Top 5 Common LG Dryer Problems

Although LG is a top dryer brand, their dryers are prone to certain problems.

Whenever these problems arise, it is important to know how to diagnose the problem and fix it.

To make the process easier, here are the top 5 common LG dryer problems and how to fix them.

LG Dryer Problems You Need To Know About

1.     Thermal Fuse On Heater Assembly Burns Out

One of the most common LG dryer problems is that the thermal fuse on the heater assembly blows or burns out.

LG dryer thermal fuse

This problem is incredibly important to fix since the thermal fuse prevents the machine from overheating and protects your appliance and home from catching on fire.

Typically, you can tell that a thermal fuse is burnt out whenever the dryer isn’t getting hot at all or if it is not getting hot enough to dry clothes properly.

However, don’t assume that the fuse is burnt out immediately because there are other, less costly reasons why your dryer isn’t getting sufficient heat.

To troubleshoot, do the following steps to determine exactly why your dryer isn’t getting hot enough to dry your clothes:

  • Unplug Dryer: Before troubleshooting your dryer, make sure to unplug the dryer so you can safely check the fuse.
  • Find The Fuse: Use your user’s manual or look online to find the fuse.
  • Remove Access Panel: Use a screwdriver to remove the access panel disconnect wires from fuse.
  • Test Fuse Using A Multimeter: Use a multimeter to see if the fuse is blown.
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If you find that the fuse is blown, buy a new fuse that is an exact match as your existing fuse.

Make sure that the dryer is unplugged when you install the new fuse and reconnect the wires.

If the fuse is not blown, contact a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

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2.     Heating Element Burns Out

Another common problem of LG dryers is that the heating element burns out.

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Whenever the heating element burns out, the dryer will not be able to properly heat up or dry your clothes, making the appliance useless.

LG dryer heating element burnt

The easiest way to see if the heating element is burnt out is to check to see if any of the heating coils are detached or broken.

A detached or broken heating coil is an obvious sign that the heating element has burnt out.

With that being said, you can’t always detect a burnt out heating element from looking.

Instead, you will need to perform a continuity test. A continuity test will tell you whether or not a continuous electrical path is present in your heating element.

If the element has continuity, then the heating element works properly.

You can use a multimeter to perform the continuity test. When using the multimeter, make sure than the tool is calibrated to the heater.

More so, remove the heating element from the dryer before performing the test. Touch each terminal with a probe.

If the reading is between 0 and 50 ohms of resistance, then the element works properly.

If the needle or the reading does not change significantly, then the heating element is burnt out. Replace the heating element if it is burnt out.

3.     Drum Rollers Can Be Seized

Many LG dryer owners experience a drum roller that is seized. What this means is that the drum doesn’t tumble properly.

You can easily detect that a drum roller has been seized when it makes a loud, grinding noise.

If the drum roller is seized, then you will need to replace all four rollers, even if only one of them has seized.

The reason for this is that worn rollers are often the cause of a drum roller that fails to turn.

Replacing all the rollers ensures that the roller tumbles freely and prevents from any other premature seized rollers.

When you are installing new rollers, you can reuse the existing roller shaft if it is in new condition.

If you reuse your roller shaft, make sure to clean it thoroughly before installing new rollers.

If the roller shaft is in poor condition, then replace that part before installing the new rollers.

4.     Main Control Board Motor Relay Stuck In ON Position

Another problem of LG dryers is that the main control board motor relay gets stuck in the ON position.

This causes the dryer to continue spinning, even after the dryer cycle is concluded.

The only way to then get the drum to stop rolling is to keep the door open or unplug the appliance.

If you are finding that the drum continues to roll unless the door is open or the appliance is unplugged, then you probably have a problem with the main control board motor.

Dryer wont turn off unless door is open

For a problem of this kind, you will need to install a completely new main control board. 

To install a new main control board, make sure that the dryer is completely unplugged before repair.

Then, use a screwdriver to disconnect the top from the main cabinet. Slide the top back and lift it off the dryer. You will see the main control board.

Begin to remove the main control board by removing the wires from the retaining tabs and disconnect the wires.

Unscrew the mounting screws to remove the old port. Now, install the new port in the slots on the side panel.

Slide the new port into place and reconnect the wires. Finally, put the top back onto the dryer and secure it into place.

5.     Blower Housing Thermostat Burns Out

Finally, the last most common problem of LG dryers is that the blower housing thermostat burns out.

This is a major problem since the blower housing thermostat controls the temperature of the air inside the dryer.

You will know that the blower housing thermostat is burnt out when the dryer won’t start, but just clicks.

If a blower housing thermostat is burnt, you will need to replace the burnt part with a new one.

Luckily, this is easy to do, although you will need to disassemble many parts of the dryer to access the thermostat.

First, begin by unplugging the dryer. Then, remove the top of the dryer using a screwdriver. Pull off the top lid.

Disconnect the wire harnesses on the control panel and remove the panel console using a screwdriver.

Set the panel aside. Disconnect the front panel by removing the wiring harness and removing the screws connecting the front panel to the housing. Set the panel aside.

Now, remove the silver brace by removing the wiring harnesses and holders. Then, remove the bracket by unscrewing them.

Lift the panel up and set it aside. Disconnect the wire harness that goes to the moisture sensor.

Once released, take the bulkhead off using a screwdriver. Remove pulleys to put slack in the belt and remove the dryer drum.

The part will be located on the backside of the blower housing. Remove the wires and unscrew the thermostat. Place in the new thermostat and reconnect the wires. Reassemble the dryer.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you diagnose and fix your LG dryer. Remember to always be safe and cautious when fixing your dryer.

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  1. Hello- my dryer will “sometimes” start but instantly shuts off. When I went to pull it away from wall barrel light would flicker on and off. Won’t do anything now.

  2. My LG Tromm Dryer is stuck on the cooling cycle. It is not getting hot and the cooling light is on. How do I get it to start heating up agian?

  3. My LG dryer is making a whistle sound while it is drying. This is new. What could be wrong? I paused it and re-arranged the laundry several times. It is still making a whistle sound.

  4. Dryer some time working some time not working
    If it not working rotate inside drum by hand for 2-3 minutes than again start dryer it is working satisfactory

  5. Hello Eugene- my LG dryer stops every few minutes during a cycle – times vary. It beeps and the pause button starts blinking. I have to push the pause button to restart the cycle but then it runs for a few seconds and the beeper goes off and I have to press start again. This doesn’t happen on the warm cycle. The tech said it was the control panel. So he replaced that but it didn’t fix the problem. A second tech said the motor is dying and I’ll have to replace that. I’m not convinced that’s the problem. I looked through all the problems listed and none sound like mine. The tech said LG has a lot of problems with its control panels. Any suggestions?

  6. I have an LG dryer DLE3170 Although the dryer itself works wonderfully, the chime no longer rings for anything. Is there a simple fix for this?

  7. I have an LG dryer dle 2301s and am having issues with the selection dial. It turns on and if I hit start it will run under the “normal” setting but when I try to change the setting all the lights on the dial are lit and it clicks when turned but does not change to any other option ie, cotton, permanent press etc.


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