How To Fix LG Washer LE code? 4 causes and easy tips

Is your washer displaying the LG washer LE code error? Unfortunately, this code means your washer motor is locked. It may be a simple fix, or require a bit more work and possibly a technician to replace the motor part. Follow this guide to figure it out and, hopefully, save yourself some money.

There are several reasons why this error can occur. While troubleshooting is a pain, there are things you can do to fix the problem. Let’s break it down.

What Is The LG Error Code LE?

The code LE means that the motor in your washer is locked. Sometimes, this is due to something simple like a wash load that was too heavy. In more severe cases, it can indicate you have a failed rotor position sensor, a broken motor, or damaged sensor or motor wires. Let’s explore…

First, reset the machine (LG washer LE Code)

To determine if the error code is being shown due to a heavy wash load you should first try to reset the machine. Follow these steps to complete this process:

*Press the POWER button to shut the washer off.

*Unplug the washer from the wall or flip the circuit breaker.

*While the power is disengaged, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for at least 5 seconds.

*Flip the breaker back to the “on” position or plug the washer back into the wall.

Note: it is important to not overload any washer with a heavy weight of fabrics. Not only will the clothes not get clean enough, it will do permanent damage to your machine. Never wash a weighted blanket in a standard washing machine. Use the heavy duty setting for thick clothes like jeans or towels. The washer will spin slower for these loads and not risk breaking the drum motor.

Did this do the trick? If the code is not cleared you will have to continue troubleshooting the other issues.

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How To Troubleshoot & Fix A Locked Rotor

If the LE code on your LG washing machine is accompanied by loud “clanking” noises you’ll need to check the rotor on the unit.

Here’s how you go about this:

1. First unplug the power cord from the wall and turn the inlet water supplies off and disconnect all hoses.

2. Pull the washer far enough forward that you can easily gain access to the back of the machine.

3. Next, you’ll need to remove the screws on the back of the washer that hold the back panel in place.

Flex the panel enough to release the tabs found at the top or bottom (location depends on your model).

4. Remove the bolt that attaches the rotor to the tub shaft. You may need to hold the rotor still while you torque the bolt.

5. Since there may be sharp edges involved, it’s highly recommended that you wear gloves when doing this process.

6. Grasp the rotor firmly and pull it straight off the shaft.

Once you have the rotor off, you’ll want to check the teeth to see if any are missing or if they are stripped.

If so, you’ll simply buy the new part and replace it.

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How To Troubleshoot & Repair A Failed Rotor Position Sensor

The rotor position sensor (RPS), or hall sensor, is an important part of your washer’s automated system.

It assists the control board with determining everything is working normally. The hall sensor monitors the motor in your washer and makes sure it runs properly.

If this sensor fails it can cause the LG washer LE code error. Here’s how to replace it:

1. For this fix you will disconnect all power from the machine.

2. Pull it far enough forward so you can access the back panel.

3. Next, you’ll remove the screws on the back of the washer that hold the rear panel in place. Pull up on the panel to release it.

4. Remove the bolt that holds the rotor to the tub shaft.

You may need to hold the rotor while you loosen the bolt.

It also works well to have someone open the washer door and hold the tub inside so it doesn’t move.

Again, wearing gloves is a great idea as you may encounter some sharp edges.

5. Grasp the rotor and pull it off.

The rotor position sensor is located at the bottom of the stator.

LG washer le code

6. You’ll need to unscrew a couple screws to allow you to unhook two connectors.

7. After the screws are removed you’ll need to remove all bolts holding the stator in place.

Just be sure to hold the stator as you remove the last bolt so it doesn’t fall off.

8. Once the stator is loose you’ll simply fold it down and you’ll clearly see the RPS.

9. Now remove the two wiring harnesses from the switches.

10. Remove the RPS from the stator and snap the new one in place. .

Reassemble your washer and the issue should be gone.

If this repair didn’t fix your issue you’ll need to check the motor and see if the sensor wires are damaged.

How to Troubleshoot & Repair Damaged Motor Or Sensor Wires

While you have the back off of your LG washing machine and you’re looking at the RPS and rotor, it’s a great idea to check for any damaged wires in this area.

The LE code can be caused by an issue such as this.

So, before you buy any replacement parts you may want to check the wires.

To do so you need to follow steps 1 through 6 to disassemble the washer.

1. Once you have the stator off and you can visibly see the wiring harnesses that connect to the motor and the rotor position sensor, check for wires that are burned or damaged in some way.

You’ll see wire colors red, yellow, and blue.

2. If you find any wires that have sustained damage it’s important to fix them.

To do so you can use heat shrink to reconnect the wires.

3. If they are too damaged to hold with this repair you will need to remove and replace the wires with new ones.

If you’ve tried all repairs we’ve suggested above and your LG washing machine is still displaying the LE error code you will more than likely need to contact LG’s support center or a local appliance repairman.

The issues we’ve discussed are the most common reasons the LE error code will display, however, from time to time there may be other issues.

Did your LG washer begin displaying this code?

Did you make any of our suggested repairs above and did it work for you?

Comment below and let us know what you encountered, or any other tips you can offer.

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