We’re all guilty of storing things on top of a refrigerator, but it’s important to know that they can shake and vibrate, leading to unpleasant sounds. Remove all of the items to see if the vibrations go away.

Final Thoughts

While Frigidaire vibration noises can be annoying, there are many solutions to stop the sounds coming from your refrigerator or freezer. Most of these issues are related to the fan or the refrigerator’s position. That being said, some vibrations come from other mechanical parts of the appliance.

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