Why Maytag Fridge Is Freezing Food? Troubleshooting Guide

Maytag refrigerators are meant to keep food items cool, and that’s precisely why people invest in these appliances. However, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. For example, the fridge compartment can cool down excessively and freeze the food inside.

When your Maytag fridge freezes the food inside, start by checking that you haven’t set the temperature too low. Once you rule that out, troubleshoot for a faulty temperature control thermostat, blocked air vents, or an ice maker not receiving water. If all of those parts are fine, it’s likely a defective temperature control board or problematic main control board.

Keep reading to understand why your Maytag fridge is freezing the food items inside and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Maytag Refrigerator Freezing My Food?

Here are 6 likely reasons your Maytag fridge is freezing your food:

#1 Temperatures Set Too Low

When troubleshooting your Maytag fridge, it’s only natural to assume that a component isn’t working correctly. In many cases, you’d generally be correct. However, let’s not jump to that conclusion just yet.

When the fridge is freezing your food, the first thing you should inspect is the appliance’s set temperature. Take note of the temperature you’ve set for the refrigerator compartment, in particular.

There’s a strong possibility that you’ve set the temperature much lower than it needs to be for your fridge. As a result, the compartment gets far too cold and ends up freezing the food inside.

To fix this problem, experiment with raising your fridge’s set temperature. Raise it by one degree a day until you find that the food items inside are chilled but not frozen.

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#2 Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

Once you’ve ruled out the temperature settings as the cause, you can consider that the temperature control thermostat has gone faulty.

The thermostat is where you choose your fridge temperature. Depending on your fridge design, the thermostat might consist of knobs, buttons, or a touchpad where you set your preferred temperature.

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When the thermostat becomes faulty, it will mistakenly signal the fridge to cool down to a temperature lower than what you’ve set. As a result, the fridge compartment will cool down too much and freeze the items inside.

If this is the root cause of your problem, you’ll have to remove the existing thermostat and replace it with a new one.

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#3 Blocked Air Vents

Inside your Maytag fridge, cold air flows from the freezer through the refrigerator compartment and back into the freezer. For that to happen efficiently and for the refrigerator to maintain correct temperatures, all the air vents must be clear of any obstruction.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for some food containers and items to accidentally block some air vents. Items and containers in the way of that cold airflow can freeze over.

Worse yet, the lack of airflow will cause temperature and moisture issues in the fridge compartment as a whole.

Thankfully, you can fix this issue very quickly. Firstly, remove all items blocking any air vents inside your Maytag refrigerator compartment.

Then, inspect all air vents for any frost or ice buildup that you can clean away. Unfortunately, those buildups can also contribute to the problem.

Once those tasks are done, you’ll have restored optimal airflow in your fridge once more. However, you can prevent this problem from happening again by keeping your fridge organized. That way, air can flow throughout the compartment without any issues.

#4 Ice Maker Turned On 

Another likely culprit for a fridge that’s freezing its contents is the ice maker. That’s right! Maytag models with ice makers are known to experience this problem, particularly when the ice maker is not receiving any water.

Usually, the strong cooling power of the ice maker is aimed at freezing water into ice. However, when there’s no water supply, all that cooling has nowhere to go but spreads through the refrigerator compartment.

As a result, the compartment becomes far too cold, well beyond the temperature that you’ve chosen for it.

On the bright side, this problem is very straightforward to fix. You have two choices here:

  • Restore the water supply to the ice maker. This way, the ice maker’s cooling power will go towards making ice cubes instead of freezing your food.
  • Turn off the ice maker. This way, the ice maker doesn’t act as an unwanted cooling source inside the refrigerator compartment.

After you’ve chosen one of the two options above, give your fridge a few hours to stabilize its internal temperature. Without the ice maker providing extra cooling, the fridge temperature will match the temperature you’ve set for it.

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#5 Faulty Temperature Control Board

Only when you have finished ruling out all of the other possibilities above should you consider the fridge’s printed circuit boards (PCBs). These boards, namely the temperature control board and main control board (explained in #6 below), are responsible for controlling your fridge’s actions.

The temperature control board reacts to electrical signals from the thermostat. So, when you’ve chosen your set temperature, the thermostat will signal the temperature control board. The board will then control the appliance’s cooling system to cool down to your desired temperature.

However, when the temperature control board becomes faulty, it’ll misunderstand the signals it receives. As a result, it’ll cool the fridge down too much, causing food items inside to freeze over.

Unfortunately, you can’t repair the temperature control board. Instead, you’ll have to remove it and install a new one to restore the correct functioning of your Maytag refrigerator.

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#6 Problematic Main Control Board

Last but not least, we have the main control board. Unlike the temperature control board we saw above, this board doesn’t just control the fridge’s cooling processes. Instead, this one is responsible for controlling all of your Maytag fridge’s components.

When the main control board becomes problematic, it can cause all sorts of problems for your Maytag fridge. Among them are issues that lead to the refrigerator compartment cooling excessively, which will cause food items inside to freeze over.

Sadly, the main control board is another part you can’t repair. A total replacement is the only solution if the part is causing problems for your fridge.

On top of that, the main control board is typically a pricey part. So, you should only consider replacing it once you’ve ruled out all other possibilities and have confirmed that this board is indeed the root cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have about your Maytag fridge when it freezes food:

Is It Bad If Food Freezes In The Fridge?

Yes, it’s terrible when your fridge freezes food in the refrigerator compartment. Firstly, it’s an inconvenience as you’ll have to thaw those items before consuming them. Secondly, it’s also a food safety issue, as some foods aren’t edible after you’ve frozen them, like eggs, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

How Do I Reset My Maytag Refrigerator?

You can reset your Maytag refrigerator by cycling its power. Firstly, shut off the fridge and take the plug out from the wall socket. Then, leave the fridge alone for 5 minutes to discharge any excess electricity. Once that time passes, you can reconnect the refrigerator to complete the reset process. 

What’s The Ideal Refrigerator Temperature For Food?

According to the US Food ; Drug Administration (FDA), the ideal fridge temperature to store your fridge is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep your food without worrying about bacterial growth at this temperature. By extension, you’ll also prevent foodborne illnesses and food poisoning from happening.

What Temperature Should A Maytag Refrigerator Freezer Be Set At?

The FDA also suggests keeping your freezer at the ideal temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature ensures that food is frozen quickly and safely, without giving bacteria a chance to spread. Again, that protects you from foodborne illnesses and problems like food poisoning.

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